‘Kiss-activated trophies’ to be awarded at Japanese and United States GPs

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In the round-up: Tomorrow’s Japanese Grand Prix winner will receive a trophy that lights up when they kiss it.

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Japan, United States GPs to award ‘kissable’ trophies

The winners of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix and the United States Grand Prix in October will receive unique trophies that feature a special gimmick.

The trophies, designed by Pininfarina, feature touch-activated technology that will light up with the colours of the winner’s national flag when the kissed.

The ‘kiss-activated’ trophies will be awarded at Suzuka at the end of tomorrow’s race and on the podium at the Circuit of the Americas.

AlphaTauri withdraws ‘rising sun’ artwork

The AlphaTauri team apologised and removed a social media post featuring an image which bore similarities to the Japanese ‘rising sun’ military flag, commonly associated with the second world war and Japanese imperialism.

Following criticism from fans, the poster, depicting the team’s Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda was later accompanied by an apology from the team before being deleted.

“We have seen some comments over the last few hours, about our Japanese GP poster,” read the team’s now-deleted response. “We created this poster just for an aesthetic purpose without any intention of referencing any political movement or historic fact. We apologise with everyone who could be offended by such an involuntary reference.”

AlphaTauri have since reposted a modified image with the likeness to the rising sun flag removed.

LKY SUNZ apologises for “misunderstanding”

LKY SUNZ says a statement it issued on Friday regarding its hopes of entering a Formula 1 team in future was not “intended to be a reflection on the FIA’s Expressions of Interest process.”

The hopeful entrant announced it was prepared to pay up to three times the $200 million anti-dilution fee if necessary to obtain a place on the grid. “Our statement was merely highlighting our preparedness to pay this amount should any future Formula 1 regulations state this,” they added. “We apologise profusely for any misunderstanding that this may have caused.”

RaceFans understands three of the four known entrants which submitted applications to the FIA have not been selected, and LKY SUNZ is among them. LKY SUNZ CEO Benjamin Durand told RaceFans he could not comment on the status of their application as they are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

Nio retain Ticktum and Sette Camara

The Nio Formula E team has confirmed an unchanged driver lineup for the 2024 season of the all-electric world championship.

Dan Ticktum and team mate Sergio Sette Camara will remain at the team who finished ninth in this year’s championship, jumping ahead of Mahindra at the final round of the season.

“The 2023 season was a lot better than 2022 for us, and we have done pretty well with the package that we have,” said Ticktum. “At the start of ‘Gen 3’ I think the pace of our car has been very strong. So, hopefully, we can build on that this year, maybe with some alternative strategies, and optimising our package even more, we can achieve some more points in 2024.”

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Comment of the day

With Daniel Ricciardo’s recovery still requiring more time, Red Andy spots a potential conundrum approaching for AlphaTauri…

Presumably, if it came down to it, Lawson would race in the Mexican GP rather than the final Super Formula round, as both take place on the same weekend.

But it could present an interesting conundrum for AlphaTauri if Ricciardo is still unavailable and Lawson goes back to Japan for whatever reason. The rules say teams are only allowed to use four drivers per season, so they’d have to give de Vries a call…

I expect Ricciardo will be back by then anyway, since it’s more than a month away. But fun to think about.
Red Andy

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Tisoyjriii, Paul Prinnel and Sujeeth!

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17 comments on “‘Kiss-activated trophies’ to be awarded at Japanese and United States GPs”

  1. What happens if you fellate the trophies?

    1. Champagne comes out

      1. Ohhhhhhhh too funny!

  2. Lol for trophies & regarding COTD, I’m sure an exception would be made because of a force majeure, not to mention AT wouldn’t even gain any competitive advantage by running a fifth different driver.

    1. I’m sure an exception would be made because of a force majeure,

      In what way is force majeure applicable?
      AT chose to ditch a driver and take on a new(old) driver, and thus use up a third.
      When that third was injured, they took up the fourth and chose one that has commitments elsewhere that clash in one instance.
      I don’t see a force majeure case.
      Even if Lawson was taken out injured, they could swallow their pride and ask de Vries to step in.

      As pointed out it’s over a month away, so if Ricciardo hasn’t recovered properly by then, it would be doubtful that he ever would

    2. Number 2 One little duck, Number 5, Man alive

  3. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
    23rd September 2023, 5:34

    I wonder how many trophies they’ll design for this. Since it features the colours of the flag, you have to have specific trophies made and can’t really know the top 3 (no matter how obvious) till the chequered flag drops. What if Verstappen is leading by a quarter mile and has an engine failure on the last lap? Do they replace the lights on his trophy or simply pull out a new one from the shelf? Or are the basic RGB lights which can be coded to form whatever pattern is needed?

    1. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
      23rd September 2023, 5:38

      My bad only the winner would get the ‘kissable’ trophy and not the top 3. But the questions for the winner’s trophy stay the same.

      1. Fairly simple to program all of the flags into the transferring system, then as the winner crosses the line simply select the correct flag in the software, unplug (or de-link if wirelessly coded), test it, clean it, and good to go.

        Supposing it is developed by a competent team, there shouldn’t be an issue and it shouldn’t take but a few seconds.

        (@ me if you reply, this IS my username so I will be notified)

        1. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
          23rd September 2023, 6:35

          @neiana That turned out ot be fairly simple lol. Thanks.

          test it, clean it

          I see what you did there

    2. I imagine it just comes pre-installed with the Dutch national flag colours….

      1. I imagine it just comes pre-installed with the Dutch national flag colours….

        Last time I checked, de Vries was no longer in F1 and Max was born in Belgium.
        I know people like to ignore Belgium, but they do have a wide range of great beer, and people rave about the chocolate.

        1. Max is driving under a Dutch racing license. So is registered as being Dutch for F1.

  4. Kill me now.

  5. So within a week of Red Bull’s leadership making disparaging comments about South Americans, they’re recycling old imperialist Japanese propaganda?

    Fortunately there is no German GP this year.

  6. The new PlayStation is looking majestic!
    Not sure about the KISS gimmick though.

  7. Sounds unsanitary.

    Why don’t we just get rid of this weird overlay of nationalism in F1 altogether. This is a sporting competition among professional teams associated with global brands who employ people from wherever the best person for the job comes from whether the driver or the legal counsel. Almost all of the teams are based in a single country anyway. This is not the Olympics or the World Cup. I guess the sport needs the illusion for marketing purposes that say Mercedes somehow directly run the eponymous F1 team and it represents rest corporation’s technological and managerial expertise.

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