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‘RB’ does not stand for ‘Racing Bulls’ name shown on FIA F1 entry list

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The FIA’s entry list for the 2024 Formula 1 season has confirmed Red Bull’s second team has been entered by a company named ‘Racing Bulls’.

However a representative of the team, which competed as AlphaTauri last year, confirmed to RaceFans the initials ‘RB’ in its new name does not stand for ‘Racing Bulls’ or another phrase.

It revealed its new name for the upcoming season yesterday incorporating new sponsorship from two financial services companies, one of which was already a Red Bull sponsor. AlphaTauri will compete under the new title ‘Visa Cash App RB’.

The initials ‘RB’ first appeared in the original 2024 entry list published by the FIA last month. The team was entered under the title ‘Scuderia AlphaTauri RB’ with its chassis identified as ‘RB’.

Sergio Perez, Yuki Tsunoda, Interlagos, 2023
Report: “Not just a name change”: Red Bull wants its second team to be title contenders
The appearance of the name ‘Racing Bulls’ prompted speculation the initials represented this new title. A Red Bull-owned company trademarked the name and a logo for ‘Racing Bulls’ last year. The name now appears on its website and is referred to in the domain the team uses for its emails.

However the team says its ‘RB’ identity is intended to bring their branding closer to that of Red Bull. The connection was less obvious when they competed as AlphaTauri, prior to which they spent 14 years using the name ‘Toro Rosso’, which is Italian for Red Bull. The team now refers to itself as VCARB.

Sauber’s official identity has also been revised on the FIA’s updated entry list in line with its change in sponsorship. Its team name, previously Sauber, is now listed as Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. Its chassis name remains Kick Sauber.

FIA 2024 Formula 1 world championship entry list

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1Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing LimitedOracle Red Bull RacingRed Bull RacingHonda RBPT
11Sergio Perez MendozaRed Bull Racing LimitedOracle Red Bull RacingRed Bull RacingHonda RBPT
44Lewis HamiltonMercedes-Benz Grand Prix LimitedMercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One TeamMercedesMercedes
63George RussellMercedes-Benz Grand Prix LimitedMercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One TeamMercedesMercedes
16Charles LeclercFerrari SpaScuderia FerrariFerrariFerrari
55Carlos Sainz JnrFerrari SpaScuderia FerrariFerrariFerrari
4Lando NorrisMcLaren Racing LimitedMcLaren Formula 1 TeamMcLarenMercedes
81Oscar PiastriMcLaren Racing LimitedMcLaren Formula 1 TeamMcLarenMercedes
14Fernando Alonso DiazAMR GP LimitedAston Martin Aramco Formula One TeamAston Martin AramcoMercedes
18Lance StrollAMR GP LimitedAston Martin Aramco Formula One TeamAston Martin AramcoMercedes
10Pierre GaslyAlpine Racing LimitedAlpine F1 TeamAlpineRenault
31Esteban OconAlpine Racing LimitedAlpine F1 TeamAlpineRenault
23Alexander AlbonWilliams Grand Prix Engineering LimitedWilliams RacingWilliamsMercedes
2Logan SargeantWilliams Grand Prix Engineering LimitedWilliams RacingWilliamsMercedes
22Yuki TsunodaRacing Bulls SpAVisa Cash App RB Formula One TeamRBHonda RBPT
3Daniel RicciardoRacing Bulls SpAVisa Cash App RB Formula One TeamRBHonda RBPT
77Valtteri BottasSauber Motorsport AGStake F1 Team Kick SauberKick SauberFerrari
24Zhou GuanyuSauber Motorsport AGStake F1 Team Kick SauberKick SauberFerrari
27Nico HulkenbergHaas Formula LLCMoneyGram Haas F1 TeamHaasFerrari
20Kevin MagnussenHaas Formula LLCMoneyGram Haas F1 TeamHaasFerrari

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49 comments on “‘RB’ does not stand for ‘Racing Bulls’ name shown on FIA F1 entry list”

  1. There’s been a lot of fuss about the name. Personally I always liked Torro Rosso. I think they should have gone for Visa Cash App Torro Rosso. Then they would have just been called Torro Rosso by everyone again.

