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Hamilton reunites with driving expert who left his team before 2021 season

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Lewis Hamilton’s preparations for the new Formula 1 season have been boosted by the return of a significant figure in his management team.

Marc Hynes, who spent five years running Hamilton’s Project Forty Four company before moving on in February 2021, has returned to assist the seven-times world champion.

“Lewis is looking forward to the beginning of the new Formula 1 season and he will be working with Marc Hynes, his long term friend and former colleague who will be providing his expertise to assist Lewis on the track,” said a statement issued by Hamilton’s spokesperson. “Marc will be solely focussed on racing activities and supporting Lewis’s commitment to bringing the fight back to the top spot.”

Hamilton narrowly lost the world championship in controversial circumstances to Max Verstappen in 2021. Since then Mercedes have failed to replicate their past competitiveness and Hamilton has gone two years without a win.

Max Chilton, Marc Hynes, 2012
Hynes coached Manor drivers such as Chilton
His relationship with Hynes dates back to their time in the junior racing categories. Hynes won Britain’s Formula Renault championship in 1997, six years before Hamilton did the same. Both drove for Manor, who later entered F1, initially with Virgin and later Marussia branding.

In 1999 Hynes won the British Formula 3 title, the same year third-placed finished Jenson Button was hired by Williams to make a shock F1 debut the following season.

While Hynes was unable to gain a regular seat in higher single-seater series or win promotion to F1, he applied his talents to driver coaching and worked with several Manor F1 drivers including Max Chilton and Roberto Merhi. Hynes also raced in sportscars and the F1-supporting Porsche Supercup.

His return to Hamilton’s side comes as the world champion makes other changes to his management team. Penni Thow, who took over from Hynes, is no longer working with Hamilton.

Marc Hynes, Porsche Supercup, Hungaroring, 2007
F3 champion Hynes later raced in F1-support Porsche Supercup
“The management agreement between Penni Thow and her company Copper with Lewis Hamilton came to its natural end in December 2023, after the expiry of a fixed term,” the spokesperson added.

“Over the course of the partnership, Penni and her team have supported Lewis’s entrepreneurial vision and together they have launched several exciting ventures. While the management agreement has ended, Copper will remain working with Lewis on some of these joint projects to ensure their continued development and success.

“Over the coming months Lewis will be expanding his company Project Forty Four, which was set up in 2014, and will be making exciting appointments and announcements as he continues to grow his entrepreneurial business and investment interests.”

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8 comments on “Hamilton reunites with driving expert who left his team before 2021 season”

  1. First thought i had when i read that was what is next voodoo or Wiget… Seems Lewis just want some advise on a car who isn’t perfect to handle.

  2. Being myself a full time cycling coach for competitive amateurs, I’m very curious about how this works. Maybe a lot of driving data analysis, analysis of competitor’s driving styles, simulator work, mental assessment, etc. Or maybe nothing to do with this.

  3. For a minute there in the top picture I thought it was the Critical Drinker !!

  4. It’s good to see drivers being more comfortable bringing in people to help them deal with the challenges of racing in F1. I recall discussions about this in the early 2000s frequently led to ridicule, as though coaches and even psychologists were for ‘weak’ folks. Nothing wrong with having some (outside) expertise offer some ideas, especially when – as Hamilton – things haven’t been working out as smoothly as before.

    As for the other part;

    ‘… his entrepreneurial business …’

    As opposed to what other kind of business? The fluff in these corporate statements is grating.

    1. Michael, I think that as well as entrepreneurial business you can also have a charitable business, though I agree it is just corporate fluff in this case.

  5. It’s never too late to learn

  6. So everyone took the click bait. There’s a difference between him being a driver coach, and him returning AS Lewis’s driver coach lol. It literally says to run company stuff.

  7. I tend to think he’s bringing him back as a lucky charm, considering as soon as he left something went wrong for him (abu dhabi, not saying he deserved to win 2021 though, and then a relatively bad car the following 2 years)!

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