First F1 win “definitely not going to be a one-off” – Norris

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In the round-up: Lando Norris is certain more wins will follow his breakthrough Formula 1 victory last week.

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Norris expects more wins

After McLaren’s latest upgrade help propel him to his first F1 victory, Norris expects more to follow. “Things are improving,” he told ITV. “We still need to improve more before we can do this every weekend.

“It’s definitely not going to be a one-off, but it’s not something we can achieve every weekend.”

Norris has driven for McLaren since he made his debut in F1 five years ago. “I think it makes it definitely a lot sweeter that I’ve been with the same team,” he said of his breakthrough win. “It’s not like I’ve just jumped in and they’re a team that won straight away.

“We were struggling a lot the last few years. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. We’ve had some great moments, some bad ones. One year ago in Miami, we didn’t even make it into the second part of qualifying, we were that bad. But there’s been a lot of changes and a lot of hard work and to go from where we were last year to now standing on the top step it’s pretty insane.”

Newgarden “missing” strategist Cindric

Josef Newgarden admits he is missing his regular strategist Tim Cindric as he bids to repeat last year’s victory in the Indianapolis 500. His Penske team suspended Cindric among four other staff in the wake of the push-to-pass scandal earlier this year.

Jonathan Diuguid has been drafted in from Penske’s Porsche sports car programme to run Newgarden’s car. The driver said he missed having his regular strategist, who also had to sit out last week’s race on the Indianapolis Grand Prix circuit.

“I think a lot of it will be the same,” said Newgarden at yesterday’s test, “[but] it’s definitely different for me having a unique voice.

“I’m certainly missing Tim, I like having him in my ear, but we’ve got a great team here with the two car. A lot of it’s holistically the same. We’re going to go through the same process that we always do.”

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Dixon leads 23-minute test

Scott Dixon
Dixon led what little lapping took place at Indianapolis
The first day of testing for the Indianapolis 500 lasted just 23 minutes before rain brought a halt to proceedings. Scott Dixon set the fastest time in the brief window of running, while no driver completed more than 13 laps and a handful never left the pits.

Ferrari “clearly the fastest” at Spa

James Calado drew encouragement from the performance of Ferrari’s 499P hypercar at Spa-Francorchamps last weekend. The team set pole position but lost it when their car was found one kilogram underweight, and finished third in the race.

“We were clearly the fastest car,” said Calado in a video published by the team. “So going into Le Mans that’s obviously a positive thing.”

The team held first and second places during the long red flag stoppage, but fell to third and fourth after the race was restarted for its full intended duration, rather than the five minutes the team was expecting.

“It’s hard to put it into words, to be honest, because it was so positive, we showed great performance throughout the race and we were leading by 20 seconds with great tyre management,” said Calado. “It’s a great car to drive.”

Junior female racers selected for programme

More than Equal, a programme to promote young female racing talent, has announced its first members. They are Ivonn Simeonova of Austria, Katrina Thung of Malaysia, Kristyna Kalistova of the Czech Republic, Lana Flack of Australia, Laura Bubenovz of Slovakia and Skye Parker of the United Kingdom.

Formula 1 race winner David Coulthard, one of the founders of the programme, said the six “will now be part of a programme which has been designed with their age and their gender in mind, with specialist coaches supporting their journey and helping to maximise their potential.”

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Comment of the day

The World Endurance Championship’s decision to ensure the Six Hours of Spa was run to its full duration was widely welcomed, but has it also set a problematic precedent?

This could backfire massively. Imagine the 24 Hours of Le Mans turning out to be the 26 Hours of Le Mans because of a two-hour long red flag in the middle of the night. That’d put so much effort on every individual involved: marshals, stewards, drivers, mechanics…

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Jonny!

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Michael Schumacher won the first race after the death of Ayrton Senna today in 1994

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8 comments on “First F1 win “definitely not going to be a one-off” – Norris”

  1. Norris looks at least as good as leclerc, so indeed, unless mclaren falls back to their post-2013 ways and he doesn’t change team ever I don’t see it being a 1-off.

    1. Meant post-2012, since it’s when they stopped being a top team.

    2. Norris looks at least as good as leclerc,

      I think that he will have more of a problem with the other side of the garage than with Leclerc.

      1. Yeah well we‘re still sort of waiting for „the other side of the garage“ to really show that supposedly prodigious talent, aren‘t we?

        I think Piastri is definitely very good and probably one of the best rookies of the last years, but up until now he does not seem as strong as most people had made him out to be when he joined McLaren. Especially regarding race pace he still seems way behind.

  2. I also expect more wins in the medium & long term, but the first one will most likely remain a one-off for the time being, though.

  3. So yet another wrist injury due to the steering wheel. Lovinfosse, Bird… it happened so much over the last few years, the FIA has to call IndyCar so to ‘resolve’ this worrying matter.

  4. Jonathan Parkin
    15th May 2024, 17:32

    Technically the 6 hour Spa race didn’t run to its full duration. It was about 2 and a half minutes short. The winners race time is stated to be 5:57:31 not over 6 hours which is how it should be

    1. About the same as Daytona then…

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