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Red Bull bringing ‘extra performance for coming races’ with upgrade – Verstappen

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In the round-up: Formula 1 championship leader Max Verstappen hopes Red Bull’s latest upgrades prove effective.

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Verstappen teases Red Bull upgrades

Red Bull will seek to pull even further ahead of their rivals as they plan to bring new parts for their RB19 this weekend. Runaway championship leader Verstappen said the team “have a couple of upgrades this weekend.”

“Hopefully they will do what we expect them to do so we can find extra performance for the upcoming races,” he added. “Let’s see where we stand on a track where you run high downforce [set-ups] with relatively low-speed corners.”

Red Bull has won three times at the Hungaroring, with Verstappen’s first win at the track coming last year. “Last year it was tricky to make the right calls with the incoming rain and colder temperatures,” he recalled, “but as a team we remained calm and made all the right decisions.”

World Endurance Championship ‘suffers data leak’

Researchers at Security Affairs, a cyber security blog, claim the World Endurance Championship has suffered a significant data leak.

They claimed to have found two Google Cloud storage buckets on June 16th which contained “hundreds of passports, government-issued IDs, and drivers’ licenses belonging to FIA WEC drivers”. Le Mans Endurance Management, which operates the WEC website, has since ensured that any leaked files have been removed from view.

Goodwood Festival of Speed’s 2024 date is announced

Goodwood has announced the next edition of the Festival of Speed will take place on the 11th to 14th July 2024. It also revealed how ticket holders for Saturday’s action at last weekend’s even will be compensated it was cancelled due to severe winds.

Anyone who bought a ticket for last Saturday has already been contacted about having their ticket be transferred for use on the Saturday of next year’s event. The promoters claim a “large proportion” of people have already taken up that option, meaning there will be fewer tickets available to buy for that day. Tickets go on sale to the general public on 6th November this year.

F1’s latest video game flops in release month

Although the sale of video games in Europe rose last month, the release of the latest edition of the official Formula 1 racing game did not contribute much to that.

F1 23 was released on 16th June and its sales were down almost 47% against what the preceding F1 22 title managed during its release month according to Games Sales Data. It was the sixth most purchased game last month (combining digital and physical sales) but only 0.3% of F1 23’s sales were for PC users, console owners accounting for the vast majority.

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Comment of the day

After AlphaTauri brought an end to Nyck de Vries‘ F1 career, for now, RaceFans looked at how some of the team’s previous drivers fared in their first 11 races in the world championship. None of them were sacked, but showed how tricky it can be to judge a driver after so few F1 starts.

I think it was the right move, as Nyck de Vries was already very experienced and looked very unlikely to be more than an average F1 driver. And the signing was far more about testing if Daniel Ricciardo was good enough to race for Red Bull again anyway.

But I do think it is interesting to consider which great drivers would have been sacked based on their first 11 races if their teams had been this harsh.

Graham Hill, for example, made his debut in a very uncompetitive Lotus in 1958. Perhaps unsurprisingly as it was only four years after he first drove any car at all, he got off to a slow start, was generally outperformed by Cliff Allison and made a few mistakes. It probably didn’t start much better than de Vries’ career. Hill continued to struggle in 1959 with Lotus, although he was a bit stronger, but he really came good in 1960 with a move to BRM and almost won the British Grand Prix from the back. By 1961 he was better than Tony Brooks, and in 1962 he was world champion.

Niki Lauda made his debut with March in 1972, and is often used as an example of why pay drivers can be good. He was totally destroyed by Ronnie Peterson in the same car. But he got a drive with BRM and showed more promise, not being far off the pace of race-winning teammates Clay Regazzoni and Jean-Pierre Beltoise, and was promoted to Ferrari in 1974. He was the fastest driver on the grid in ’74 and by 1975 he was the best in the world, becoming one of the all-time greats.

Nigel Mansell had a more promising start to his career, but by the end of 1984 he had consistently been second best to Elio de Angelis and looked like a midfield-level driver. Only two years later he almost won the championship for Williams.

I think that the first 11 races of Hill and Lauda’s careers were no more impressive than de Vries’ but he was far more experienced as a driver before joining F1 and it is very unlikely that he would have been as successful as them.
F1 frog

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to K, Steve and Arijitmaniac!


