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FIA and FOM draw line under tensions with “new strategic plan” for F1

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Formula 1’s commercial rights holder and governing body are seeking to put recent disagreements behind them as they collaborate on a new plan for the series.

The FIA and FOM are working on a new strategy for the future of the sport following discussions between the governing body’s president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

“The FIA Formula 1 world championship has never been so strong and is growing globally and the FIA and Formula 1 are committed to delivering the best outcomes for the whole sport,” said the governing body in a statement supplied to RaceFans.

“To that end, both parties are developing a new strategic plan that will allow us to seize the opportunities and further enhance the potential for F1 in the years ahead.”

The two key organisations in the administration of F1 have clashed over the past 18 months on a number of matters including comments made by Ben Sulayem, the number of teams allowed in the championship and other issues.

Ben Sulayem angered FOM in January last year by describing claims the F1 business was worth $20 billion (£16.16bn) as “inflated”. FOM wrote to the FIA in response calling his comments “unacceptable”.

At the same time the FIA invited applications from new teams wishing to enter F1. It approved one of the four bids, submitted by American racing team Andretti and backed by General Motors’ Cadillac brand, last October. But FOM insisted there was no need to expand the grid beyond the current 10 teams and claimed Andretti’s arrival would not add to the value of the series.

In December the FIA began, then quickly dropped, an investigation into an alleged conflict of interest involving an FOM employee and their spouse. The individuals involved were later identified as Formula 1 Academy CEO Susie Wolff and her husband, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff. The former later announced she has brought legal action against the FIA in France over its investigation.

The latter development occured after Ben Sulayem was investigated by the governing body’s ethics division over alleged interference on two occasions during last year’s world championship. He was cleared on both counts, including over a claim he attempted to block the approval of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit during F1’s showpiece new race weekend.

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14 comments on “FIA and FOM draw line under tensions with “new strategic plan” for F1”

  1. You shut up, I shut up, we both cash.

  2. Just get on with it already, you’re all acting like a bunch of children.

  3. Perhaps those are the reverse races.

  4. The FIA and FOM are working on a new strategy for the future of the sport following discussions between the governing body’s president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

    I wouldn’t trust either of those guys with a cardboard cut-out of a car.
    They want money …. why can’t everyone see what they want …. they want money.

    1. I think everyone can see what they want. And because a lot of people aboves us also want that, they go along with it.

      1. that seems pretty spot on there @fer-no65

    2. I think it’s fair and accurate to say that one of them is driven more by money than the other.
      After all, one is the boss of an industry organisation while the other is now a marketing man for an media investment company….

      Reply moderated
  5. Not on the same flag yet. Poles apart.

  6. 12 teams
    20 races
    Sprints banned
    V10 engines w/synthetic fuel
    Reduced aero
    Reduced tyre size
    1 shot qualifying

    1. @Mr a

      Agree with all of the above. I’d also add:

      Tyres that are actually suitable for racing, from a different manufacturer

      1. I clicked report on your comment and did not mean to, sorry!

        I would also add that having tyres that are durable and can be leant on for the whole duration of their stint is a must. There is still scope to have different mandated compounds within that ethos

  7. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    16th May 2024, 9:14

    12 teams should be a minimum, 14 would be better
    20 races is just about right, but I’d like to see races in Africa and Scandinavia.
    Sprints would be ok as a separate championship.
    Reduce aero SIGNIFICANTLY. Under car aero only with small trim tabs where the front and rear wings are now.
    I’d increase the tyre sizes! Big and WIDE. More mechanical grip is good for close racing.
    1 shot qualy for sprints only. Nothing wrong with current system, often better than the race.

  8. I agree with Biskit Boy, the current Qually is for me the best it’s ever been, as One Shot qually was such a pain in the neck, and a total lottery not based on performance as on pure luck and track evolution/temp etc.. At least now that when they’re through to Q3 they know they’re gonna get at least a top ten start, and if you’re so crap to be out in Q1, then that’s where you deserve to be – at the back.

    As for One Shot qually for Sprints, well, who knows what’ll happen of they choose it, but at least they’ll have some chance of moving up the field if they are not performing well, or having so much understeer that they don’t get a recorded time due to OOB’s laws.

    I’d like to see more teams competing too, so having twelve or fourteen pairs on the grid would definitely shake up the back markers. I reckon 22 races max would be about right with less emphasis on the sprints, they’re good to watch, but trying to keep their cars good for a real GP does put a bit of a strain on the mechanics and the budgets, either you go balls to the wall, or take it easy and have no chance at extra points. Maybe the Sprint points shouldn’t be a part of the championship run, but should be a different prize altogether (“should be a different prize” – Leslie Neilson/Airplane fame coming through).

    Still plenty of room to change F1 for the better !!!

  9. just get rid of the 12+ million power units. teams should be investing in mechanics who can service the motors, not going in to debt hoping they dont crack.

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