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Rate the race: 2024 Chinese Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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48 comments on “Rate the race: 2024 Chinese Grand Prix”

  1. A rather exciting return race.

    1. I thought it was a pretty good race too. A 6.75/10. Making it by far the best race of the season.

      1. I’ll add, I think it would have been a ton more exciting without the SC. Leclerc, Norris and Perez would have been glued together. After them, you would have seen Russell, Sainz and a non-damaged Piastri trying to catch for 5th. And finally, you may have seen Stroll, Hulk and Ricciardo battling for 9th and 10th.

  2. Am I the only one that felt this commentary duo of Crofty-Rosberg is the most annoying ever? Made the race even less enjoyable, had to mute it. A quick search through twitter shows a lot of people loves Nico’s commentary but I just can’t stand it.

    As a result, a 4 for me.

    1. Get F1TV. Costs less and Palmer / what’s his face are solid. I find Croft unbearable, but always thought Rosberg added a lot with engineering and car setting insights and he tells it like it is a lot instead of always just giving undeserved excuses or hypes for Sky’s favorites.

      1. I assume that’s what’s on f1’s youtube?
        this constant screaming is beyond unbearable

        1. It’s not on YouTube. It’s an app. It allows you to view onboard from any driver, choose multiple broadcast feeds in case you don’t like Sky crew or F1 TV crew, it gives you live track maps, sector times, etc. It also has all the old F1 races going back to 2003 and after that some seasons have more and some have less.

      2. I stream it, I don’t get to chose. Rosberg has the knowledge but he’s just so full of himself…

        1. I actually like rosberg as a commentator, indeed he knows his stuff, and I couldn’t find any info on brundle leaving.

      3. F1TV used to be better but they’ve since turned their lead commentator into a poor Croft imitation.

    2. I don’t think Nico was the problem, I thought he was pretty good. Nico was actually Croft out on his stupid comments instead of going along with it like a sheep, and Croft wasn’t smart enough to realise he was wrong and kept pushing his stupid point of view i.e. that Alonso was doing a great job coming back through the field, when Nico’s point was that Aston made a stupid decision putting him softs in the first place.

    3. I don’t watch Sky only the occasional Youtube Highlights but I read here in the comments pretty much universal loa thing of Mr. Croft, how does the guy stay there

    4. I thought Rosberg’s modern driver insights to be very interesting. He said things you don’t often consider or hear about; though he can be a little defensive and difficult to talk to I find. He seems more genuine and authentic than Crofty who I think has run his course commentating on F1.

      1. When he talks technical stuff yeah, when he comments on the race it’s always over the top. And always self referential.

        1. Examples: he said Perez had to be patient passing someone but then said he couldn’t be patient.

          Then comparing someone with Sainz Leclerc clash, he said they weren’t comparable moves. When asked how by Crofty said he wasn’t sure, he needed to see it again.

          It’s not necessary to always say something!

          1. Yeah he ballsed up on that call on Sainz-Leclerc clash, I think Crofty was a bit miffed haha

    5. ESPN+ only had the sprint race broadcast in Spanish so I watched that. I might go with the Spanish broadcast more often even thought I don’t understand any Spanish.

  3. Ironically, an SC ruined the race. Why so many laps under SC?Ridiculous. I posted a prediction that would have been very accurate had it not been for the incidents:

    1. Max
    2. Leclerc (likely could have been if not for the SC negating SF’s tire life)
    3. Perez
    4. Sainz
    5. Norris
    6. Piastri
    7. Alonso (should have been 5th)
    8. Russell
    9. Stroll
    10. Hulk or Ham

    Alonso was desperately unlucky for that SC to have come out when it did since he had gone to his set of hards for the middle stint. There’s no way IMO Piastri, Sainz or Russell are finishing ahead of it doesn’t. I would have been pretty dead on if Stroll had a brain.

    Absolutely ridiculous penalty for Sargeant.

    Max flawless. Ricciardo unlucky not have a chance at points. Hulk great race.

    1. edit: Piastri didn’t, but may have if we was better and didn’t have floor damage*

    2. Bit crazy thinking LN would be 5th. He had the Ferrari’s on pace today and had the advantage before the SC.

      1. That’s pure hindsight talking and it’s not what it looked like at all during the sprint race where his pace and tire degradation was poor. And it’s touch and go whether he finishes 2nd if not for the SC.

    3. that would have been very accurate had it not been for the incidents

      It is, of course, difficult/impossible to factor incidents into a prediction, but they are nonetheless a part of the event. Equally it is difficult to be sure of the outcome without the incidents as you cannot be certain what other strategy gambles may have been effected.

      Perhaps just be satisfied with some semblance of ‘correctness’ rather than congratulating yourself on nailing the result in an alternate reality.

  4. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    21st April 2024, 9:57

    Awful show of why this era car is trash – tyres awful, car regulations rubbish, stewarding confusing and no real battle with significant gaps between the fields. Defensive driving is gone because of DRS, just not exciting at all. They went the wrong way with the regulations and should have punished Red Bull worse than they did.

    1. DRS is truly terrible, there is no art to defensive driving any more, agreed. I just rewatched Imola 2005 and MSC would have passed Alonso in three corners if they’d had DRS back then.

