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Mercedes “very confident” in their power unit plans for new 2026 rules – Russell

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In the round-up: George Russell is confident about Mercedes’ chances of producing a competitive power unit for the new rules coming in 2026.

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In brief

Mercedes “very confident” for 2026 – Russell

Although Mercedes have only won a single grand prix since the introduction of new ground effect technical regulations in 2022, Russell believes his team are in a good position for the introduction of revised power units in two years’ time, as they did the last time the rules were changed.

“Ordinarily, 2026 seems like a long time away but in the world of Formula 1 it’s going to be here tomorrow and the team are feeling really confident for this era,” he said.

“I think you know the experience the team have had, the success in 2014 with the new powertrain, and then obviously the time in Formula E, the work that was done with the hypercar. There are a lot of individuals within [Mercedes High Performance Powertrains] who have got so much experience with this future technology, so I think that leaves us in a really great place to have a great engine – and the work Petronas are doing on the fuel as well is looking really strong. So on the engine side, I think we’re feeling very confident for that era.”

Newgarden “thankful” to O’Ward

Indianapolis 500 winner Josef Newgarden heaped praise on Pato O’Ward after passing his rival to win the race halfway around the final lap. “It was hard to know if it’s going to work,” Newgarden said. “I don’t think it works unless you’re racing someone like Pato.

“It’s not that Pato didn’t race me hard, he just raced me clean. That move doesn’t work unless you’re racing someone like that. It just doesn’t. It’s very easy that that doesn’t work out.”

O’Ward finished second in the race, as he also did in 2022. “I think he’s a tremendous champion,” said Newgarden. “He could have easily won the race himself. He was very capable of that with his team.

“For us, it worked out. He drove me excellently. I’m very thankful for him and the way that he drove.”

“From our side, we left it all on the track. There was nothing that we were going to come home and regret. I definitely felt that way in the final. I’m like, we’re going to put it all on the line. You have to if you want to win Indy. That’s just the way it’s got to be, especially nowadays.

“It was enough. Our car was so fast, and it was pretty good. It was a little hairy at the end as far as the trickiness, but we had it all day as far as the commitment and the car and the team, and we laid it all out there in turn three.”

Larson gutted to miss out on ‘double’

NASCAR champion Kyle Larson said missing out on the chance to compete in the series’ race at Charlotte and the Indianapolis 500 was a deep disappointment. After completing the delayed Indy 500, Larson arrived at Charlotte too late to join the race before it was rained off.

“What I thought could be one of the best days of my life quickly turned into one of the most disappointing ones I’ve ever experienced,” said Larson, who thanked everyone involved in making his appearance happen.

“So much time, money, and effort went into this experience and it just kills me to have it all end the way it did. I feel like I let so many people down. We knew all along weather could throw a wrench into things but seeing it come to reality is a horrible feeling.

“Up until Sunday it was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I can’t describe how appreciative I am of everyone’s support of me to live out a dream. I hope it’s not the last opportunity I have to try the double but if it is I guess it was memorable.”

First British F4 win for Mercedes junior

Mercedes junior driver Yuanpu Cui scored his first British F4 win in Snetterton last weekend in the partial reverse-grid race. Alex Ninovic won the other two races, the last of which was cut to just five laps due to a downpour, and closed within 34 points of championship leader Deagan Fairclough.

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Comment of the day

Were the stewards right to punish one first-lap crash but not even investigate another?

I don’t understand how you can blame Perez for this. Maybe he could have left more space but he is not obliged to leave space. Because of the bend it was a closing gap and Magnussen should have backed out.

No penalty is fine but should have been the same for Ocon. I guess the teams are penalised enough with the damage and will discuss this internally.

Happy birthday!

