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Rate the race: 2023 Austrian Grand Prix

2023 Austrian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Austrian Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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25 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 Austrian Grand Prix”

  1. Good race. I was prepared for a DRS train fest, so a positive surprise.

  2. Sadly, Verstappen is becoming another Schumacher or Hamilton (without Rosberg). Battles down the field are great but there really has to be one up front to make it interesting.

    1. You forgot Vettel. But it’s really is: dominating Ferrari, dominating Mercedes, dominating RedBull.

    2. My thoughts exactly. The rest of the field is the closest is has ever been (apparently in Friday’s qualifying, the gap from P1 to P20 in Q1 was the smallest ever), but one man dominating every race just makes it so much less interesting, at least for me. Full credit to Max and Red Bull, but for some reason, I found the previous domination periods more engaging (Schumacher era had less coverage and less races, so 1½ hour snooze fest on a Sunday afternoon was not that bad, Vettel had to fight pretty hard quite often, and Hamilton had Rosberg or Vettel for company).

  3. Very entertaining race, and that last lap slam dunk on Ferrari made me laugh out loud!

    1. “10” for Hamilton’s “penalty” concerns. Coulthard: “Shut up and drive”, so to speak.

  4. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    2nd July 2023, 15:43

    Very enjoyable, but having no battle for the win always limits the score. Won by a country mile (aka a free pitstop)

  5. 6 or so.
    Plenty going on most of the time which was nice, but nothing memorable.

  6. Rating the race (as requested in the headline)

    8, which surprised me to be honest

  7. Nice one, just give these drivers a decent track and you get some nice fights.

    1. It’s amusing to see that the corners that produce all these little battles are very much unlike the kind of tracks F1 has been having made for it since the early 2000s. No endless straight into a hairpin, or quirky left-right-left complexes, or fancy triple-apex corners. Just some good medium speed corners where carrying enough speed through on a non-ideal line becomes crucial for both attacking and defending drivers.

      Fun track!

  8. What a drive from Max, Lando and Carlos. 8 easily.

  9. There were inconsistencies in policing track limits at turns 9 and 10. There was also unnecessary time taken to initiate virtual safety car. The race itself was decent. A few thoughts on the race are:
    1. Why did Ferrari ask Sainz to hold position, when at that stage he clearly had the pace over Leclerc?
    2. The outright pace of Red Bulls mean they can compensate for any slip ups in strategy or pitstops.
    3. Haas needs to fix the tyre management otherwise all the efforts of Hulkenberg in qualifying is going to waste.
    4. Has Aston Martin hit the development crest for the year?

    1. Steiner said haas was gonna use this as a test session to solve the issues you’re mentioning, they don’t understand why they happen.

    2. And aston martin has better and worse tracks, they were great in canada, bad here and in spain.

  10. 2 because the actual results of the race won’t be known for a day or so. What I watch apparently didn’t happen, only what is eventually deemed to be the result is what actually happened.

  11. 8, demoted to 1 because of the track limits debacle. Still no idea who finished where.
    A hugely entertaining race wrecked by 1000+ infringements and a chaotic series of penalties.

  12. A big fat 1 for a meaningless race decided in the stewards room hours later, was pointless watching the grand prix.

  13. 8. Quite entertaining in the end. I thought it was going to be dull after first 15 laps or so but things changed after the safety car period.

    No real contest at the front but there were some battles further down the field and it was not clear even who would be on the podium.

    Good drives by Perez, Sainz and Norris. Sainz looked fast from the start and defended very well later on. Not his biggest fan either.

  14. Soooooo many battles, really interesting, I gave it 9 even if it didn’t rain, I’m surprised in some other article someone said it was a race lacking action, if this doesn’t have action no race does.

    Ferrari at least, thanks to the pit stop during the VSC, managed to interrupt verstappen’s lead streak, though you could see immediately how fast he was when he came out and that it wouldn’t have been hard to retake the lead, perez did the bare minimum it’s expected when you start 15th in a red bull (which is still good compared to the last few races), norris incredible job, also using drs to stay with sainz for several laps really maximised the mclaren’s potential, which btw as far as I saw was as high as aston and mercedes this race, with a significant gap to ferrari and even more to red bull.

    My favourite battle was the sainz vs perez one, several laps with several turns battle, but in particular there’s been a lap where they’ve been fighting since the first straight where drivers usually overtake, the following turn where drivers sometime complete the overtake, the following straight (sainz retaking drs and coming back at perez), perez held on, but sainz went around the outside the following turn, kept on with perez, and eventually got on the outside and retook the position, this is the longest overtake attempt I’ve ever seen, really like stuff like this.

    Minority view obviously but I also liked the track limits saga, it gave chances to drivers by not going wide, like alonso to jump hamilton, and I think early on even perez got a 5 sec penalty, as well as sainz, so you always had to watch out for drivers within 5 sec of each other, and in case of SC towards the end it’d have been very risky to not have served the penalty yet as you’d have lost way more positions.

    Verstappen gained 2,8 sec on leclerc when he went for fastest lap in the end! And actually lost some sec too while charging the battery the previous lap.

    1. Oh, someone mentioned getting rid of this track because of track limits: don’t you dare touch this track!

  15. An 8. Very entertaining race, lots of small and big actions. Not for who is first, but the performance from Max is a treat by itself. And the post race updates on the results don’t impact my enjoyment of the action on the track that I saw on TV. Of course it impacts the standing, but that is just a tool to have a champion at the end. Important for the drivers and the teams, but no impact on the race spectacle.

  16. Dan Rooke (@geekzilla9000)
    3rd July 2023, 8:47

    I’m not a fan of the sprint race concept, but the sprint race was at least quite “racy” and thankfully so was the actual race.

    With the obvious exception of Red Bull, I can’t remember seeing such a tight field! I found it an engaging race and gave it a 7. I have to say that it brought me a lot of joy to see Lando’s McLaren upgrades working well. If McLaren can establish themselves as a solid “top 6” team this season then it puts them in play for podiums.

  17. John Ballantyne
    3rd July 2023, 11:14

    once again I wake up (in Australia) to learn that the results in either quali or the race bear no resemblance to those when I switched off the night before. It’s a waste of bloody time watching it!

  18. Not a bad race but the bar is super low. 6.

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