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Carlos Sainz Jnr and Lewis Hamilton made headlines this week with one of the biggest driver move announcements in the sport’s history.

But what was said here during this encounter between the pair of them?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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Caption Competition

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46 comments on “Caption Competition 234: Breaking news”

  1. LH: don’t worry Carlos, same old fake news

    1. Sainz: yes its true, seafood linguine any meal you wamt

  2. …and this is the company phone, I recommend keeping it on mute after 8pm or the engineers will completely screw up your sleep cycle.

  3. Here, I made this spreadsheet so I can work out my own strategy mid race, you’re going to need it.

  4. This is the notepad of things to say to the media after the team messes up the strategy. You’ll be needing that.

  5. No wonder it doesn’t ring, Carlos, that’s Fred’s old number.

  6. “Telegram, whatsapp, viber, instagram, see? Blocked!”

  7. Yes, the company phone too…

  8. “Yeah, I might as well take your phone as well.
    You can keep the shirt – it’s not my size.”

  9. Carlos: Not drivers looking at a phone again.
    Lewis: These caption competitions have really gone downhill.

    1. Carlos: and I see that most commenters come up with whole conversations.
      Lewis: they should call it Conversation Competition rather than Caption Competition.
      Phone: teedeedee teedeedee teedeedeedeedee
      Camera: click

  10. Carlos – “So Lewis I just got sent this photo of you having lunch with Fred the other day. Whats this all about?”

    Lewis – “Oh nothing man we’re just old friends. We’ve been meaning to catch up for a while now. BTW here’s Toto’s number.”

    Carlos – ” Why are you giving me Toto’s number?”

    Lewis – ” Oh no reason man…no reason at all.”

  11. Carlos: Lewis you are going to need this …so here is the list of Plan A, B, C, D, E…

  12. “…so just pop your thumb on there and……….. yep, that’s it. Contract complete.”

  13. Carlos: “It says here that you are going to change teams before even trying your new car!”
    Lewis: “Does it say which team I’ll be driving for?”

  14. Yes Carlos, I am certain it’s going to be me and Charles, not me and you. Look, it’s all over the internet.

  15. Sainz: “Check this out Lewis – this is Caption Competition no 210 on RaceFans.
    That’s me having the Thousand Yard Stare. See?
    Alonso got the thousand yard stare, Vettel got it, Charles got it, I got it. All Ferrari drivers got it… now you’re going to get it too.”

    Credit for original post to Electroball76 on the “Speaking with Sainz” caption competition.

  16. “Nice shirt, man!”

    “Yeah, since it’s Italian you’ve gotta order a size up. They give me five euros off full price!”

  17. Football fans eagerly check the latest news on transfer deadline day.

  18. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    3rd February 2024, 11:03

    “I’m going to need your clothes, your boots and your motorcar”

  19. – I’ve heard you can make phone calls, send messages, …
    – Incredible

  20. Hamilton compelled to move to Ferrari after seeing photos of the lunches provided at Maranello

  21. C: Merc went over the budget cap that much? BIG penalties!
    L: Yeah man I know.
    C: Crazy but what’s that got to do with me?

    1. Winner nomination :)

  22. Haha how do you think they will take this photo out of context

  23. L. ‘I said I was going to give you Toto’s number’
    C. ‘Well…OK. Why would I need that though?’
    L. ‘Oh…no reason, just being friendly. Thought it might come in useful’

  24. Sainz: Well according to GoogleTranslate, the Italian for ‘Adios’ is ‘Arrivederci’. Why do you ask?

  25. CS: Here is Frédéric Vasseur’s number. What do you need it for?
    LH: Just for a Halloween prank…

  26. “£40m for being the number 2 driver?…..”

  27. “…and this is Plan D – pit for the wrong tires.
    …and this is Plan E – don’t pit for tires even though that’s the right thing to do

    Don’t worry, you’ll see a common theme here”

  28. Swipe right if you like the strategy, left if you don’t

  29. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    3rd February 2024, 15:47

    Hey Carlos, how do you say “hammer time” in Italian?

    No clue, let’s check with Google. That’s funny, it says “Haamer Taaim”.

  30. Let’s just register my fingerprint now, Carlos, because I think you’ll find that’s my phone.

  31. Sainz: “And this is a fun game. It’s called ’Two Roosters in the Henhouse’…”

  32. No, they did not misspell Sainz. Scroll up a bit, it says “Hamilton signs for Ferrari”.

  33. AllTheCoolNamesWereTaken
    3rd February 2024, 19:10

    “This is really strange, Lewis. Whenever I try to look at my contract status for 2025, it just says, ‘We are checking.'”

    1. AllTheCoolNamesWereTaken
      3rd February 2024, 23:57

      I just thought of a better one:

      “This can’t be good. I asked the app how you say, ‘Get in there, Lewis!’ in Italian, and it just says, ‘We are checking …'”

  34. “You will find that app for making live strategy calls very useful. It was a life saver for me at Ferrari.”

  35. ‘It says here Lewis you’ve been able to fulfil a childhood dream…what’s that then?…’

  36. And this is the Ferrari Magic 8 Ball Strategy app

  37. “I have never liked Grand Theft Auto. I mean how can you steal someone’s car away just like that?”

  38. “It’s very kind of you to show me how to upload my CV so thousands of recruiters can see it, but I still don’t see why it’s necessary”

  39. See Carlos, I am working on a full line of clothes in red. Wearing that colour had always been my dream.

  40. Hey Lewis, this is the official Ferrari Simulator you’ll be using this one.

  41. “I look forward to see a crying Ferrari again next year Lewis”

  42. Richard Mille’s number? Yeah, sure. I’ve got it in my contacts. Gimme a sec.

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