Alexander Albon, Williams, Monaco, 2024

Williams have “huge amounts of performance to come” in next races

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In the round-up: Williams team principal James Vowles expects to make significant strides with their car in the coming races after scoring their first points of the season.

In brief

Williams expect gains from car

After Alexander Albon scored Williams’ first points with ninth place in Monaco, Vowles admitted “points could [have been] achieved beforehand, but there’s just some elements of the car, including the overweight [chassis], where we haven’t quite delivered as we need to.”

However he added “you need a result like this to make sure everyone’s heads are lifted, believe in the journey we’re on and there’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic.”

“We have huge amounts of performance to come,” he said in a video released by the team. “It’s a long season, we are only just at the beginning of it. What we need to do now is build on what we have, make sure we understand at the factory what we did wrong in this circumstance.

“We didn’t get everything right this weekend, nor did we across the first few races. But we understand what we can improve going forward. We’ve got Canada where there’s more performance coming again. Across the next six rounds there’s plenty to look forward to. So we’ll keep that positive momentum going, make sure we’re delivering performance at the track.”

Blomqvist to sit out next two races

Tom Blomqvist will not take part in the next two IndyCar races, his Meyer Shank team have announced. Helio Castroneves will substitute for him at this weekend’s race in Detroit and the following round in Road America.

“It is fair to say that the last couple of days have been some of the hardest in my career,” said Blomqvist, who crashed out on the first lap of the Indianapolis 500 last week. “Everyone who knows me knows how much I love being a part of the MSR family and together we have enjoyed some amazing successes and victories.”

Team co-owner Michael Shank said “making this decision was by far the hardest one we have had to make. Tom is 100% still a part of the MSR family and will remain a part of the team for the rest of the season.

“The decision was not made lightly and after much discussion with Tom, and with back-to-back races coming up, we have decided to have Helio drive in Detroit and at Road America.”

Rivals’ moves “stupid” in Indy 500 – O’Ward

Pato O'Ward, Josef Newgarden, Indianapolis 500, 2024
O’Ward passed Newgarden as the last lap began
Pato O’Ward was relieved to come through the Indianapolis 500 unscathed despite narrowly losing victory to Josef Newgarden on the final lap.

“Every 500 for me has been very different,” said O’Ward, who finished second in the race as he did in 2022, having crashed out last year. “There’s been some that I’ve led a lot more and been up front a lot more.

“This one we were stuck a lot more. Some people were driving like maniacs on the restarts. I was just playing defence for 85 percent of the race. Some of the moves out there were just mental, stupid. I was just glad that I didn’t touch anybody, I didn’t crash.”

O’Ward said Newgarden was “a great competitor” after narrowly losing victory to him. “I’ve raced wheel to wheel with him so many times. He’s obviously one of the stars in the series, one of the strong ones. I knew it was going to be a fight until the end. Just two corners short.

“I really thought that I did everything in my power to get it done.”

Andretti still “confident” of F1 team chance

Mario Andretti says he remains “optimistic” about his team’s chances of getting a team into Formula 1 because “we’re doing everything that is asked of us.”

“On the other side, on the commercial side, it’s been a bit foggy,” he told the New York Times. “We’ve been told the decision was not final, but then tell us what will make the decision for us to enter.

“But to show good faith, the team and Michael have been investing millions and millions of dollars, which is what it takes to form the team. And once we get a green light, we won’t start from scratch. The objective is to be on the grid in 2026.”

Record US audience for Monaco Grand Prix

Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix attracted the largest live US television audience for the event. A peak of 2.3 million people watched the race on ABC, and an average of 1.9m.

Date set for Porsche Formula E appeal

Porsche’s appeal against Antonio Felix da Costa’s disqualification following his victory in the first Misano EPrix will be heard on June 9th. The stewards found the throttle damper spring on his car did not confirm with a technical bulletin issued for the race.

