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Albon hopeful of avoiding grid penalty after early end to practice

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In the round-up: Alexander Albon is hopeful that he will avoid a grid penalty for Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix

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Albon hopeful of avoiding grid penalty

Williams driver Alexander Albon says he believes he can avoid a grid penalty for a power unit change after he suffered a problem in practice for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Albon has used all four power units permitted under the regulations this season but completed only five laps in second practice after a suspected power unit problem.

“We think it’s a battery related problem,” Albon said after practice. “I’d just started my lap, it was okay and then just started to lose ERS as I went through it.

“I think we already know the problem, it shouldn’t be too long to solve and replace. But obviously when you’re on a track like here you want the mileage because it’s such a confidence-building circuit. So a little bit on the back foot for tomorrow, but otherwise the car’s not been feeling terrible.”

Asked if he felt he could avoid a grid penalty, Albon said “I believe so, but I’m not too sure to be honest.”

Wolff comments on Verstappen record ‘not my most intelligent’

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says that his comments about Max Verstappen’s record tenth win in a row at Monza were not the ‘most intelligent’.

Verstappen set an all-time wins streak record at Monza. While Wolff said it showed a “great driver in a great car competing on an extremely high level”, he also said such records were “completely irrelevant” to him.

“Obviously when you look at the comments, in the circumstances you can think ‘was it the most intelligent thing that I could have said’ – maybe not,” Wolff admitted on Friday. “But it’s always been my mindset.

“Formula 1 is a meritocracy and I said it often during this year that only the best will win world championships and you need to recognise what a great job is being done there and at the end they will take another big trophy and that is something that’s the most valuable – the best person in the best car wins the world championship.”

“No doors closed for Pourchaire”

Alfa Romeo team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi says Sauber junior driver Theo Pourchaire still has a potential future in Formula 1.

Pourchaire currently leads the Formula 2 standings but Alfa Romeo have confirmed that Zhou Guanyu and Valtteri Bottas will race for the team for 2023. If Pourchaire wins the F2 title, the 20-year-old will be barred from competing for a fourth year.

“He will be the reserve driver next year,” said Alunni Bravi. “We are discussing together which will be the best racing programme for him to be ready to jump into the F1 car. No doors are closed for him in the future. We just felt that will be the best choice for the team, to keep our driver line-up also for next year and this doesn’t exclude any opportunity for him in the future.

“We are discussing internally. Of course budget-wise this is something that for a team is quite expensive but we want to see all the opportunities but for a driver like him, the doors are open. We just need to see the best programme to be ready.”

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Comment of the day

After a peculiar incident in the opening practice session, Matthijs spots an error in our practice report…

I see that the lizard’s laptimes are not included in the results. Will that be fixed?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Adam Milleneuve (F1 Badger), Joao Pedro Cq, Handcart and Discotheque!

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8 comments on “Albon hopeful of avoiding grid penalty after early end to practice”

  1. Wolff embarrasses himself with his small minded sniping. Even Hamilton’s late, self righteous, indignation of the Marko / Perez issue looks more like PR than anything genuine.

    1. Hamilton subscribes to an ideology that must rage against oppression (real or manufactured, it really doesn’t matter) despite him being among the most elite of the privileged alive.

      Therefore his self righteous (?) indignation is consistent with his usual approach. So in terms of PR, its perfect and the media love it.

      Agree Wolff having to backpedal is embarrassing for him.

  2. Colliding head-on with one of Singapore’s biggest reptiles would almost certainly cause damage to the front wing, tyres or even the suspension of an F1 car

    I’d imagine the damage to the lizard wouldn’t be able to be buffed out either.

    1. “Buffing the lizard” sounds like a euphemism…

      1. For what? Please be specific.

  3. While Pourchaire may still have a chance before at least Audi’s arrival, that chance gets lower & lower the more he has to wait.
    Additionally, he’ll most likely leave F2 regardless of whether he wins the championship as he’s already in his fourth campaign, so another series for interim purposes, a la Vandoorne, Gasly, Lawson, etc.

  4. Wolff’s comment seemed taken out of context. He said he didn’t care for that statistical quirk, and in the same interview praised the work done by Red Bull and Verstappen. It’s totally fine not to care about these streaks, or percentages, or whatever. Ultimately they’re secondary to winning races and the championship, for which Wolff gave both plenty of credit.

  5. Well I too thinks stats don’t matter for much, do I care how many passes are converted, do I think much about someone’s batting average?
    Perhaps I live too much in the moment and enjoy being there?

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