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Verstappen takes first win of 2024 with iRacing Daytona 24 class victory

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen took took victory in the GTD class of the iRacing Daytona 24 Hours

In brief

Verstappen’s Redline take iRacing Daytona 24 class win

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen took victory in the GTD category in the highest split of the iRacing Daytona 24 Hours with Team Redline team mates Ole Steinbraten and Gianni Vecchio.

The Red Bull driver drove the anchor leg of the endurance race, the first major event on the iRacing calendar for the season, with the number four car winning by over a lap in the GTD class from the number 199 ART entry and Team Redline team mates of number two in third.

Williams Esports number six took overall victory with IndyCar racer Agustin Canapino, Atte Kauppinen, Carl Jansson and Sirica winning by just six seconds after 920 laps.

Taponen takes FRMEC lead with win

Ferrari academy driver Tukka Taponen took his second win from the weekend in the third and final Formula Regional Middle East Championship at Yas Marina to take the lead in the series.

Taponen dominated the race from pole, beating race two winner Theophile Nael by just over a second following a late Safety Car, with Taylor Barnard was third.

Taponen leads the championship by 12 points after the first two race weekends, with three more remaining over the coming month.

Bilinksi makes it two from three in FROC

Roman Bilinski stormed out into a healthy early lead in the Formula Regional Oceania Championship after winning two of the three races at Taupo.

After victory in race one, Bilinksi took second place in the reverse grid second race on Sunday behind winner Gerrard Xie. He then capped off a strong start to the championship by winning race three ahead of Christian Mansell.

Bilinksi holds a lead of 25 points after the opening round of the series in New Zealand, with the second round taking place next weekend at Manfeild.

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Comment of the day

This weekend’s Caption Competition winner is Jungle!:

“Horner texted me earlier to see if I was interested in coming back to Red Bull… This was my reply!”

Thanks to everyone who came up with caption ideas this week and a special mention to Nulla Pax, Only Facts!, EffWunFan, and Wheel Nut who all came up with particularly good captions.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Nathan and Salut Gilles!

On this day in motorsport

  • On this day in 1959 Mike Hawthorn died in a road car crash. He was the reigning world champion at the time and had retired from F1.

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26 comments on “Verstappen takes first win of 2024 with iRacing Daytona 24 class victory”

  1. Do you call yourself “race Fans”?
    And you did not even mention Dakar rally?

    1. Sainz’s win was included 2 days ago. And again yesterday in social media.
      You know, when it actually happened…

      1. Racefans really is F1 fans. If you’re here expecting anything else, probably in the wrong place.

        1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
          22nd January 2024, 8:23

          I still think racefans is a poor name for this site. Based on what you have said, it makes perfect sense to keep using the original name, which was F1 Fanatic.

          1. That seems a bit unfair, I don’t doubt that avid followers of other series might find coverage lacking, but the different writers do a good job keeping people mainly interested in F1 up to date on the most important stories in other major (circuit) racing series in the world. For sportscars and rally there are alternatives that focus more on that, but the WEC in particular has also gotten quite a lot of attention in 2023.

            I for one find it a much better balance than some of the ‘we cover it all’ sites that end up swamping readers in endless and largely irrelevant stories from every imaginable series.

          2. Firstly, I wouldn’t want to be called anything with the F1 brand in the title, even more so when there’s a company called Fanatics that supplies F1 merchandise. Being called Racefans removes a lot of headaches.

            Also, if we take this to some extremities. Almost all major media platforms ignore karting despite it being the most popular motorsport in terms of participation and has a FIA World Championship since 1964, making it one of the oldest, and certainly older than the Dakar.

            So should Racefans also cover that? Where should it draw the line. remember coverage has to be paid for. You can’t cover everything.

            F1 Fanatic changed because the owners of the site had a broader interest in motorsport. F1 will always catch the most attention because, well, it’s F1. But being called Racefans allows for the owners of the site to branch off to different subjects without being imprisoned by the F1Fanatics brand. They said this at the time of the change

            “‘F1 Fanatic’ has begun to feel like a restrictive title in another way. My motorsport interests have always been broader than just F1. But at times I’ve felt that because of its name, the coverage of non-F1 series on this site has been almost apologetic in tone.

            That doesn’t reflect my own interests and, I’ve increasingly discovered, many of yours. The new name has partly been chosen to reflect a broadening of the site’s scope beyond F1 which began a while ago.”

    2. And you did not even mention Dakar rally?

      I think you’re looking for RallyFans.

      1. notagrumpyfan
        22nd January 2024, 9:54

        Rather than Formula1Fans or OpenWheenRacingFans or GPFans? ;)

    3. I’m the first guy to always complain how F1 centric this site is despite removing it’s proper name F1Fanatic.
      But in this case, Dakar Rallye is not racing, so it’s as simple as that.

