Caption Competition 218: Wolff and the president’s conspicuous chat

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FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem was in Silverstone for last weekend’s British Grand Prix. On Saturday, he was seen having an animated discussion with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff.

But what were two of the most powerful figures in Formula 1 discussing on the roof of the FIA’s hospitality suite?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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Caption Competition

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50 comments on “Caption Competition 218: Wolff and the president’s conspicuous chat”

  1. Toto unhappy about Mohammed effort to take pictures of the RedBull floor himself when he finally realised they were from flugtag!

  2. Next time Lewis is complaining about other drivers exceeding track limits, tell him to take pictures.

  3. this is very small…. and this is far away ….

  4. they are my invisible sun glasses and i’m going to let you try them no matter how much you pout

  5. “I just put two matchsticks in my eyes like this and no-one can tell that yet another dull Verstappen victory has sent me to sleep”

  6. Toto: “Mohammad the glasses are bad, we know, please wear them.”

  7. Open your eyes, Toto! How can you not see the value a new team would add?!

  8. You will have to take your Mercedes glasses off at some point Toto, if you aspire my or Stefano’s role and be taken seriously as ambassador for this sport.

  9. Toto: but if we kill Christian Horner who could replace him that would be bad enough to end the red bill winning streak?
    Mohammed: what about the guy that used to run Ferrari? What’s his name…you know the guy….
    Toto: Binnoto?!?!!

  10. Sergey Martyn
    15th July 2023, 12:23

    Imaginary camera master class.

  11. That wasn’t a beer, that’s olive oil! You need glasses, mate!

  12. Mohammed: you will need this kind of binoculars to see again championship in the upcoming years.

  13. Liberty have these rose coloured glasses -if you put them on then sprint races are fantastic to watch.

  14. “Short fella, messy white hair, glasses…”

      1. Couldn’t possibly say… :P

  15. Mohammed: Pee ka boo! I see you! saying in funny comical voice.

  16. Hypnotist Sulayem – “Look in to my eyes… you are getting sleepy… Christian is your friend…”

  17. Stop being such a cry baby Toto, it shouldnt be up to the teams to decide whether new teams will join or not.

  18. On one hand you THINK you are big.
    On the other I KNOW you are small.

  19. I only took one photo of Suzie in the shower..

  20. “This is how much of a woman should be visible … this much and no more!

  21. Toto wasn’t sure how to react to Muhammed Ben Sulayem’s impression of Ross Brawn.

  22. Chris Coppulotta
    15th July 2023, 14:31

    “Toto, you should try my green-tinted glasses. I sleep much better now!”

  23. I was prepared for some image of their paddock one-on-one conversation to get chosen, but here’s my attempt:
    Toto, you need to open your eyes to domination always being a thing in F1.

  24. I’ll lend them to you…pop them up to your eyes like this and you’ll be able to see the red bulls again – easy!

    1. I’m thinking of getting some new glass but big ones like that character Deirdre used to where on that British soap coronation Street?

  25. Dean Stewart
    15th July 2023, 14:59

    “….you spent most of 2021 with a face mask here, no wonder the car’s terrible….”

  26. So when I wanted to peek into the ladies dressing room at the new Saudi track, they only gave me a window this big!

  27. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    15th July 2023, 15:07

    In our culture, this is how much of the woman we like to see.

  28. Mr Andrew W Hunter
    15th July 2023, 16:29

    Mohammed: I’m thinking of getting some new glass but big ones like that character Deirdre used to where on that British soap coronation Street?

  29. Best way to watch the races from home? Apple VisionPro

  30. “Smile for the camera, Toto”
    “I am smiling”

  31. “See … this much of the driver’s helmet is still open … something could go through that gap and hit the driver in his eyes … we need to close up that gap”.

  32. Electroball76
    15th July 2023, 20:04

    Hey, Toto, check this out:
    “I am vengeance
    I am the night
    I am.. the Batman!”

  33. “The next stage of handicapping the teams leading the Constructors’ Championship is to restrict designers to using pencils this long”.

  34. MBS: Toto, stop saying mine’s bigger. In my eyes, Red Bull’s dominance is just the same as yours.

  35. MBS: So shaped like this, Toto, and bifocal, PLUS a heads-up display!

  36. C’mon Toto you will only lose this little bit of money if new team is allowed. It’s not much.

    Yeah well if it’s that little you pay it!

  37. So, Toto, you’d like me to restrict Red Bull’s DRS opening to about this much?

  38. “See this is 25mm, this is how much you asked me to raise the floor, dont complain to me that Red Bull made it work better than you. No more favours Toto”

  39. “Toto. Don’t think of the proposed new teams as too small to enter F1. Just think of them as far away…”

    1. Come on Toto, take off your glasses and see.

  40. Sulayem: these are Masi’s glasses….

  41. Before you go Toto, please just for me.
    I just want you to say…
    My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing.

  42. Electroball76
    16th July 2023, 15:17

    See this tiny violin, and its tiny bow? I play them for you, Toto. To show how much I care for your problems.

  43. “And so Little Red Riding Bull asked: ‘Why are your eyes so big?’ ”
    “Mohamed, let me stop you right there. I’m the Wolf here, okay?!”

  44. Derek Edwards
    16th July 2023, 17:05

    When I said I wanted twenty twenty back again I wasn’t taking about the year, Toto.

  45. Open your eyes, Toto! McLaren got something out of that Red bull headquarters visit…

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