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16 comments on “Red Bull bringing ‘extra performance for coming races’ with upgrade – Verstappen”

  1. Re: F1 2023 sales. I wonder if this is the alternate side of using a hype model for F1 generally. You get people excited for a moment, but it’s only short term.

    I also wonder about statistics that are used for viewership. If watching highlights counts then the number watching a full race could be pretty disappointing. People are certainly turning up in person and races do have a great atmosphere so it makes sense. Generally though, I wonder if the hype train is running out of steam?

    1. @antznz There apparently has been a drop in overall engagement this year & i gather the 2 sprint weekends in particular have seen significant drops now that the novelty of something new happening has worn off a bit.

      Hence why they are looking at trying some different things on sprint weekends next year to try and create a bit more buzz for them.

      Total viewership figures that are made public tend to include both live & highlights given how some regions no longer feature live FTA. Although they usually do also include the individual numbers.

      In some cases they will also include same day reruns as counting towards the live number but again this will also show the split.

      Although F1 themselves will only ever report the totals rather than the break down of live, reruns, highlights etc..

    2. Perhaps people just don’t want to buy basically the same game every year?

      1. I suspect this is the case, especially with the cost of living at the moment. Hard to justify buying a new F1 game when it’s not considerably different to last year. Unsurprising that PC sales are almost non-existent.

      2. Nothing to do with games.

    3. Tim (@tsgoodchild)
      20th July 2023, 8:47

      Personally I cannot justify spending £69.99 on an annual update videogame, let alone the ludicrous £89.99 option. I will pickup F123 at some point, but only once they slash the price of it towards the end of the actual F1 season.

    4. IMO, why would anyone bother buying the F1 games unless they’re the hardest of die-hard fans these days, especially as anyone who plays on PC or Xbox knows they’re going to turn up on Game Pass a few months down the line?

      This, coupled by the malaise associated with the series’ purchase by EA (and their attachment of the usual 2-3 extra revenue streams) means people are just indifferent…

    5. Hard to believe that just 0,3% of F1 23 sales are on PC, given that as a gaming platform has the most monthly active users of all. F1 23 also featured among the top grossing products on Steam for quite a while. Given the dearth of available Playstation 5 hardware until quite recently, and the lackluster offering from Xbox Series games lineup, either F1’s demographic is a significant outlier from the norm, or those sales numbers are a bit questionable.

  2. I sold both my seats, playstation and F1 game as I wanted to race split screen side by side with my son, but F1 did not allow that. Have they enabled side by side racing yet?

  3. I wonder how someone could’ve got access to driver passports, IDs, & licenses in the first place.

    Ofc, no change since Hungaroring is among the least overtaking-friendly tracks, not to mention no activation zone length alterations have happened post-Miami GP, so I guess FIA stopped them altogether after driver feedback.
    However, I still expect Kemmel Straight’s activation zone length to change.

    While ‘for now’ itself isn’t wrong, a more fitting term is, ‘in all likelihood, for good’ because no team desired him before until Red Bull offered him a drive at AlphaTauri, so even more clearly, the same teams won’t desire him after such a subpar performance over a 10-GP stint, which lowered his stocks a lot.

    1. @jerejj It wouldn’t be a huge surprise that the WEC doesn’t have it’s online services sorted out. Especially if the website team is involved, given the appalling state of the WEC website until recently. It’s still not very user friendly, but at least it’s no longer a collection of linked PDFs.

  4. “There are people who look like you here” ~L. Hamilton

    That pathetic statement says it all about the supposed “diverse backgrounds” of the participants. He is diminishing people to their appearance based on race/ethnicity.

    1. If anyone else said this, it would end his or her career.
      Made me chuckle a tiny (evil) bit

  5. I wonder which update Red Bull is going to bring and what they will do? Probally track specific wings..

  6. Ah sales dropped?

    We want competition, Red Bull is winning with supreme ease right now… And bringing upgrades.

    Call it what you will,, but unpredictable it is not.

    Why bother watching the race while P1 has already been decided.

    Who finished runner up, victor of P2 class, is only 30% as interesting.

    1. 100% agree and even the race for second place usually isnt that great anyway.

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