Vautier returns to IndyCar as Coyne’s sixth different driver this year


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Tristan Vautier will return to IndyCar for the first time in seven years at this weekend’s Detroit Grand Prix.

He will take over Dale Coyne’s second car, the number 51 entry, as its fifth different occupant in the first six points-scoring rounds.

“Super-excited to be returning to IndyCar [and] Dale Coyne Racing for [this] weekend’s Detroit Grand Prix,” said Vautier on social media. “Big challenge ahead, let’s go!”

Vautier’s last IndyCar start was also with Coyne at Texas Motor Speedway in 2017. He retired in a six-car collision started by two other drivers shortly after half distance. Since then he has chiefly raced in sportscars, including for the Vanwall team in the World Endurance Championship last year.

Tristan Vautier, Schmidt Peterson, Fontana, IndyCar, 2013
Vautier arrived in IndyCar as junior series champion in 2013
He made his debut in the series with Schmidt Peterson in 2013 after winning the Indy Lights (now Indy Nxt) championship the year before. After a year out he returned at Coyne the following season and scored his best result with fourth place in the second Detroit race that year at its former Belle Isle venue.

Coyne has not indicated whether Vautier is part of their long-term plans for the number 51 entry which has already been driven by four other competitors this year. Colin Braun drove the car in the season-opening round at St Petersburg, then Nolan Siegel took over for Long Beach. Luca Ghiotto (pictured top) spent two weekends in the car before handing it over to Katherine Legge for the Indianapolis 500 last week.

Harvey will return to Coyne as Vautier’s team mate for this weekend’s race. Siegel, who failed to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 last week, will return to the Indy Nxt series as planned.

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