Red Bull Las Vegas Grand Prix livery launch, 2023

Red Bull reveal their latest fan-designed livery for Las Vegas GP

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Red Bull has revealed the special livery it will use for this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix.

For each Formula 1 round in the USA this year, Red Bull have used a tweaked livery on their RB19 designed by a fan via their ‘Make your mark’ competition.

The first example of this was at May’s Miami Grand Prix, which featured pink and blue banner stripes going from the front to the rear of the car via the sidepods. For October’s United States Grand Prix there were stars and stripes, inspired by the nation’s flag, adorning the sides of the car.

For this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix there was a shortlist of 10 designs that made it to a vote, all using Las Vegas’s night lights or gambling sector as inspiration. The winning design was created by Lindsay Palmer from the UK.

“Congratulations to Lindsay, who really put Vegas’ iconic stamp on the design, capturing the energy and excitement of both the city and the team,” said team principal Christian Horenr.

“[I’m] very much looking forward to seeing it racing around the streets of Las Vegas. From what I have seen on the sim though, that long straight is an incredibly fast one, so you are going to have to keep a close eye on things as the cars fly past under the bright lights of the Strip.

“It is going to be a special race made even more special by celebrating with a fan-designed livery as we head into the final US race of the season.”

Half the Formula 1 grid have confirmed they will use revised liveries for the series’ first race on the Las Vegas Strip Circuit this weekend. Red Bull join Ferrari, Alpine, Williams and Alfa Romeo.

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22 comments on “Red Bull reveal their latest fan-designed livery for Las Vegas GP”

  1. Oh for god’s sake. Everybody needs to stop wetting themselves because there’s a race in America.

    We don’t care. I’d far rather watch a race at Imola. We could watch the Italian countryside over American soul-less razzmatazz.

    Wow. Big tacky buuldings.

    1. Never have seen a $11 chip before.

      1. No idea what that means.

        1. Checo’s race number.

      2. Came out right after the $3 coin

        1. They keep them hidden under a cost cap.

        2. there is a € 3 coin …

    2. Only thing more tiring than the hype is the comments about it

    3. Ah, I get it now, it’s racism fueling this “anti-hype” comment train.

    4. some racing fan
      15th November 2023, 13:45

      F1 has already had a race this year in Imola. If this was an American race I would much rather it be at Long Beach or Laguna Seca at this time of year.

      1. some racing fan
        15th November 2023, 13:52

        Actually- forget those circuits. A great alternative would be Sonoma. It’s located in Napa Valley wine country and looks a little bit like Tuscany, and is close to San Francisco.

  2. F1, the new American racing series. Well, Arab-American…

    1. ARAMF1, sponsored by ARAMCO

  3. ZzzzzzzzzzzThud.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, I think this is up there as one of my favourite liveries I’ve ever seen. But totally destroyed by the giant white oracle which doesn’t really gel with the rest of the livery at all. Wish it was scaled down and a bit more justified to the left so it didn’t overlap the cards.

  5. October’s United States Grand Prix there were stars and stripes, inspired by the nation’s flag, adorning the sides of the car.

    That design was inspired by COTA itself, and the graphics COTA uses around the track.

    I like the idea of the competition, I just prefer the filming day and testing liveries Red Bull did in the past.
    Under the budget cap you probably can’t expect to have those radically different liveries on a car.

  6. Looks like a 1980s arcade machine (in a good way).

    1. RedBull Las Vegas Strip Poker (featuring Dr. Marko)

      1. Hey hey hey, you just ruined strip poker for us!!!

  7. some racing fan
    15th November 2023, 13:46

    Looks good. Maybe this should be their next year’s livery?

  8. Wow. Much creative. Chips and coins, the city of sin. Who would have thought about such brilliant and original symbolism. Except everyone.

    1. maybe they should have gone with some Drive-through Wedding chapels instead, symbolizing their flimsy commitment to their relationship with Perez.

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