No RaceFans birthdays today

On this day in motorsport

  • 35 years ago today Ayrton Senna won the Mexican Grand Prix ahead of Riccardo Patrese and Michele Alboreto

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17 comments on “Mercedes “very confident” in their power unit plans for new 2026 rules – Russell”

  1. Cheers for fixing the login issue!
    Looks like the Twitter embeds are failing FYI.

    1. notagrumpyfan
      28th May 2024, 7:13

      Elon forgot to login ;)

    2. This site’s full of errors, logins, links, typos, the lot. Pressing enter and no double check gets you there.
      Racefans is a cheaper version of F1Fanatic. My fault coming back since 09.

      1. notagrumpyfan
        28th May 2024, 8:20

        Racefans is a cheaper version of F1Fanatic.

        In these days of Social Media, clicks, and interactions (driving ad revenue), the site has moved to quantity rather than quality.

        1. So sick of these lowkey insults towards the site, it runs on a fraction of the budget and manpower of much bigger corporate offerings. Ad revenue has dried up across the board. It’s one of the few places that doesn’t implement social-media like addictive features like points and upvotes, yet allows everyone to have their say, regardless of influence.

          Sure there are things I long to see (like an edit button) but imagine putting your life into a passion project like this and being greeted by these kinds of comments saying it’s quantity over quality, when week in week out they provide quality content at absolutely no cost other than donations.

          I’m so glad and thankful to have this site as a source of F1 news, and every member of the community who provides good faith comments. I’d be really sad to see it go anywhere.

          1. Well said. I am a regular reader but rarely comment. Annoying ads is a small price to pay for the content and discourse available.

          2. being coming to this site for years and, yeah, those kind of comments feel massively disrespectful with the amount of work i’m sure everybody behind racefans puts in everyday. these people really have absolutely no idea the amount of work it takes to run an independent website, specially one that does an extended cover of a global and massively expensive sport like f1 (and other racing series).

          3. +1,000

          4. What’s disrespectful is to give race fans such a service. Some pay here. I guess re-reading your own stuff is basic practice in companies. Telling that 15 hours after this article is posted and 10 hours after it’s been said, the links are still row. Maybe don’t publish x articles if the first one is not corrected ?
            It’s called discipline, which we had when Keith was running the site alone.

          5. Mate, it’s 1 pound a month, how entitled can you possibly be?

  2. What would give me more confidence from Mercedes is if they came out and said that they were concerned that despite all the hard work that is going into the 2026 engine, that they are not sure if they have found all available avenues for extracting power, torque and minimising weight. To be so sure in May of 2024 seems a little over confident, which may be misplaced given where their power solution is in comparison to their competitors.

    1. It’s a throwaway PR comment, definitely wouldn’t read anything into it at all. Whether any of the engine programmes are going well or struggling, that’ll never make it to the press.

      1. I agree. This is about seeming attractive for sponsors, that’s all.

    2. Nah. It’s their standard response.

      “We’re confident that this upgrade will fix our problems” doesn’t matter if it referring to chassis or engine.

  3. I’m sure they’re confident & I’m also confident they’ll manage the next powertrain well, but this equally applies to Honda.
    Partly a gut-feeling thing that one of these two will come out the best.
    The middle part goes more fittingly the other way around, i.e., ordinary here tomorrow & a long time away in the F1 world.

    Re Brundle’s column: Yes, even perhaps any team, or maybe Haas.

    COTD: Finally, someone who thinks through realistically.
    Magnussen is indeed the party who should’ve acted precautionarily to avoid a collision since Perez wasn’t obligated to leave space in the first place, given the rule about the car length portion required for this rule to apply, yet Magnussen was still hell-bent that he should’ve been given more space.
    The only thing in the COTD with which I disagree is the part about not penalizing Ocon as his lunge was simply doomed-to-fail from the get-go, given he was too far back to get past without contact anyway, which isn’t the way people should be racing generally, & far from fair or clean racing.
    Such open online lobby-style driving (from both him & Magnussen) simply has zero place on the highest level.

  4. notagrumpyfan
    28th May 2024, 7:18

    Although Mercedes have only won a single grand prix since the introduction of new ground effect technical regulations in 2022

    Of course the Mercedes PU they are referring to was slightly more successful.

  5. I hope they will be as reliable as the updates they have brought in recent years.

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