Da Costa’s disqualification handed victory to Oliver Rowland, who lies fourth in the championship, 36 points shy of Nick Cassidy, who did not score in the race.

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Comment of the day

Would Liam Lawson be hard done by if Red Bull didn’t give him a seat for 2025?

Tsunoda has been surprisingly good this year, and even though Ricciardo has been slightly disappointing, he hasn’t been terrible either, so I could understand if the team would want to continue with both drivers.

Lawson did a good job in an unfamiliar car last year (similar to De Vries in his Monza outing for Williams), but I have seen nothing to suggest that he is a special talent and ‘should’ be on the F1 grid.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Fation Losha, Remco H, Ted Tofield, Wesley, Jonathon and Andy Alexander!

On this day in motorsport

Zhou Guanyu, Jeddah, 2024
China’s first Formula 1 driver is 25 today


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6 comments on “Williams have “huge amounts of performance to come” in next races”

  1. Re: Nedell’s tweet, essentially put in his place, yet again, by Liberty raising the FIA investigation into his conduct. Sure the FIA members played some face saving cards with those silly open letters, but at the end of the day his actions speak louder than words with him now siding with Liberty publicly on this very hot topic.

    The way I see it, between him attempting to value the sport, the Wolff investigation, and now Andretti-gate, it’s Liberty 3 : Sulayem 0. He’s not been able to really assert any inkling of control over F1, as it probably should be.

    1. Crucially, there is no Concorde Agreement for 2026. Now, no doubt the FIA will want to make some changes before that, send crucially before the administrators term ends, but its hands are fairly tied. So this is a long term issue, and the FIA very much has a huge amount of influence over that new Agreement coming into being. It’s no wonder that FOM’s spokesman is so keen to say the Agreement will be finalised soon and easily. But he has now said this multiple times, months apart and there is no Agreement. They know it’s not that easy.

      I don’t share Nedell’s view. Ben Sulayem knows the Todt-era CA limits his options, but as said that expires in 2025. Andretti wants to enter in 2025, and this is the one year we’re FOM practically has the final say. So that’s a problem.

      Ben Sulayem is, in diplomatic terms, pointing out that teams like Haas, Williams and arguably Alpine and Red Bull 2 (Sauber has an excuse) are failing to meet FOM’s started requirements and that they are not good enough to be in F1, so it’d be better to give some other team their slot. And he is right. These teams are not meeting tyre standards set fir Andretti.

      If F1 wants to have just ten teams, the least they can do is have ten good teams. Not outfits leeching off the commercial rights without doing anything of note for, in some cases, literal decades.

    2. now siding with Liberty publicly on this very hot topic.

      That’s not what’s happening at all. Far from it.
      He’s just saying that there’s no more he (the FIA) can do to get Andretti or any other new entry in on F1’s money. The only remaining way is to buy an existing franchise.
      His other comment (the right teams) relates directly to the fact that some teams already in F1 perhaps shouldn’t be – they aren’t the right teams for F1, and that he thinks that Andretti is.

      As far as this ‘score’ goes – I certainly don’t think Liberty are winning anything. On the contrary, actually – they are making themselves look worse every day, independent of anything between them and the FIA.
      As for F1’s ‘value’ – that is very much the FIA’s concern as they actually own the series, plus they have a great interest not just in how it operates but who it ultimately operates for.
      No matter who has buys the commercial rights, F1 will still always be the FIA Fprmula 1 World Championship.

  2. I’m sure Aston does too, James…

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing how well their attempted performance increase will actually look on track relative to closest rivals who’ll of course also develop.
    Theory is one thing, & practically working is another matter.

  4. Andretti:

    “We’ve been told the decision was not final, but then tell us what will make the decision for us to enter.

    Umm, maybe put a Cadillac PU into the chassis?
    Can’t do that until 2028? Fair enough, see you in 2028.

    and, for the avoidance of doubt, I think that if FOM don’t offer a 2028 place for that Andretti chassis and Cadillac PU then they are unreasonable.

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