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Bearman testing for Ferrari at Fiorano while Sainz targets Melbourne return

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Oliver Bearman is testing for Ferrari at Fiorano today following his surprise debut for the team in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The 18-year-old is driving an F1-75 chassis, raced by the team two years ago, at Ferrari’s Fiorano test circuit.

Ferrari is yet to confirm who will partner Charles Leclerc in next week’s race at Melbourne in Australia. Bearman was drafted in last week as a replacement for Carlos Sainz Jnr who was diagnosed with appendicitis and taken to hospital.

Sainz successfully underwent surgery last Friday and returned to the Formula 1 paddock the following day. He intends to resume driving at the first opportunity.

“Everyone did an amazing job to get me back in decent form again, I’m feeling a lot better,” he said on social media. “Obviously now my focus is on recovering and trying to be ready, as you can imagine, for the next race. It will not be easy, it will be tight, but I think I can hopefully make it.”

Speaking after last week’s race Bearman said he hoped Sainz would be back in the car in time for the next round. “It’s his car, and I feel like I shouldn’t be in his car, I should give it back to him so he can have another turn,” he said.

Ferrari confirmed Bearman, who finished seventh in Saturday’s race, is taking part in their “previous car testing programme.” Teams are permitted to conduct these tests using cars which are at least two years old and have not been modified.

McLaren is also running a two-old-car car, the MCL36, in a test at Imola today. The track, just 70 kilometres away from Fiorano, will host the seventh round of this year’s championship in May.

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9 comments on “Bearman testing for Ferrari at Fiorano while Sainz targets Melbourne return”

  1. Are we going to be getting constant articles about Bearman from now on?
    I mean – I am delighted that we have what appears to be a major new talent to enjoy, but I don’t want to be updated every time he breaks wind ok ;)

    1. It is relevant formula one content, Sainz may not be ready for the next round and his sub is testing in preparation. The article also discusses McLaren

      1. Problem with current F1. Other than Red Bill’s off track controversy, there is absolutely nothing interesting other than Bearman today.

  2. I wonder what kind of measures are in place to prevent cars being modified. FIA delegates? just paperwork sent from Ferrari to FIA? seems kind of hard to enforce

  3. Is the cost of testing previous car program under the budget cap?
    Hopefully we stop this nonsense and just allow more testing on the current car, it doesn’t need to be unlimited, just high enough for significant development and thrn let teams figure out how much they can test under the budget cap.

  4. What is the benefit of Piastri testing a 2-year-old McLaren?

    1. He hasn’t raced there yet in F1 – possibly in anything.

      1. Okay, makes sense. Thanks, @bullfrog.

  5. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Sainz rested some more and let the youngster drive in Oz as well.

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