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Malukas seizes comeback chance in place of Blomqvist


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David Malukas, who lost his IndyCar drive when he was released by McLaren earlier this year, will return to the series with Meyer Shank later this season.

He will take over the seat vacated by Tom Blomqvist following his crash on the first lap of the Indianapolis 500.

Malukas was due to join McLaren for the start of the season but was unable to race after injured his left wrist in a cycling accident. After his return was repeatedly delayed, McLaren announced they had released the driver and replaced him with Theo Pourchaire.

Meyer Shank has taken the opportunity to sign him as a replacement for Blomqvist. The team already replaced the rookie driver with Helio Castroneves for last weekend’s round in Detroit and this weekend’s race at Road America.

Malukas will join the team from the eighth round of the series at Laguna Seca in two weeks’ time. The track was the scene of his most recent IndyCar start for Dale Coyne at the end of last year.

He said he is “extremely grateful” to the team for his opportunity and said he will be fit in time for his return. “Despite setbacks earlier this year, I have been diligently focusing on my recovery, putting in the necessary effort and dedication to get back to peak condition.”

Marcus Ericsson, Tom Blomqvist
Blomqvist was dropped after first-lap Indy 500 crash
Mike Shank, who co-owns the team with Jim Meyer, said “this whole process has been extremely difficult on myself and Jim.”

He said the decision to replace Blomqvist was driven by the need to ensure their cars finish in the top 22 places, known as the Leaders Circle, which pay out the most prize money.

“There were so many things for us to consider as we need to do everything we can to make up ground in the championship and Leader Circle standings. We are pleased to have David join us as he has both experience and potential and we are looking forward to having him join us starting in Milwaukee for the test and then going racing with him at Laguna.”

The team thanked Blomqvist and said he “remains a part of the MSR family.” He has raced successfully for them in sports cars, winning the IMSA series in 2022 and scoring back-to-back victories in the Daytona 24 Hours.

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  1. I’m happy for him, he deserves to be on the grid.

  2. Good for Malukas, but this has to be really tough for Blomqvist. Hard to understand why he couldn’t adjust to the car. