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Verschoor takes maiden F2 pole by topping Monaco group qualifying

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Richard Verschoor secured his maiden F2 pole position by setting the quickest time in group qualifying in Monte Carlo ahead of Victor Martins.

The Trident topped the first group qualifying session with a time that was quicker than Martins’ best from the second group to take the most important pole of the season for Sunday’s feature race.

Isack Hadjar will start from third on the grid, with Paul Aron well ahead of championship rival Zane Maloney in fourth.

After rain threatened to fall at the end of the first Formula 1 practice session, drivers were relieved to find clear skies for qualifying after a wet Thursday practice. As with the earlier F3 qualifying, the field of 22 cars were split into two groups of 11 drivers, with all even-numbered drivers in the first group and all odd-numbered drivers following in the second group.

The first group was made up of several contenders including Red Bull junior Isack Hadjar, Mercedes prospect Andrea Kimi Antonelli and McLaren’s Gabriel Bortoleto. After the early runs in the opening group, Zak O’Sullivan sat atop the order, a tenth of a second ahead of Richard Verschoor with Hadjar in third.

In the closing minutes, Verschoor improved to take provisional fastest time with a 1’21.283, a tenth faster than Hadjar. Antonelli was improving on his personal best lap, but appeared to be held up by Juan Manuel Correa into the harbour chicane. Antonelli managed to get a clean final lap in, but he could manage only fourth with his final time. At the end of the session, Verschoor was on provisional pole, with Hadjar set to start no lower than fourth. Franco Colapinto was third, with Antonelli and Bortoleto next.

The second and final group included the two championship leaders, Sauber junior Zane Maloney and Paul Aron, as well as Ferrari academy driver Oliver Bearmanand MP driver Dennis Hauger. The drivers in the second group focused on building up their speeds gradually over several laps.

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Before any of the 11 drivers had set a representative time, Rafael Villagomez made an error at the start of his first push lap into Sainte Devote and clattered the wall, causing the session to be red flagged. After the session resumed with just under ten minutes remaining, Roman Stanek set the fastest time with a 1’21.466, almost three tenths quicker than Victor Martins, with Bearman third.

In the final minutes, Stanek looked to improve on his own best time but appeared to strike the wall, which forced him to abandon his run. Martins improved on his last lap to take the top spot by less than half a tenth, but it would not be enough for him to deny Verschoor pole position.

With the first group having been quickest of all, Verschoor will therefore take pole position for Sunday’s feature race, with Martins alongside him on the front row. The first group will line up on the outside line on the grid in order, while the second group will line up in order on the inside.

Behind Verschoor and Martins will be Hadjar in third, with Aron in fourth and Colapinto in fifth. Stanek took sixth, but the stewards announced that he would be investigated at the end of qualifying for appearing to impede Hauger as the MP driver completed one of his push laps.

Antonelli will start seventh, with Hauger in eighth and Bortoleto in ninth, while Taylor Barnard secured the final spot in the top ten and sprint race reverse grid pole in tenth. Bearman will start 12th after clattering the outside wall on the run to Sainte Devote on his final push lap.

Formula 2 Monaco qualifying results

Position Car Driver Team
1 22 Richard Verschoor Trident
2 1 Victor Martins ART
3 20 Isack Hadjar Campos
4 17 Paul Aron Hitech
5 12 Franco Colapinto MP Motorsport
6 23 Roman Stanek Trident
7 4 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Prema
8 11 Dennis Hauger MP Motorsport
9 10 Gabriel Bortoleto Invicta
10 25 Taylor Barnard AIX
11 14 Enzo Fittipaldi Van Amersfoort
12 3 Oliver Bearman Prema
13 8 Juan Manuel Correa DAMS
14 5 Zane Maloney Rodin
15 2 Zak O’Sullivan ART
16 9 Kush Maini Invicta
17 16 Amaury Cordeel Hitech
18 7 Jak Crawford DAMS
19 24 Joshua Duerksen AIX
20 21 Josep Maria Marti Campos
21 6 Ritomo Miyata Rodin
22 15 Rafael Villagomez Van Amersfoort

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7 comments on “Verschoor takes maiden F2 pole by topping Monaco group qualifying”

  1. The non-above-mentioned Hadjar / Miyata tunnel moment was scary as code brown.

    1. OMG, yes, that was the story of the session. The nearest of near misses, that was so close to an absolute horror show. He would have cleared the barrier and hit the tunnel’s ceiling – I’m not kidding.

    2. And was perhaps a negative side-effect of the rule about drivers who cause red flags having lap times deleted in qualifying as part of the reason he was driving so slowly in the tunnel was because he was desperate to get back to the pits as stopping on track may have resulted in a red flag & deletion of his fastest lap time.

      Silly rule.

      1. PeterG Spot-on

      2. Jonathan Parkin
        24th May 2024, 18:48

        The other silly thing was there had been a place where he could have pulled off. Where Michael Schumacher crashed in 1996 there used to be an escape road that got blocked off by a crash barrier about 10 years ago for no apparent reason

        If it had been open like it was in 1996 he could have parked it down there disrupting no one

    3. My word that was as close as it gets! that could’ve been seriously nasty…

      I just watched it because you pointed it out. But weren’t the yellow panels flashing at that point? he was going at full throttle there…

  2. Richard Bastian Verschoor as opposed to Andrea Kimi Antonelli

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