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Norris will ‘keep putting myself down’ despite achieving first win

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In the round-up: Lando Norris says he will continue ‘talking down at myself’ despite winning his first grand prix

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Norris to ‘keep putting myself down’

Miami Grand Prix winner Lando Norris says he won’t change his mental approach to racing despite finally breaking his long wait for his first F1 victory.

The McLaren driver has been known to make very negative comments about himself and his performances, but he insists he will not change despite his victory.

“Everyone has their own way of doing things, their own approach, their own way that they talk to themselves,” he said. “For me, it’s talking down at myself and kind of putting myself down because for me that’s what works and I’m fine with that.

I don’t need other people to be happy with it and for other people to agree with it. It’s what’s best for me and it’s what works best is what’s made me who I am and I think that’s uh my best way of going forward. So I’m going to have my days when the glass is full and I can be happy and I’m proud of myself. Everyone’s going to have those days and everyone should have those days. But in order to make myself the best man, the best driver, I have my way of doing things and I stick to that.”

Di Grassi slams “very poor” FE driving standards

After being hit out of the first Formula E race of the weekend in Berlin following contact from Dan Ticktum at the turn six hairpin, Lucas di Grassi says driving standards in the series are decreasing.

“The driving standards are very poor,” Di Grassi told told Total-Motorsport. “The race director doesn’t enforce many penalties so it’s getting worse and worse.

“If one guy does something to you which they think is borderline sporting and nothing happens, you are going to do it to others and it starts like this.”

Ferrari’s Camara wins FREC opener

Ferrari junior driver Rafael Camara led home Prema team mate James Wharton to win the first race of the Formula Regional European Championship season at Hockenheim.

Camara dominated the race, leading every lap from pole and taking the fastest lap to win by 1.2 seconds from Wharton.
Fellow Ferrari junior Tuukka Taponen completed the podium in third place.

The second race of the weekend will take place today.

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Comment of the day

With yet another stewarding controversy in Formula 1 prompted by Fernando Alonso’s recent comments to Spanish media, MichaelN looks at who has sat in the stewards’ chairs across 2024’s six rounds so far…

There are a bunch of ‘main’ stewards already who do many races in any given year and having one national steward is part of the tradition of F1. It’d be hard to ditch that now.

So far this year the main stewards have been:
– Nish Shetty (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, China, Miami)
– Vitantonio Liuzzi (Saudi Arabia, China, Miami) and
– Loïc Bacquelaine (Bahrain, China, Japan).

Then there are a bunch who have only done one race (so far):
– Derek Warwick (Bahrain)
– Matteo Perini (Saudi Arabia)
– Tim Mayer (Australia)
– Matteo Perini (Australia)
– Johnny Herbert (Australia)
– Garry Connelly (Japan)
– Enrique Bernoldi (Japan) and
– Andrew Mallalieu (Miami)

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Steven!

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5 comments on “Norris will ‘keep putting myself down’ despite achieving first win”

  1. KentHarwood
    12th May 2024, 4:05

    That Richard Petty/Jackie Stewart video is pure gold. Thanks so much for sharing that.

  2. COTD’s point & listing are good.

    Also, on this day in motorsport: The 2019 Spanish GP occurred on this day five years ago.

  3. I think it’s a Dan Ticktum problem rather than a general Formula E problem, Lucas.

    1. It’s the same problem that F1 has in so many areas, though. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to see where poor/inconsistent application of the rules leads.
      Driving standards are a direct result of stewarding consistency and authority. Apply the rules with flexibility, and the competitors will naturally approach the rules as being flexible.

      For example – what does ‘must drive alone and unaided’ mean these days? Not what it used to or was intended to, that’s for sure. Or, how about ‘the white line defines the edge of the circuit at all times’….

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  4. Use the force Lando.

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