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First pictures: Williams presents its new livery for the 2024 F1 season

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Williams have officially revealed their new livery, with which it will compete in this year’s Formula 1 world championship.

The team unveiled their fourth car under the ownership of Dorilton Capital and their first car constructed under the leadership of team principal James Vowles in a launch event in New York City, streamed online.

The FW46 features a predominantly blue livery, similar to its two previous predecessors. However, Williams say the new car will run in an new shade of blue called ‘new era Williams’.

The car features a red and white pinstripe detail, which the team say reflects their British heritage. Williams also announced a new major sponsor in Japanese construction equipment company Komatsu, which will appear on the car’s sidepods. Komatsu are a returning sponsor to the team, following their sponsorship of Williams in the eighties and nineties.

Drivers Alexander Albon and Logan Sargeant will return to race for the team in 2024. The pair secured seventh place in the constructors’ championship last year – the team’s best finish since 2017.

Vowles said he believes the team are building on the momentum from last season as their look to move further up the grid in the future.

“Since joining Williams Racing a year ago, I’ve seen this team pull together to overcome a number of challenges and claim seventh in the constructors’ championship, which meant a great deal for everyone involved,” Vowles said. “We’ve also shown the world that we’re building the foundations for moving forward.

“Of course, there’s still a long way to go on this journey together but I know our fans, partners and everyone at Grove is pushing as one to create new history for this iconic team. It will take time, but everyone’s support is integral to help drive us towards success in the years to come. I’m looking forward to seeing what this season holds for us.”

Pictures: 2024 Williams F1 launch

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13 comments on “First pictures: Williams presents its new livery for the 2024 F1 season”

  1. I don’t think that blue background helps with viewing a blue car.

  2. Komatsu, MyProtein and Duracell. A curious list of sponsors, given how the first very much seems like a B2B enterprise and the latter is so well known it’s a bit surprising they feel the need to advertiser in this sphere at all. And it’s a short one too; the guaranteed payout from Liberty is seemingly so big that this is apparently feasible even for an uncompetitive team. No wonder they are so against new teams!

    In the long run this will obviously make them very much dependent on FOM, which we’re perhaps already seeing the signs of.

    1. FOM basically decided to change the business model. It used to be get F1 on free to air TV at popular circuits with a big crowd to get as many eyeballs as possible, so teams can make their money from sponsorship. Now it’s get paid as much for the TV and hosting rights, and share that money with the teams, with any sponsorship being a bonus.

  3. A lot of black in the livery, is this a sign they’re not at the weight limit yet. Is that the metric we can judge whether cars are under the weight limit this year is how much paint they can afford to add to the car.

  4. Generous of the Haas team principal to sponsor it, and the black and blue’s attractive, like the IMSA Acura.

  5. Looks like a Prost Acer from the early 2000s.

  6. so all the reveals are 3d renders ? whats the point.

  7. So its only a new livery ,not a new car?

  8. I like the colour scheme, but MyProtein splashed on the front of the car? I can hear the teenage sniggering already.

  9. Williams haven’t really had a decent livery since their awesome Martini cars when Bottas was driving for them.

    Nice shades of blue though.

  10. A decently cool livery & I especially like that the dark or dark blue shade is ever darker than in the recent past.
    The driving suits look similar to those in 2006-11, which brings a somewhat retro-feeling.

  11. Would be nice if they gave a few high angle shots, I have no idea what this will look like on the track.

  12. This isn’t particularly good. I just don’t think the matte paint works with this livery. It leaves the blue looking very dull and lifeless. It was much better in 2022 with the more vibrant gloss paint.

    Also, nice to see Williams with more sponsors, but it has made the livery worse as a result. I feel like I’m being generous with a 5/10.

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