Belgian Grand Prix confirmed for 2025 as Spa gets another one-year deal

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Formula 1 will continue to race at Spa-Francorchamps for at least the next two seasons after extending its contract with the Belgian circuit by a single year again.

The high-speed track is a popular venue among many drivers but questions were raised over the safety of racing on the circuit following the death of a driver in a junior category in July. Dilano van ‘t Hoff died in a crash which occured on the Kemmel straight following a restart in wet conditions.

Van ‘t Hoff’s death in a Formula Regional European Championship race was the second fatality in a junior single-seater series at the circuit in four years. Anthoine Hubert was killed in a Formula 2 crash at the Raidillon corner in 2019.

That prompted some drivers to call for Spa’s signature Eau Rouge corner to be slowed by the addition of a chicane. The track already underwent extensive changes at Raidillon and elsewhere ahead of the 2022 race to increase the amount of run-off available.

However Grand Prix Drivers’ Association director George Russell said they are not pressing the FIA to make further safety changes at the circuit, which is the longest on the F1 calendar.

Spa’s place on the F1 calendar has been in doubt in recent seasons. The track was given a one-year extension to its previous deal to ensure its place on the 2023 schedule, though its race took place one months earlier than usual, forcing the annual 24 Hours of Spa endurance race to be rescheduled.

The 2024 F1 calendar was announced in July, featuring a round at Spa. Today’s news ensures the Belgian Grand Prix, one of F1’s longest-running races, will remain on the schedule for at least one more season beyond that.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said the Belgian Grand Prix promoter “has taken big strides in the last few years to improve the fan experience and infrastructure, and work is ongoing between all the stakeholders with a clear focus on delivering safe and exciting racing.”

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22 comments on “Belgian Grand Prix confirmed for 2025 as Spa gets another one-year deal”

  1. This is playing with drivers’ lives… Can’t they simply go there and host races in simulators, so nobody gets hurt IRL?

    1. F1 has become a bloody joke when it comes to the race directors since Whiting passed, how the media uses downtime to focus on “what ifs” and the fans who have come in since DTS. And even when you make logical observations about how we’re going too far toward caution, you must be a monster who wants carnage. The reality is that, statistically, you’re far more likely to be killed on your drive to work than driving in a modern F1 car on a modern circuit. The safety of the cars and tracks are great. What’s not great is this brand new MO where a car on the side of the track, no matter how safely positioned, is an automatic VSC or full safety car, gravel alone can lead to an SC, no real running in the rain, etc.

  2. Why do they treat SPA like Bottas?

    1. Because they don’t have the money that other tracks/countries have/offer.

      A real shame…Spa is arguably the best track in the calendar.

    2. They – F1 and the teams – want more money.

    3. LMAO

      Anyone remember when Bottas didn’t go for fastest lap in the Netherlands even though it was 99% certain he wasn’t being resigned. That said a lot.

  3. The best track ever gets a one year deal.
    Catar has a 10 year deal.

    1. They need to keep the flexibility there, in case Kuwait wants in too.

      1. And for St. Petersburg. They want to do a little sports washing too.

  4. The best track ever gets a one year deal.
    Catar has a 10 year deal.

    Yes, but the dangerous conditions at Spa are due to the rain, that Spa gets plenty of, whereas Qatar is a bit short of rain.
    On the other side of the coin, Qatar offers pretty limitless cash, whereas Spa offers only normal levels of cash.

    1. At least one of the recent fatal crashes at spa in minor formulas was in the dry.

    2. Spa isn’t any more dangerous than most other tracks in any conditions. The difference is that it actually hosts a lot of racing unlike most F1 tracks and when something happens there it’s “OMG! Won’t somebody think of the F1 children!”

  5. I wonder what this yet another single-year deal could mean for some other events.

  6. Seems FOM really don’t want Spa long term and are keeping it just because they don’t have a better alternative right now. I wonder what they actually are waiting for though? Middle East is now pretty well covered in terms of races, South Africa won’t happen, USA has three races already, maybe something in Asia? or simply Spa won’t pay enough so they’re willing to let it fall off the calendar…

    1. Domenicali recently said they could have 32 races a year, so presumably there is interest. Not sure who, though; Malaysia doesn’t want it, Germany doesn’t seem all that bothered, and Russia is obviously a no-go. Korea and India haven’t shown any hint of wanting F1 to return. Turkey, maybe?

      They’d presumably love to have a race in Africa for sure, and as a world championship they should definitely strive to be there, but there are currently no Grade 1 tracks there that could host an F1 race. While Kyalami in South-Africa might be able to make the changes needed to get there, it’s still not going to be a great fit for modern F1 cars. Like Zandvoort it’d be quite fun to drive, but not so much to race.

      1. MichaelN That’s from more than half a year ago, so not so recently anymore & he only said that as a theoretical reference because such a high amount can never happen in a series like F1 anyway, not to mention that isn’t even his desire in the first place.
        As for Turkey, it’d already be & or would’ve remained after the two COVID-substitutions if it were a viable option for long-term stability.
        The much-reported temporary circuit plan in Madrid is the most likely long-term option & other viable options could be a temporary circuit in either Colombia, somewhere else in Africa, or maybe Seoul.

        1. Coventry Climax
          13th October 2023, 18:25

          So, temporary circuits being long term options.
          Somehow this doesn’t feel right.

        2. Having 32 interested parties means there could be, what, like eight alternatives to Spa? It’s not going to be a 32 race calendar of course.

          Interesting you mention Barranquilla (Columbia), I haven’t seen much about that of late; first they wanted to join in 2024, then 2025, now some more recent reports talk about 2028. It doesn’t sound like there’s much there yet.

          Oh well, I suppose we’ll see. There is plenty of racing at Spa even without F1, so if they’d rather cruise through Seoul if it makes them feel better, it’s all good. No worries.

  7. Money talks

  8. Some folk talking absolute tosh about danger and risk to lives here – should be celebrating that one of the best and most challenging circuits in the world remains on the calendar.

    1. Some folk talking absolute tosh about danger and risk to lives here – should be celebrating that one of the best and most challenging circuits in the world remains on the calendar.

      I, for one, was “extracting the urine” – Spa is a classic, Qatar sits at the other end of the scale.
      Sadly, since it’s all cash driven the standard of race you get isn’t a factor.

  9. Just watched Grandprix 1966 yesterday and seeing the old track Spa, Zandvoort and Monza made my eyes tearful. very good movie and a bit how i saw the racing in RL :) track protection none white lines none :)

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