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Perez blames red flag misjudgement after failing to reach Q3 again

2023 British Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez said he was caught out by the length of the red flag period in Q1 after he was eliminated during the first stage of qualifying for the British Grand Prix.

It is the fifth race weekend in a row Perez has failed to reach the final stage of qualifying for a grand prix.

Perez sat at the pit lane exit prior to the restart of Q1, which was suspended after Kevin Magnussen came to a stop at the exit of Stowe due to a loss of oil pressure. He said the team expected the session would restart sooner than it did, and sitting for so long at the pit lane exit caused his tyre temperatures to drop, compromising his final flying lap.

“I think the red flag lasted longer than we predicted initially,” he told media including RaceFans. “That didn’t help for the temperature of the tyre.”

He is set to start this weekend’s race from the eighth row of the grid. Last week in Austria he rose from 15th on the grid to finish third.

“It’s a shame to lose out because we had a great Friday, the race pace was looking really good,” he said. “So I think starting from the back it’s going to be another race where we will try to minimise the damage.”

Following another rain-affected qualifying session, Perez admitted that he finds the RB19 particularly difficult to handle in mixed weather conditions.

“In these conditions it’s where I struggle the most with the car. My issues with the car become more apparent in changeable conditions. So I think it’s something that as a group we need to get on top of and understand what we are able to do better.”

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2023 British Grand Prix

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49 comments on “Perez blames red flag misjudgement after failing to reach Q3 again”

  1. Red flag misjudgment, yeah right. He just isn’t at his best in unstable track conditions.

  2. Dominant or not both drivers are consistent

    1. Aha, that’s very true: consistently on pole and consistently in the bottom 5 in q1.

  3. Yellow Baron
    8th July 2023, 16:37

    And people used to hate on bottas for not being close enough to Lewis. Okay.

    1. So what’s the purpose of this comment? Is it to provoke others be divisive and stirr up hatred between fans? Yes. Yes it is.

  4. I was going to say Dr Marko will be having one or two words with him (maximum) .Perhaps like good coaches it’s better for him not to say what he wants to say, rather say what Perez needs to hear. Belief , understanding, encouragement and a “go get ’em tomorrow champ!
    2am Sunday here so night all, be safe.

  5. Electroball76
    8th July 2023, 16:51

    RB should poach that amazing Spanish rookie from Aston Martin. He seems very capable.

    1. Alonso at RB setting the garage on fire with the help of Verstappen? Yes, please!

    2. If they want to get a Spanish driver… I’m sure Sainz is fed up being second fiddle and having to deal with Ferrari -things….

      1. It’s not like he’s treated as a number 2 at ferrari.

  6. RB should poach that amazing Spanish rookie from Aston Martin. He seems very capable.

    Shows potential but lacks experience.

    1. Indeed, he’s only the most experienced f1 driver ever, if only he had another 100 races under his belt he could destroy verstappen!

      1. You’re funny 😂 😂 😂 😂.
        I must have missed that in the 60 odd years following.😂😂

  7. Well everyone was in the same boat. If he’d have delivered the lap time when needed he’d have gone through. He has a lot of excuses. I just hope this doesn’t hurt his Championship chances as he’s said he’ll keep it close this season.

  8. I didn’t really believe RB would replace Perez, either next season or in the middle of this season, but right now, I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

    1. They might give ricciardo a chance then?

      1. Possibly, although, at this point, if I were Marko, I’d bring back Albon and see what happens. He’s doing well in a bad car, while last we saw Ricciardo he was doing poorly in a mediocre car.

  9. Perez replaces De Vries. Breaking news

  10. Never expected Perez to keep Max honest a full season but to collapse like this? Ricciardo probably hasn’t smiled this much since his last win.

    1. And yet there is no noise from Red Bull about swapping him out. Maybe they think there’s no point even adding this pressure as an incentive for Perez. They’ll just pull the plug suddenly. Or maybe they just think it’s better to stick with him ($$$) and Max doesn’t need any kind of backup. So what if there’s no contest for the title? It’s already over and not Red Bull’s problem anyhow.

      1. That’s what I said before as well (though he’s doing really badly now): there’s no threat on either championship for red bull, it’s only when rivals catch up that 2 drivers are useful.

      2. I wouldn’t expect them to make noise about it: he’s not complacent, he’s under pressure, so the answer is less of it. While they’re still giving Perez a chance, they want an arm around him, safe/supportive environment, remind him he’s mostly done a good job as a Red Bull driver.

        I believe he *has* mostly done a good job: not ‘world class’, but perfectly good until the last five races – and was arguably better than Sainz last year; arguably the 2nd-best 2nd driver last year behind George Russell. Even at the start of this year he was on a roll.

        The last six weeks have been different, and 16th / 4th / 6th / 3rd in the last four races plus five in a row missing Q3 just isn’t good enough. We know Red Bull are ruthless and might make a switch. But don’t expect much talk before it happens.

        Looking at the structure of the calendar, I suspect he’s safe for Silverstone, Hungary and Belgium. The most likely decision point for me is the 1-month break between Belgium and Netherlands. Do Red Bull say “see you later, get your head straight” — or “time for a change”?

  11. Robert Henning
    8th July 2023, 17:35

    Perez should be sacked just because he is mentally shattered since Miami.

    A race without any caution, on pure pace, getting beaten on pace on 30 lap old tires and he never recovered from that.

    It is better to have a driver with a clean mindset than one like Perez.

