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Formula 2 and Formula 3 to open 2025 seasons in Australia

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Formula 2 and Formula 3 will begin their next seasons alongside Formula 1 at the Australian Grand Prix.

The opening round of the world championship will move to Australia next year. Formula 2 and Formula 3, which began their seasons in Bahrain this year, will do the same in 2025.

The two series’ calendars are otherwise unchanged from this year. F2 will continue to hold 14 double-header rounds at the same venues as this year. It will finish on the same weekend as F1 in Abu Dhabi.

The F3 season will again consist of 10 double-header events. As this year it will not accompany F2 to the rounds in Jeddah, Baku, Losail and Yas Marina and its season will end three months before F2’s, in Monza.

F2 CEO Bruno Michel said the series has “the right balance between European rounds and fly-aways, across three continents, and keeping in mind the costs for our teams and drivers.

“It’s also a good mixture between old-school tracks and more modern layouts, which both have seen thrilling F2 races in recent years.”

2025 Formula 2 and Formula 3 calendars

Dates Venue Circuit Series
14-16th March Australia Albert Park Formula 2 Formula 3
11-13th April Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit Formula 2 Formula 3
18-20th April Saudi Arabia Jeddah Corniche Circuit Formula 2
16-18th May Italy Imola Formula 2 Formula 3
22nd-25th May Monaco Monaco Formula 2 Formula 3
30th May–1st June Spain Circuit de Catalunya Formula 2 Formula 3
27-29th June Austria Red Bull Ring Formula 2 Formula 3
4-6th July Great Britain Silverstone Formula 2 Formula 3
25-27th July Belgium Spa-Francorchamps Formula 2 Formula 3
1st- 03rd August Hungary Hungaroring Formula 2 Formula 3
5-7th September Italy Monza Formula 2 Formula 3
19th-21st September Azerbaijan Baku City Circuit Formula 2
28-30th November Qatar Losail International Circuit Formula 2
5-7th December United Arab Emirates Yas Marina Formula 2

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8 comments on “Formula 2 and Formula 3 to open 2025 seasons in Australia”

  1. Even though I adore both series since the GP2/3 days, the twice one-month gap at the beginning is a turn off and a tough start for rookies.
    Back in the days, seasons started in Spain on May and ended up in Monza on early September.

  2. I get that there are probably financial incentives for this, but two big gaps at the start, and then a full two month (!) wait from Baku to Qatar for the final two F2 races seems a bit jarring. It also leaves the top F2 finishers in a tough spot contract wise to have their season finish in what is almost mid-December.

    Also, “keeping in mind costs” and then bringing both F3 and F2 all the way to Australia seems a bit odd. Are the Australians funding this, or is FOM doing this for a big start to the season party?

    1. RandomMallard
      22nd May 2024, 19:23

      MichaelN Yes, the Aussie race promoters do fund the F2 and F3 visit.

      1. Random,
        Well that’s just a teensy weeny little bit misleading.
        According to the Victorian Govt budget papers the 2023 GP weekend needed to be propped up by $100.6 million of taxpayer funds.
        To give a bit of context the Victorian Govt. spent over the entire year $64.7 million on community sports (you know, where the stars of the future are born) and it’s infrastructure.

        The Aust GP Corp are also in a legal stoush over releasing how they calculate attendance.

        Now add F2 and F3.

        Wonder how many volunteer hours also go unaccounted for?

        1. Thanks for those figures. That’s quite a costly event. I suppose it’s one of the downsides of having it on what is essentially a street track.

  3. I don’t understand still travelling all the way to Melbourne instead of only competing in Europe & the Middle East, i.e., simply replacing Melbourne with Zandvoort.

    1. RandomMallard
      22nd May 2024, 19:14

      @jerejj I believe it is part of the Australian GP contract (to some degree). The Aus race promoters pay for the F2 and F3 logistics as well iirc.

  4. RandomMallard
    22nd May 2024, 19:22

    As others have mentioned above, the 2 month gap from Baku to Qatar for F2 is really not great. Admittedly, having 2 rounds at the end of the season is better than the almost 3 month gap between the last 2 rounds last season, bit still isn’t ideal and really kills some of the momentum when the championship should be reaching its climax. I personally would really love to see F2 at COTA, and it would do a great job of filling that gap in the schedule, but I can’t see it happening without more funding for logistics…

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