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DRS zones made fight with Sainz “extremely frustrating” – Ricciardo

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Daniel Ricciardo said he was frustrated by the consecutive DRS zones at Interlagos as he tried to overtake Carlos Sainz Jnr during today’s sprint race.

The AlphaTauri driver twice passed Sainz on the approach to turn one, which allowed his rival to use DRS in the following zone and immediately re-pass him. Ricciardo said the second zone left him powerless to hold onto the position each time he took it, despite being able to lap quicker than his rival.

“Everyone was struggling, I think, well, most people in terms of just the tyres here, the asphalt, it’s bad,” Ricciardo told Sky. “So everyone’s fighting the car.

“But we seemed to fight a little bit less than like Carlos in front of us. So I completed a move on him at least twice, maybe more than twice, I can’t remember.

“But the DRS line with the second detection is in turn two so every time I passed in one, basically waved him back past before turn four. So that was extremely frustrating. I didn’t really feel I could do much more because obviously trying to pass you go for it but I never got rewarded.”

Ricciardo then lost a position to Oscar Piastri, who lunged down the inside of him at Laranjinha. The AlphaTauri driver admitted he could have done more to stop the McLaren driver passing him.

“Oscar and I think a couple of others behind us started closing in and then I left the door open in eight,” he said. “So that’s my fault, letting Oscar by.”

Although Ricciardo eventually re-passed the McLaren, he took the chequered flag within six tenths of a second of Lewis Hamilton and Sainz ahead of him, who occupied the last two points-scoring places.

“I caught Carlos again and then with a lap to go we were right behind Lewis and Carlos, both of them were half a second in front. So it was on that hand good.

“But ninth on a Saturday is the world’s worst position. There’s pros and cons, of course, there’s still things I want to be able to do better. All in all not the worst day.”

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4 comments on “DRS zones made fight with Sainz “extremely frustrating” – Ricciardo”

  1. That’s the whole point with having separate detections for consecutive activation zones with 1-3 corners between them, which should be the case for every comparable ones rather than only some.

  2. “DRS zones made fight with Sainz “extremely frustrating”

    But possible – unlike without DRS at all

    Maybe try the sensible approach, mate – using the first DRS zone to get close, then focus on your exit into the second DRS zone.
    Passing in the first one is only handing the advantage straight back to your competitor.

    1. But possible – unlike without DRS at all

      overtaking was always possible at this track even without the awful anti-racingbdrs gimmick.

      And if a drs zone discourages overtaking into a corner then thats even worse.

      I also don’t even think the run to t1 should be a drs zone as again we always had good racing into t1 without the silly gimmick.

      1. The “silly gimmick” you keep referring to is F1’s massive over-application of aerodynamics – not specifically DRS.
        That’s what you should be campaigning to remove. Treat the cause, not the symptom.

        F1 itself has always gone for half-hearted workarounds for the symptoms while ignoring the causes – so at least they are remaining true to long term form.

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