    The car still had a 2.5 tenth gap to Norris. So a decent driver will get P2 today, making things easy for tomorrow.

    This is clearly a mental thing as he never had a worse run of form even while driving in the midfield.

    1. Since Miami, Pérez has finished qualifying in an average 15th place (!). Verstappen for his part has taken five poles. In the same car.

      Pérez is ahead only of Bottas (15th), De Vries (16th), and the trio of Magnussen, Sargeant and Zhou (17th).

  12. Without a clear number 2 in the championship Verstappen might be world champion in record time. Perez really has no viable excuses left, has he?

  13. Albon sat right behind him the whole time in the queue, Logan also. Albon beat him by 5 tenths, Logan also beat Perez’s time. What excuse does he have left, being beaten on pace by 2 Williams?

  14. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
    8th July 2023, 18:02

    Although it is hindsight we have seen this plenty of times with a drying track ramping up massively. Even if he had been at the head of the queue at on time and not so early he was probably going to get beaten.

    1. He only had to beat 4 cars (Mag alread out)! There are 2x ATs, 2x ARs and 1x Hass, even going 1st he should be able to beat those.

    2. He was only 0.02 seconds off Alonso, so without cool tires, he probably would have made it through.

      His problems are that (1) you suspect half the grid could have made it in that car even with cool tires, and (2) you can blame bad luck if you miss Q3 once: this is a pattern.

  15. The most useless driver on the grid bar none.

    1. Stroll?

      1. @f1mre in qualifying trim at least, there is an argument that Stroll is currently performing better in qualifying than Perez.

        Including the results from today, Stroll currently has a higher average qualifying position than Perez (Stroll’s average position is 9.8, versus 10.1 for Perez), and Stroll also has a better record at reaching Q3, with six appearances versus four for Perez. In terms of Q3 appearances, those four Q3 appearances mean that Perez currently ranks joint 13th in the field for the number of Q3 appearances (currently tied with Albon, who also has four appearances).

      2. @f1mre Sure Stroll is in an exceptional possesses with the team owned by Pa Stroll. But I don’t think he’s anywhere near as out of his depth as Perez taking into account the car and team involved. I appreciate being second driver to Max is the toughest driver job out there now. Still. It’s bad.

        1. *position

  16. Should have driven like a champion and smacked into the pit wall instead!

    1. And still get pole..

  17. Dumb.

    He had time for two flying laps, obviously the track was improving lap by lap, he needed the second flying lap to be the push lap.

    1. Indeed, I was also open mouthed when norris got pole, but then I realised verstappen could still get a lap, and I thought: will he make it or will his tyres be ruined? But ofc he did it easily even with a yellow sector.

  18. Not much more to say. Possibly the worst series of qualifying performances in recent Formula 1 history by any driver. And from a driver who before this run started, claimed he was still in the title fight. Which should be the case with easily the fastest car on the grid. Even if Max were beating him every race, finishing second consistently would keep him within range. I don’t see why Red Bull would continue with this unless it’s plain financial motives.

    1. I mean, he recovered decently in the race, it’s not like he lost a lot of points because of his quali performance in austria.

  19. Which available driver would do better in the race than Perez?
    Not Yuki or Nick, definitively not Daniel.
    So what would RedBull gain by sacking Perez?

    Qualification doesn’t score points, races do. And as long as Checo gets in the race to second or third, or even fourth, as long as Max wins and there is no consistent driver getting seconds or thirds, there is no risk for either of the championships. And Perez will be second.

    We might like more competition for Max, but why would RedBull?

    1. If you think Daniel wouldn’t be faster than Perez in his current form that’s insanity.. the car is a rocket ship. A monkey could drive that car from the back of the grid to second as long as they get drs 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. Given Perez current confidence level I think any other driver on the grid, including Sargent and Stroll would be better in that car right now. He never was a top tier driver but he’s starting to look like a pay driver now.

    3. LOL, are you honestly suggesting that Perez is performing as any other driver would in that car?

      1. Read what I wrote: available drivers now. Other than the three listed: Yuki, Nick and Daniel, who is available and would be able to reach 2nd (Miami), 3rd (Austria), 4th (Spain) place in the last five races? 6th (Canada) maybe and yes 16th (Monaco) for sure.
        I am not saying he gets most out of the car, or that he is better than anyone except Max on the grid. But if RedBull has to replace him, with who?
        And no, I am no fan of Daniel. Other than smiling while making excuses I don’t remember any steller performance from him in the last two years he raced. He lucked in some good results, but mostly was (far) worse than his team mate.

        1. But he was great at red bull and that’s what’s important when you’re replacing a red bull driver ofc.

          No one would’ve hired ricciardo based on the last 2 years.

          1. So you believe that Daniel if he had replaced Checo five races ago, he would have scored more points (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 16th)?

            I am ok if people say Checo is not performing. But if people insist he should be replaced they have to provide a name: an available and willing driver. And explain why that driver will get score more points. I am waiting.

            Btw, I am an Indy fan also and would like to see the rumors around Palou come true. Would be great to see him in a RedBull next season. Replace Nick or Yuki with Palou as soon as the Indy season ends, get him ready to replace Checo next year. But i don’t see that easily happening. Ganassi and McLaren will do a lot to stop that from happening.
            But that would be next year. He would not do better than Checo now even if he would come in now at RedBull.

          2. Vettel for a start would do better than Perez right now and is technically available I’m sure.

        2. Brad Pitt seems to be available …. the way Perez is driving, I like wardaddy’s chances.

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