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Here’s how to watch the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live in the UK and USA:

2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Friday 24 November – Sunday 26 November 2023


DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
FridayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F109:3010:30
FridayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F113:0014:00
SaturdayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F110:3011:30
SaturdayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula 2 sprint race liveSky Sports F112:20
SaturdayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F114:00
SaturdayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying highlightsChannel 419:00
SundayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula 2 feature race liveSky Sports F109:15
SundayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix liveSky Sports F113:00
SundayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix highlightsChannel 417:30

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
FridayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix first practice liveESPNU04:3005:30
FridayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix second practice liveESPNU08:0009:00
SaturdayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix third practice liveESPN205:30
SaturdayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN209:00
SundayAbu Dhabi Grand Prix liveESPN08:00

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2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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9 comments on “2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. I still don’t understand why qualifying suddenly shifted from 17:00 to 18:00 after 13 editions, even though nothing was ever wrong with the wholly consistent 17:00 start time pattern for FP2-QLF-race (something Bahrain & Saudi Arabian GPs still have with 18:00 & 20:00, respectively, despite full consistency having less relevance for these events because they don’t have that day-to-night backdrop tradition & starting one session within the equivalent trio an hour later wouldn’t impact direct usefulness either as all three already commence post-sunset).
    Having one session start past the sunset is simply unfitting, not only breaking tradition but even more relevantly, meaning that FP2 is directly useful only for the race rather than both, so unless qualifying returns to its original & long-time start time, changing to sprint format with, for example, the following session time pattern (Friday sessions at 17:00 & 20:30, so the latter Saturday session starting at 18:30 or even 30 or 60 min later would be more okay) would be comparatively better as in this scenario, the number of sessions with 17:00 & later-than-sunset start times would be equal + only a single session with a start time earlier than 17:00 as earlier afternoon sessions are always rather useless in the Middle East.
    Ironically, having the last sprint in Abu Dhabi would be fitting if sprint points are counted separately towards a separate sprint championship from next season, so that both the final sprint & regular championship points would get distributed on the same weekend.
    Alternatively, removing FP1 & replacing that by adding an hour to FP2 would make that session wholly useful for both competitive sessions as it’d fully cover both hours.
    The worst thing about this matter is the lack of an apparent, logically-explainable reason.

    1. “The worst thing about this matter is the lack of an apparent, logically-explainable reason”

      Seriously? This takes incoherency to a whole new level. Far bigger things to worry about than if an F1 session starts 1 hour earlier or later – it’s not a matter of life-and-death!

      Saving the feature-length “fantasy weekend schedule” for the final race of the season (‘cos it’s 3 months until Bahrain…) Of course, the compulsory obsession with sunset times makes a return

      1. lol. F1 stands for first-world problems.

      2. Simon – I see you waited for the right moment to come up with something after a little break since the US GP equivalent post, not that I was unprepared.

  2. In case you are losing interest with all the Max Verstappen wins, here’s my 5 reasons why I am still keen for for Abu Dhabi GP.

    1. Who will be second in the WCC?

    Mercedes and Ferrari just 4 points apart? Even if Max runs away at the front, the real battle is between these two where even 8th might make a significant difference.

    And yes, Aston Martin only 11 points south of McLaren, but I suspect that the tangerine dream has that one unless it’s a double DNF.

    2. WDC 4th

    OK, its really just bragging rights with the top 3 cemented into place, but Sainz and Alonso tied at 200, and Norris lurking at 195, where these three end up should be fascinating racing.

    And down the table, there is a real battle for 17th. Go Daniel!! (A bloke who in real life is just as nice).

    3. Team Battles

    Max trumps Sergio. Lewis beats George. But Sainz vs a resurgent Leclerc? 12 point to make up but not impossible. Alonso vs Stroll, cough, cough. Norris beats Oscar but well done to the rookie. But it is the Alpines, Gasly vs Ocon, where the best team battle lies, only 4 points apart. And the car seems capable of regular points. I don’t see changes in the teammate battle at the other teams. So for me it’s the Ferraris and the Alpines to watch here.

    4. WCC 7th, 8th and 9th

    Who would guess that the race to be the best of the bottom four could be so engaging. Williams was astounding in Las Vegas, and no, I don’t count Haas’ showing in FP1/8th. I suspect 7 points to catch up is beyond the Alpha Tauri, but I also expect Alpha Romeo will struggle to put 5 points on the RBR Jnr team, especially if Danny Ric gets a clean race for once. So my money is these teams might stay as they are in the rankings, with Haas staying fixed at the bottom of the table. But …

    5. Anyone trying to lose?

    The current rules penalise success in terms of super license fees and wind tunnel time. Will we see any pyrrhic victories as a team or driver strategically perform under-par for the sake of next year’s development? I doubt it, but I’m sure the teams have run the numbers. Even RBR could save some peso’s by a double DNF without any consequence to its standings. Yet with the 7-8-9 WDC so close, what is the value of 5% or 10% extra aero testing compared to prize money? It would funny to see Alpha Tauri waving through an Alpha Romeo or two as a 2024 strategy.

    Reply moderated
    1. Prize money is of course still more valuable than wind tunnel/CFD time, & even more so for the smaller teams, i.e., those in coincidently positions 7-10, so no team or driver will try to lose positions.
      Besides, to my knowledge, super license fees aren’t even linked to final positions.

  3. No thanks. Can’t stand this bloody track. I’m hoping for a pile-up in the tunnel thanks to today’s qualifying nonsense, but otherwise Verstappen will win, Perez will be passed on the last lap and bring on next year.

    1. AD either produces a great race or an utter stinker. There were some epic races during the Merc dominance era. Anyway, I wish we’d go back to Malaysia. That track produced some amazing GPs.

  4. I like this quick turn around to get the season done with. I bet even the mechanics don’t mind. They’d rather get to vacation as fast as possible.

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