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F1 Commission defers decision on points change and approves new rear cameras

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The FIA’s F1 Commission has delayed its decision on whether to change the world championship’s scoring system.

It will decide whether to approve a proposal to award points to the top 12 finishers instead of just the top 10 in July.

The commission, made up of the FIA, Formula One Management – the sport’s commercial rights holders – and representatives of the 10 teams, regularly meets to propose changes to the sport’s regulations, calendar and other matters.

Following reports that FOM were eager to extend the current points paying positions from tenth place down to 12th to offer more opportunities for teams lower down the field to score points on a more frequent basis, the commission has agreed to discuss the proposal during the next F1 Commission meeting in July so further analysis can be done. If agreed, the points system could be changed as early as the start of the next season.

Commission members also agreed that a new type of rearward-facing camera will be installed on or within the crash structures at the back of all cars, starting from the Spanish Grand Prix in June. The new cameras are being added to give an additional angle for television coverage.

This proposal must first be approved by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council, which will next meet on June 11th in Stockholm in Sweden as part of the governing body’s annual conference.

The commission also discussed a possible change of venue for next year’s pre-season testing days. Next year’s championship will begin in Australia instead of Bahrain, which has prompted some calls for the venue for testing to be changed.

For the last two seasons, a single three-day test has been held at the Bahrain International Circuit prior to the season-opening round in Bahrain. An additional test was held in Barcelona in 2022, the first season of Formula 1’s ground effect regulations being introduced.

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19 comments on “F1 Commission defers decision on points change and approves new rear cameras”

  1. Wonder what this rear view additional angle will offer

    1. Wonder what this rear view additional angle will offer

      An up close and personal look into Lance Stroll’s cockpit.

    2. A giant caption that works most of the time, telling you whose car it is.

  2. With next season commencing in Melbourne, having pre-season testing in Montmelo would be more fitting, especially as Bahrain couldn’t host it in March because of Ramadan.

  3. would this be the first time tht more than half the cars that start would earn points if this was to happen?

    except USA 2005 of course

    1. Possibly, considering the amount of cars per season on average over the championship’s history.

    2. @napierrailton some might consider that the 1958 Argentine Grand Prix counts – there were technically ten starters, but Peter Collins broke a halfshaft on the grid and retired immediately from the race, meaning there were effectively only nine starters.

      1. USA and Brazil 2014 only had 18 starters (no manor or caterham) but 10 drivers got points

  4. They were trailing the ‘new’ rear facing camera last year.

    Here it is on Alonso’s car at Suzuka.

    It’s angle that was used in the late 80s/Early 90s. Basically the same angle that we see a lot when they show Senna coming out of the spray hitting Brundle during the 1989 Australian GP.

    1. It does annoy me that they can’t seem to sync the audio and video properly on the onboards!! Especially on a live feed.

  5. I initially thought – reading the article title – that the rear facing camera was going to be displayed in the cokpit for driver’s use.

    1. Replacing the wing mirrors with cameras, sensors, monitors and alerts could be a good way to go. They’re always talking about how difficult it is to see someone beside you because of the mirrors. It’s certainly worth evaluating, imho.

  6. It will decide whether to approve a proposal to award points to the top 12 finishers instead of just the top 10 in July.

    Points should be awarded to the top 19 drivers who complete the race.

    1. For me, points to every driver who finishes the race. 1 point for 20th, through 10 for 11th, then add 10 points to every other position.

      1. Zero for the 20th. Otherwise great.

        1. I agree. I don’t see the necessity for issuing points to the person who finishes last (assuming all 20 cars finish), but everyone else should be issued points. To me, not issuing points below 10th place is just a relic of the ancient past. Teams get paid in part by their performance, so every place should need to be fought over.

  7. I recon every car/driver that finishes a race except the last one should get points, as they have beaten someone on track. The higher up the order the higher the points haul.

    1. That would encourage them to race even for the second last spot.

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