    Anyway, hopefully they get called Racing Bulls in everyday use which is better than the full title.

    1. As the team is slowly moving house (for the time partly, but I expect in a few years completely) towards the UK, I assume this name was not an option for that reason. But that’s just guesswork on my end.

    2. It’s toro rosso however, “torro” isn’t a word in italian.

  2. Minardi it is then :’)

    1. Minardi all the way!

    2. Yep, let’s just call them Minardi and quit all this nonsense.

  3. My money is on everyone calling the newly named teams Racing Bulls and Sauber.

    1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      25th January 2024, 11:17

      Exactly what I was going to say. You take out the title sponsor and you’ve got Sauber and Racing Bulls. Which makes a lot more sense.

      Whole thing with RB has probably been deliberately misleading by them to make hysteria, outrage and a big fuss for clicks and attention.

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        25th January 2024, 11:19

        Also Racing Bulls is a great name btw

    2. I’ll probably call them Visa RB & Stake-Sauber.

  4. Racing Blues. By now. Let’s just see if the copy machine worked well at the Bull’s office and if the can keep up with the originals.

  5. … TEKA Minardi

    See also comments in the “Official: AlphaTauri becomes…” thread.

  6. Sugar Free Red Bull was the best option marketing-wise.

    1. Taking something that is generally not particularly well liked or respected (but is extremely successful) and making it worse?

      Spot on.

  7. So exactly what the smart amongst the bunch have been saying all along.

    The team may not expressly be called “Racing Bulls” thanks to the sponsorship similar to those used by Sauber and Genii-owned Renault F1 in past years, but it is the team’s new identity.

  8. So Minardi it will be then…

  9. Tommy Scragend
    25th January 2024, 13:40

    A lot of people on social media seem to be getting hung up on the “Visa Cash App” part of the name for some reason. It’s just a sponsor. You aren’t going to hear Crofty say “there goes Tsunoda in the Visa Cash App RB” any more than you would hear him refer to Alonso in the “Aston Martin Aramco” or Verstappen in the “Oracle Red Bull”. The days of commentators referring to the John Player Special rather than the Lotus and such like are long gone.

    The team formerly known as AlphaTauri will just be referred to in an everyday context as either RB or Racing Bulls.

    1. They’ll probably just be called Visa, like AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo were called such despite being brand names that are sponsoring/being promoted.

      1. Easiest to call them carbs. So just without the visa part

    2. A lot of people are being disingenuous and acting as if title sponsorship, having two title sponsors or even naming the team after a sponsor is something Racing Bulls has just existed. Sponsorship of sports is a thing and for the most part they are just ignored when referring to a team’s identity.

      As if we didn’t have Alfa Romeo used as a name for the Sauber F1 team for the thanks to their sponsorship.
      Or the whole nonsense about Lotus & Lotus, where Lotus cars sponsored the Renault F1 team because the boss at the time was jealous of Tony Fernandes owning a team called Lotus.

    3. Alpha Tauri was just the sponsor, too, and that was the same portion of the name as Visa Cash App is now….

      1. Yeah, but they’ve gone and named it Visa Cash App.

      2. AlphaTauri was sort of a sponsor anyway, much in the same was Haas Automation is a sponsor to Haas F1 Team. They may technically be sponsors but in reality they are just brands owned by the parent organisation.

  10. So how would they name their cars? Red Bull Racing already uses “RB(Number)” for their cars so I’m intrigued to see what they would come up with. Such a depressing situation, just like the whole state of F1 at the moment…

    1. Such a depressing situation

      What’s wrong with two different teams using a similar reference to their current car.

      The formal entry name of the car is well defined: chassis name plus engine name (if different), thus in this case RB-Honda RBPT (not sure about the hyphen).

    2. Maybe they’ll start with RB19…

  11. This story originally stated we’d approached RB for comment, now that we’ve heard back from them it’s been updated accordingly.

    1. Does that explain why the comments up to here say we’ll call it racing bulls then?

      Thoroughly confusing given the current headline.

