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Foyt complete 2024 squad by confirming Ferrucci for second season


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Santino Ferrucci will spend a second season driving for AJ Foyt’s IndyCar team in 2024.

Foyt confirmed Ferrucci will complete its line-up alongside Sting Ray Robb, who has joined them following his debut season at Coyne.

Ferrucci will continue to drive the number 14 entry at the team, which entered into a technical alliance with Penske towards the end of last season. He finished 19th in the championship last year, which was his third full season in the category he first entered in 2018. He previously placed 13th in 2019 and 2020 with Coyne.

“I’m super stoked to be back with the team,” he said. “It’s really good to start building some continuity with everybody and I think it’s going to improve our results.”

Although the former Haas junior driver only appeared in the top 10 once all season, he did so at the series’ biggest race, the Indianapolis 500. Ferrucci’s third place is the best result of his IndyCar career to date. The team hasn’t achieved a better result in the race since Kenny Brack won it 25 years ago.

“My expectations for the year are to come out of the gate a lot more prepared than we were last year,” Ferrucci continued. “Working with Penske, things are hopefully going to be a lot smoother and I’m looking forward to being back at the Indy 500 again.”

Larry Foyt, team president, said he’s “very happy to have Santino back” for 2024. “We worked well together, and he brings a good energy to the team.

“Obviously, we have our eyes set on the Indy 500, but we also had some good pace in other races but didn’t get the results. Together we are focused on moving up in the championship standings and I believe we can achieve that.”

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11 comments on “Foyt complete 2024 squad by confirming Ferrucci for second season”

  1. Wasn’t this guy up to some fairly dangerous high speed shenanigans a while back?

    1. I remember him intentionally crashing in to his teammate after a race, and trying to run him off the circuit once at the British GP. He was then caught making racist comments and bullying his teammate as well, and was eventually dropped by his F2 team.

      I’m surprised that he’s still around in motorsport as his performances have been poor both on and off the track,

      1. While I most certainly don’t condone racist behavior (which is inexcusable), and also disagree with his MAGA political views (to which he is entitled regardless of if I agree or not), his performances in IndyCar weren’t that bad actually. He ran for bottom tier teams and often dragged them to much higher placings than their equipment would deserve. He’s been especially good at the 500, which as we all know has a special status in IndyCar.
        Not my favorite character by a long shot, but he’s earned his slot on the grid.

      2. @todfod If you’d followed US motorsport you’d have known his results are excellent with regards to his machinery. He finished on the podium at the Indy 500 last year with a team that hasn’t done so for 25 years. It’s in the article but you obviously weren’t paying attention, intentionally or unintentionally.

        The guy has done a super stupid thing when he was a junior driver. He got 2nd chance and he took it, he’s been squeaky clean since then. He’d also had earned respect in the Indy paddock by the quality of his performances. You may not like it but its time to get over it.

    2. I never liked the guy, but have to admit his race craft has improved

  2. That’s right. I really don’t understand why this guy continues to race after all that. Even his racing skills are not that great

  3. Why is your username an active link to redirect away from RaceFans site?

    1. That’s survivor io I was referring to.

  4. I have an opinion
    12th January 2024, 1:52

    He’s finally done it.

    He’s managed to make a more ridiculous publicity photo than this one.

  5. Sound like a MAGA motorsport wet dream.

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