Haas VF24, Silverstone 2024

Haas debut VF-24 in Silverstone shakedown

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In the round-up: Haas has run their new VF-24 car for the first time at Silverstone.

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Haas debut VF-24 in Silverstone shakedown

Haas became the fifth Formula 1 team to run their 2024 car for the first time at the Silverstone circuit during a pre-season filming day.

Nico Hulkenberg took the new VF-24 for its first laps at the British track ahead of next week’s sole pre-season test in Bahrain, with Kevin Magnussen set to run in an upcoming second shakedown day.

The team also announced that Magnussen and Hulkenberg will share driving duties across each of the three days of the test, with Magnussen running in the morning on the first and third day and the evening on the second, while Hulkenberg will run in the evenings on days one and three and the morning on day two.

Mekies and Bayer ‘dual-leaders’ of RB

New RB team principal Laurent Mekies says that he and the team’s CEO Peter Bayer will effectively act as co-leaders of Red Bull’s second team.

Speaking after RB’s first filming day running at the Misano circuit in Italy, Mekies said that he and Bayer would split duties between them.

“We have a very unique set-up for the management team, here at RB,” Mekies said. “Peter and I are operating hand-in-hand as a dual leadership.

“Each of us has his own area of responsibility. Peter is looking after all the business side of the company – the commercial, the marketing, the communications – and I’m looking after the sporting side, the technical side and the production side of the team.”

Sato to race Indy 500 with RLL

Takuma Sato will compete in this season’s Indianapolis 500 with Rahal Letterman Lanigan in a fourth car entered by the team.

Sato, a two-times winner of the famous race, took the last Indy 500 victory for RLL in 2020. He will attempt to qualify the number 75 entry in May for the 15th time in his career.

“My journey with RLL spans over a decade marked by shared successes and rejoining the team fills me with immense excitement,” Sato said. “Here’s to reconnecting with familiar faces and forging new alliances. I just can’t wait to get to work.”

Honda reopens historic museum

Honda have announced they will reopen their Collection Hall historic museum at the Motegi circuit in Japan following an extensive renovation of the site.

Featuring three floors and four separate exhibition rooms, the museum covers the founding of the company and features road cars, race cars, racing bikes and other models from over 75 years. The museum features many artifacts from their Formula 1 activities over the years.

The Collection Hall has been closed since July of last year for renovations. It will formally reopen for visitors on March 1st.

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Comment of the day

With McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri expressing hope that they might be able to beat Red Bull at times in 2024, Red Andy guesses where it’s most likely to occur…

McLaren may well find Red Bull to be beatable at certain times – mostly free practice sessions.
Red Andy

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Plutoniumhunter, Haggle and Colin Forsyth!

On this day in motorsport

  • 40 years ago today Ferrari launched its new, Harvey Postlethwaite-designed 126C4 which Michele Alboreto and Rene Arnoux drove

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  1. You look at Ferrari, you look at Red Bull, then look at the Haas… They’ve got the curves in all the wrong places!

    Visa Cash App RB (lol) sounds just like McLaren then in terms of structure, CEO doing the commercial, the marketing, the communications… Don’t get what’s so unique about it (other than being a subsidiary of another team even talked about at their launch, but that’s another story…)

  2. I struggle to find anything wrong with the RB4.

    1. According to wiki, they scored 29 points that year…

    2. It’s listed as an RB1

  3. Although it’s unlikely I’ll ever visit, it’s good to hear the Honda collection will soon be open to the public again. These musea are great places for enthusiasts and, for many, the only chance to ever get a closer look at some iconic machines.

    1. “for many, the only chance to ever get a closer look at some iconic machines”

      That is very true. Many years ago, when F1 had less coverage than it does these days, I went to a county show where Williams sponsored a corner of the exhibition and had a couple of their F1 cars there. Being able to stand right next to it and see just how low the driver would be lying in the car, being able to look underneath it and see how close it ran to the ground was something you’d never get from TV or even from the stands. These days I expect the cars would be fenced off to stop people nicking the steering wheel etc, but still, seeing these things close up is a great way to get peopel interested in them, and to get them watching TV (which is a necessity for F1 to survive).

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