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Former Red Bull Junior Team member Jak Crawford has joined Aston Martin’s driver development programme.

Crawford, who will spend a second season in Formula 2 this year, had been backed by Red Bull since 2020. He finished his rookie F2 campaign in 13th place, taking a single victory in the partially-reversed grid sprint race at the Red Bull Ring.

Aston Martin will give him the opportunity to drive its two-year-old Formula 1 car, the AMR22, later this year.

“I’m thrilled to get the chance to drive the AMR22 car later this year,” said Crawford. “It is a big motivator for me to work hard and make the most of this great opportunity.”

Crawford will also take part in simulator sessions for the team and attend grand prix with them. “I cannot wait to start working with everyone,” he said, “especially on the simulator where I can make a contribution to the team’s performance on race weekends.”

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack said Crawford “has shown great potential throughout his junior career and we look forward to supporting his learning and development as he steps into the AMR22 for the first time.”

Felipe Drugovich, the 2022 F2 champion, will also remain part of Aston Martin’s driver roster this year. He made two appearances in first practice sessions for the team during last season.

“Felipe is an F2 champion, he’s a great value of our team,” said Krack. “He was here last week on the simulator, actually, so, his contribution is very valuable.

“In addition to that, he will be one of our reserve drivers, especially at the beginning of the year, he will be at a lot of races and supporting us with his observations, with what he has learned on the simulator and I think we can only gain from Felipe’s contribution.”

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