  2. I’m still surprised we don’t see more drivers taking online competitive sim’s more seriously. Events like this have to be keeping Max sharp and continually growing his skills, with absolutely zero risk unlike racing in another series or taking up cycling or whatever. When I tuned the two team entries were drafting so close they were bumping on the oval, lapping a second quicker than the nearest car, fascinating stuff.

    Re Norris: Let’s hear Red Bull’s stance. Would they consider him to replace Perez? Max has said he’d be keen, but would Red Bull make it happen for entertainment’s sake? I can’t see a move to Mercedes making much sense for him…

    1. They are all scared of being exposed. It’s fine and dandy to have a dig at Max and Red Bull, that “it’s Newey, not the driver” who makes the difference, because you can’t objectively prove or deny it. But with Max setting records and winning in online racing, where it’s all about his incredible talent and skills, they would have been found out, so it’s better to take pictures for their Instagram or something.

    2. It really is that intense. I also saw them bump drafting each other lap after lap. As a simracer myself.its mind-blowing seeing them being so fast, so consistent, using all sort of tactics to stay ahead. Canapino’s team won the race by less then 10 seconds, after 24 hours non stop. That’s just ridiculous, the level of competition.

      But some feel it works for them and some dont. Lando isn’t racing as much as he did before becoming an F1 driver. And I guess it’s not for everyone, I can’t see Bottas spending half a weekend racing online in a Speedo, and he seems to love doing that on a bike or trekking…

    3. Tristan, Marko has previously said that Red Bull’s policy is to avoid having two drivers who are too close in performance, as that could lead to conflict within the team.

      1. notagrumpyfan
        22nd January 2024, 8:38

        Anon, Horner has recently said that Red Bull Racing wants “the best two drivers they can possibly field” and keeping an eye on (amongst others) Norris.
        And both Horner and Norris confirmed they spoke each other before the latter signed his extension with McLaren.

      2. As always you tend to place remarks outside their context..
        Two alphas in one team results in disaster..

    4. It’s especially interested to see whether this will create the circumstances for Max to keep skill wise sharp when it comes to wheel to wheel racing. As we’ve seen from dominating F1 drivers in the past, over time they get rusty in wheel to wheel since they do not practice that a lot when leading from the front for a long period/multiple seasons. Vettel and Lewis are examples of this. They rocketed to the top of the field, were handed dominant material and spent several season exclusively at the front of the field every race, but when they didn’t have stellar material and were thrown back in the field they turned out to be rather rusty at actual racing other cars. Makes sense that what you don’t practice you get rusty at.

      1. Although to begin with, neither Hamilton nor Vettel were good wheel to wheel racers. Hamilton just has huge PR and a bucket full of excuses and an army that basically can see him do no wrong, of which the media is also a part.

        People tend to view a driver’s entire career using a few highlight reels. That isn’t it.

        Vettel was never good under pressure and Hamilton was never good at racing other cars around him. Both of them are the perfect examples of being very good at racing against air. Verstappen has still had to race quite a bit this year given that his car just doesn’t qualify on the front row easily in this non-engine dominant era and he also doesn’t have the skill issue that others like Vettel/Hamilton had.

        1. I take it you took that name ironically.

        2. I agree with you that especially Vettel, and to a lesser extent Hamilton, are what I would call ‘partly gifted drivers’ in the sense that they are especially good, maybe even the best of all time in being quick and fast around a track when/with no other cars around them. Their machine handling and manoeuvring around tracks is stellar. With Vettel this is more obvious just looking at his pole numbers and the nr of wins he took from them and how few he took when not starting at the front of the field.

    5. Outside of a bit of fun I don’t think it’s possible to take sim racing all that seriously. Even with the best setups in the world you can’t fully replicate driving an actual vehicle and when you introduce even minor latency or lag then it just gets messy (see the online Indy 500 from early in the pandemic where Pagenaud thought Norris took him out but on Norris’ screen he was no where near him)

  3. Dubai is clearly an overrated location, & as for the Red Bull Racing tweet, telling the location is possibly to any extent only in the bottom left image, which is probably from Baku based on the road markings.

  4. Why other F1 drivers didn’t participate in the iRacing Daytona 24 event? It’s a great chance to prove that they are better than Max in an enviroment where equipment doesn’t matter, so what’s going on?

    1. Probably have other things to do. If Vestappen chooses to do that then it’s up to him, no one’s obliged to do it (same with the likes of the Elf Masters Kart they used to do in Paris where F1 drivers occasionally turned up).

  5. Somewhat ironic that the article regarding the poor attendance at Rolo’s funeral may also have limited “attendance” as the link directs to Rossi/Indy.

  6. When he was 3, Verstappen had 33 as his teammate. With 1 on his car, he has 11 alongside(ish). It’s a bit of a shame Team Redline didn’t use the obvious opportunity presented by him driving car 4.

  7. Man plays computer game and wins.

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