      1. If you are referring to my comment, then it was indeed made prior to the update.

        However with both a registered trademark and the company now named Racing Bulls SpA, they didn’t go to the effort and expense of this for nothing. I don’t really care what the team PR says, it is pretty evident what the of the team name is really even if they are towing the corporate line.

        When VISA & CashApp eventually decide they have exhausted the use of the sponsorship, the name with revert to Raxcing Bulls, just watch.

  12. I feel like we are being trolled by “Racing Bulls”. I suspect they wanted to announce the name properly at the launch event and the media has beat them to it so they’re now denying RB stands for Racing Bulls, but if they’ve already registered the name with the FIA.. Then they’re either lying or they’ve changed the name yet again.

    1. Then they’re either lying or they’ve changed the name yet again.

      When has anyone in the RB camp ever uttered anything separated from the truth.
      Please exclude cost cap, accounts, catering budget references from any response regarding the items and Hans Christian from the name(s)

  13. VCARB sound like some kind of slimming pill. Maybe they’re getting rid of the bulk?!

    1. It makes me think Virtual Car B…

  14. I guess that means we can decide for ourselves what it stands for. I’ll go with “Ragtime Bagpipes,” the inexplicably underutilised musical genre.

  15. At this point, it stands for “rubbish branding”…

  16. Sounds like their football club in Germany: RB Leipzig. Of course, RB doesn’t stand for you-know-what – it’s Rasen-Ballsport (Rasen is lawn) because they’re a bunch of lawnballers.

    1. @bullfrog Pity they never thought to name this team RB Minardi back in 2006.

      1. It can still happen 18 years later!
        Long live the Minardi team!

        After all, this is a separate team from Red Bull now, isn’t it…?
        A team in its own right. So it doesn’t need the “RB” bit.

        They could even call it “Visa Minardi“.
        Should make the sponsors happy.

        Watch everyone walking around with smiles as big as Daniel Ricciardo. :D

  17. I have to assume then that it stands for Rank Buffoonery. If they haven’t stated clearly otherwise it must be true.
    This whole venture seems like it’ll be used as curriculum in marketing school programs to show how NOT to roll out your rebranding campaign.

    1. …..to show how NOT to roll out your rebranding campaign

      Maybe you have something there. Perhaps a temporary placeholder made it into the name by mistake.

      Visa Cash App “Re-Brand”

  18. I do not understand why this is a topic of interest.

    1. Because Red Bull bad…

      That is literally all there is to it. They aren’t doing anything that no other team has done before. Other teams work together in shared facilities, use each other’s wind tunnels, buy parts from each other.

  19. What’s amusing me is that I don’t think many people looking on realise that “Visa” and “Cash App” are two separate entities – it’s not a cash app from visa. Search “Visa Cash App” and you see articles ridiculing the name, with the cash app website well down the results!

    What a mess. I suspect they could become known simply as “the Faenza team”, just like “the Enstone team” did because of their rapid-fire name changes a few years ago.

    1. @dang

      I don’t think many people looking on realise that “Visa” and “Cash App” are two separate entities

      I didn’t to begin with – I assumed Visa had bought Cash App somewhere along the lines. It’s like when we had ‘Aramco Cognizant Aston Martin’, though at least in that case they were companies in different fields so less likely to become confused.

  20. The problem is the way it was announced and the way it was reported.

    They should have clearly announced the new Constructor name as RB.

    Then a week later or whenever announced a new title sponsor as Visa Cash App. I.e

    “The RB Formula 1 Team are proud to announce a new X year title sponsor partnership with Visa Cash App, the blah blah blah. Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 Team will be launching their new livery on X with divers Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo looking forward to the first race on X”

  21. It wouldn’t surprise me if in a few years time we had an F1 team named Om-Pom-Pim-Wim-Yam-Wom-Mimmity-Moo-Bonza-Dog-Doo-Dah-Band Honda.

  22. I missed the part of the article that mentioned chassis branding will be RB until now. If they start going through the numbers like RB-01 etc it’s going to get confusing.
    Looking forward to the launch, just so we get some proper answers (I hope)

  23. If you need to explain your marketing, you’re doing it wrong.

  24. Red Button?

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