Race start, Miami International Autodrome, 2023

How to watch the 2024 Miami Grand Prix

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Formula 1 returns to the Miami International Autodrome this weekend for the sixth round of the championship and the second sprint event.

This weekend the championship will be joined by F1 Academy, which holds its second round in Miami.

Here’s how to watch the 2024 Miami Grand Prix live in the UK and USA:

2024 Miami Grand Prix: Friday 3 May – Sunday 5 May 2024


DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
FridayMiami Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F117:3018:30
FridayMiami Grand Prix sprint race qualifying liveSky Sports F121:3022:30
SaturdayMiami Grand Prix sprint race qualifying highlightsChannel 401:00
SaturdayF1 Academy race one liveSky Sports F114:05
SaturdayMiami Grand Prix sprint race liveSky Sports F117:0018:00
SaturdayMiami Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F121:00
SundayMiami Grand Prix qualifying highlightsChannel 401:15
SundayF1 Academy race two liveSky Sports F113:05
SundayMiami Grand Prix liveSky Sports F121:00
MondayMiami Grand Prix highlightsChannel 401:30

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
FridayMiami Grand Prix first practice liveESPN212:3013:30
FridayMiami Grand Prix sprint race qualifying liveESPN216:30
SaturdayMiami Grand Prix sprint race liveESPN12:00
SaturdayMiami Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN16:00
SundayMiami Grand Prix liveESPN+16:00

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2024 Miami Grand Prix

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14 comments on “How to watch the 2024 Miami Grand Prix”

  1. The Miami GP is lucky that it’s a Bank Holiday in the UK next Monday, otherwise I wouldn’t be staying up to watch what is likely to be a snooze-fest.

    1. Staying up? It’s a 9pm start – how boring are your bank holiday weekends that 9-11pm constitutes as a late night?

  2. While having the Miami GP finally start on the hour like all other races rather than half past is a good thing, this change should be for earlier rather than later.
    I simply can’t understand 16:00 as the local race start time, given that 14:00 is the equivalent for the other daylight North American races (ironically, at least some IndyCar races, including the same-state one, start even earlier than 14:00 local, as do many NHL games despite being primarily intended for viewers in NA rather than Europe, let alone global), especially the Canadian GP as Montreal & Miami are both in Eastern Time, meaning 14:00 should be equally okay for Miami.
    However, I don’t mind about not having 14:00 specifically, but not having 15:00, i.e., the local start time for majority races, is even more unjustifiable, so the reluctance to have that, at the very least, is baffling.
    With 14:00, the respective start times in European & continental US time zones would be the same as for the Canadian GP, & with 15:00, they’d wholly match the US GP equivalents (as well as Mexico City GP for Europe), so the latter option definitely should be okay at the very least.
    Hopefully, someday, or if FOM/FIA never bother changing to even 15:00 as the race start time, perhaps switching to Las Vegas GP-style floodlit racing on late Saturday evening wouldn’t be such a bad idea, after all, despite generally making little sense.
    Not that I can’t live with 16:00 local, especially as I don’t even need to wake up early on Monday, but I still prefer either two or at least an hour.

    1. That’s what Ctl F followed by Shift-DEL is for

      1. I don’t quite get what you imply, but okay.

  3. Ahh another weekend with the sprint abomination.

    Won’t be watching anything at all then. Vote with your eyeballs – don’t watch, don’t even look at highlights. It’s the only way they’ll stop having them.

  4. I have made this point before but the timing of the C4 highlights programme in the U.K. is ridiculous. C4 should get their fingers out and start editing as soon as the race finishes. They could have it on screen by 11.45/12.00. Their timing in effect means you have to watch it the next day.

    1. @phil-f1-21 – I believe that there is a certain period of time after the end of the race that they need to leave before showing the highlights?

      1. I read on a broadcasting forum somewhere, the contract between Sky and C4 means Sky must show their highlights first – hence the rather slapdash nature of Sky’s programme, where certain elements (race programme title, drivers & constructors championship tables) are present for one programme, but not the next…

    2. isthatglock21
      29th April 2024, 16:02

      It’s due to tv rights & contracts, same reason why Match of the Day is often shown so late after 22:30 when it could be weekend primetime 8-9pm. Classic Sky.

      1. Fair comments re the rules that C4 have to abide by. Not acceptable for the viewer though really. It’s a good job that next Monday is a holiday here.

  5. The main US broadcast for Sunday’s Miami GP is on ABC, not just web-based ESPN+.

  6. Tom’s not putting it on now. Nor on Sunday.

  7. American races north or south don’t gel with my timezone so I watch the replay or recording Monday evening. Actually watch a fair bit of F1 on replay these days, European races start around 1030 – 11pm so watch about the first 10-20 laps then the rest the next evening. Still love it but don’t sacrifice sleep anymore….

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