      1. There’s also imola 2006, which has the reversed situation.

  5. A thoroughly enjoyable race! Some great drives (and some terrible ones) throughout the field. Incredible save by Fernando. Showed Carlos how it’s done! Fantastic drive by Norris. I really hope he can challenge for a win at some point this season. Gave it an 8. The sprint in no way diminished the GP as no one seemed confident on their strategies especially once the VSC and SC disrupted things. Such a shame that AM put Fernando on the softs but provided a bit of entertainment at the end, even if it meant they didn’t achieve their potential best result.

    1. Well, when they did, they only had mediums left and didn’t expect so many unnecessary laps under both SCs. Instead of nearly half the race being left when they got restarted, there was only like a 1/3rd of the race left. Absolutely demolished his race. Norris and Alonso were the biggest overachievers of the day.

  6. Even if life gives you lot of bad news you can be certain that F1 never disappoints. Max win. There will be no bad surprises.

    1. Well, they just DQ’ed him! He was a half-pound under weight. I knew something didn’t look right when he won easily.

      1. Oh dear.

      2. You wish.

        1. I don’t wish. lol

  7. 6/10. Decent battles, namely from Magnusson for lower places.

    DRS overtaking is still an issue. If Max wasn’t in it, this year would be so much better. They also need to change these ultra degrading tyres, just let them push on them!

    1. I assume red bull would still field 2 cars, so it’s important to point out: verstappen’s replacement would have to be perez quality, if you put a copy of alonso in that seat you still get domination.

  8. Did not liked it, except for some second field racing.
    The biggest problem is that race operations took too much time retiring the damaged cars and debris. Give it a 5 at most.

  9. If there was ever a perfect example of how DRS kills proper racing/overtaking it was the couple of examples we saw today where 2 cars were pretty much side by side at the activation point only for the car with DRS to then easily breeze past as soon as he activated his DRS.

    Without the Dumb Racing System horrible artificial gimmick we woudl have seen a few good side by side fights into the braking zone while we instead saw boringly easy push of a button highway passes.

  10. Mostly entertaining due to the issues rather than the racing, but still not a total waste of time.
    I’ll go with a 7.

  11. 4/10 as I just didn’t get into it at all.

    Max’s dominance doesn’t bother me as dominance never has. But there’s just no truly competitive racing behind him and most of the passing is down to the DRS or a big tyre delta which makes things too easy and just not as fun to watch.

    I enjoy watching competitive & genuine racing and overtaking between 2 cars that are in a genuine fight for position and on the same strategy as thats when you get the great scraps with drivers having to work for overtakes due to the broadly similar pace between them and we just don’t really see any of that now as the ‘racing’ is mostly created by gimmicks or tyres that are artificially designed to act a certain way.

    It just all feels so contrived & unsatisfying now.

  12. Someone needs to talk to Bottas about parking his car. This is far from the first time his clumsy antics have resulted in race strategies being ruined by a safety car. Contrast with how Hamilton parked his car in Australia, that’s how it’s done.

    The Stroll and Magnussen battle was fun. The rest not so much. These cars are just no good.

    1. I agree – though circuits could also do more to create ‘hiding places’ where cars can be more safely stashed.

      They could also do with a few basic jacks / trolleys that can be used to lift the back wheels of cars a little before dragging them out of the way.

    2. The Stroll and Magnussen battle was fun. The rest not so much. These cars are just no good.

      Exactly my thoughts.
      Not looking any better for 2026 and beyond, either, with the way the technical regs are shaping up.

      As for this particular GP – it was better than expected, but still only worth a 5.
      It’s a good race track – but, geez, these cars…. They are just no fun to watch.

  13. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    21st April 2024, 12:01

    First race of the season I’ve actually watched, 8am on a Sunday is ideal for me.

    It was alright, P1 was never in doubt obviously but there was some interest behind. The safety car(s) did ruin it a bit through. I feel like this would be deemed a poor race if it had happened in a year that wasn’t 2023 or 2024, but this is what we’ve got at the moment.

  14. Usual boring RBR car dominance weekend.

  15. 2 tedious.

  16. Gave it 6 for some battles between the B tier cars, but probably too generous.

    As a general look at the ratings though, it seems people liked it as much if not more than the sprint.

  17. 7/10. Was a good race but for me the two safetycars made it worse. Alonso at the end some good passing, but still dropped from 3rd to 7th. Only kept Piastri from the top 9 (we don’t count Lance anymore, do we?) behind as Hamilton took himself out for a high position in Qualifying.

    I don’t like to say it, and know it is not possible within the rules, but after this race I really would like to see Kevin, Logan and Lance take just one whole weekend off and put some talent in those seats. Not just FP1 but a whole weekend. Take from the ones who have already shown some good skills in their FP1 appearances: Bearman, Lawson, Drugovich, or maybe a Doohan or O’Ward? Too early for young Kimi.

  18. Interesting interpretations. I somewhat enjoyed the race but still did not feel comfortable awarding anything over a 5. Essentially then, a middling race. I note others that awarded a 5 but didn’t really enjoy it.

    Not suggesting that others are wrong in their interpretation (maybe I should have voted higher), but I would only be vaguely leaning towards a dislike at 4, with 3 being clearly poor, 2 being bad, and 1 – as per the guidance – terrible.

    I guess that does make the ‘positive’ end of the scale more nuanced though, where I operate along the lines of; a bit above average, good, very good, excellent, and ‘a rare gem of a race’ (or ‘perfect’ as the guidance states).

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