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Ferrari will be “the ones to beat” in Monaco – Perez

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In the round-up: Sergio Perez names Ferrari the favourites for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

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Ferrari will be “ones to beat” in Monaco – Perez

Despite his Red Bull team mate Max Verstappenwinning last weekend’s Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix ahead of McLaren’s Lando Norris, Sergio Perez expects that Ferrari will be favourites for victory in Monaco this weekend.

“I expect a very fast Ferrari,” Perez told the official F1 channel. “I think they will be the fastest. They’ll be the ones to beat.

“I think if we are able to get a perfect Q3, we can give them a run. Also McLaren will be very strong, and you never know all the other teams. I think it’s going to be very close in between a lot of cars. There will be some surprises with few other cars because Monaco’s characteristics are very different to anything else. Given how close the margins have been I think in qualifying you can have a couple of cars up there.

Martins tops wet F2 session

Alpine junior driver Victor Martins was the fastest driver in a very wet Thursday F2 practice session ahead of today’s qualifying.

The sole practice session of the weekend for Formula 2 drivers was run entirely in the wet following rain falling in the earlier F3 session. Martins’ best time of a 1’39.237 was six tenths of a second quicker than Dennis Hauger, while championship leader Zane Maloney was down in 17th. Imola sprint race winner Franco Colapinto crashed out of the session after finding the barriers at Rascasse.

F3 practice disrupted by crashes

Gabriele Mini – another Alpine junior – set the quickest time in the F3 practice session which was hit by rain and three separate red flag stoppages.

The Prema driver set the best time of a 1’27.400 in the early phase of the session before rain fell. Most of the field were denied a decent opportunity to complete meaningful dry running as the red flags came out three times for drivers in the barriers at Sainte Devote: Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak and Callum Voisin in the dry, before Sami Meguetounif slid into the wall as the rain began to fall.

The final 25 minutes of the session were run in damp conditions, preventing anyone from beating Mini’s early best. F3 qualifying will take place this morning ahead of Saturday’s sprint race.

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Porsche commit to Formula E’s ‘Gen4’

Porsche have become the latest manufacturer to sign up to the series into the introduction of its next-generation ‘Gen4’ car, currently scheduled for 2027.

“Right from the outset, we regarded our Formula E commitment as long-term,” said Porsche board member Michael Steiner. “The evolution of racing vehicles shows how much development potential there is in e-mobility.

“Going forward, we want to glean even more knowledge from Formula E that we can transfer to our roadgoing sports cars. As one of the most competitive series in motor racing, it’s already pushing us to achieve technological excellence. We look forward to continuing to shape the championship and contributing to the advancement of e-mobility.”

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Comment of the day

Could we someone produce a pole position surprise in Monaco?

Monaco pole position is always wide open. Brush the wall and you’re done, two drops of rain and the grid is reversed.

I’d say Charles Leclerc has his best chance this year, but the new ‘gentle with the tyres’ Ferrari chassis may hurt the one-lap pace.

Mercedes can finally put their ‘we have lots of downforce but no terminal speed’ theory to the test. In this case, I’d bet on Lewis Hamilton

Red Bull’s impressive traction will have their play too – watch some of the Imola onboards and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Russell even made a remark on the radio about it.

Any votes for Yuki Tsunoda? The Hulk? Yes, it’s Monaco after all…
Only Facts!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Driftin and Mallesh Magdum!

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5 comments on “Ferrari will be “the ones to beat” in Monaco – Perez”

  1. notagrumpyfan
    24th May 2024, 6:42

    Ferrari will be “the ones to beat” in Monaco

    And based on recent form he should include McLaren, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and even RB and Haas.

  2. I’d be unsurprised as Ferrari has tended to be better on the slow speed than high speed stuff this season, but anything’s possible with Monaco always being more of an outlier compared to many other circuits.

    Great helmet design, cool Duracell graphic, & an interesting front-end.

  3. The Valvoline helmet design – would’ve been the most memorable design in the grid if somebody used it.

  4. On one hand everyone has their hyper serious tributes and laughably “meaningful” (looking at Ferrari) special liveries. On the other here’s Williams leaning into the meme, love to see it.

  5. Maybe they could adjust qualifying in Monaco. F2 and F3 are running in groups. Stage qualy is already a norm. Split Q1 in odds and evens by championship standings. 5 fastest of 10 in each group goes to ‘fast 10’. losers run for 11 – 20 classification.
    Q1Odds, Q1Evens, Q11-20, QPole

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