Ricciardo coming to F1 23 with revised Singapore on Tuesday


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EA Sports has confirmed that Daniel Ricciardo will be added to the F1 23 official game with a new update to be released on Tuesday 29 August.

The veteran driver replaced Nyck de Vries at AlphaTauri ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix in July following a decision by Red Bull after underwhelming performances by the rookie.

Ricciardo will replace De Vries in game at the team with a patch on Tuesday following this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix along with the latest driver ratings updates for the full field.

The patch will also modify the Singapore Marina Bay circuit, removing the ‘float’ sequence which will be bypassed on the actual circuit due to extensive development work in the area. The circuit will now run from the slight left-hander of turn 15 directly down to what was previously the chicane of turns 20 and 21, the final corners before the pit entry.

The previously announced ‘Pro Challenge’ feature will also be added to the game, which will allow players to attempt to beat double world champion Max Verstappen’s own personal best lap time around Zandvoort in the game in time trial mode. Players who beat Verstappen’s best time of a 1’10.621 will receive his Dutch Grand Prix helmet for use in game.

The second Pro Challenge featuring Charles Leclerc at Monza will be active from Tuesday 5th September, following the Italian Grand Prix weekend.

Codemasters’ senior creative director, Lee Mather, said that Pro Challenge was a mode the developers “always wanted to deliver.”

“‘F1 World’ will continue to evolve, creating more moments for players to test their virtual racing skills against their real-world heroes,” Mather said.

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  1. Are these articles sponsored?

  2. Good & I hadn’t even noticed the temporarily outdated Marina Bay configuration before.

  3. Coventry Climax
    25th August 2023, 14:00

    Ricciardo coming to F1 23 with revised Singapore on Tuesday

    Could someone explain this title to me please? So I can decide whether to read the article?

  4. Some of you might not care about F1 game but others do and would like to play as one of their favourite drivers. If it bothers you that much don’t read the article!

    1. I occasionally play F1 games but I’m aware that no one visits this website for video game updates.

      1. You may not be interested but dont claim so confidently that others don’t read.

        Best part is that ppl have time to write a critical comment about how they don’t read an article.

        We all have a choice whether to read or not.

        Please ignore reading.

  5. Well, by now they might have to redo it and put in Lawson instead!

  6. Right as he gets in the game, he’s out of Alpha seat again this week. Back to the drawing board EA.

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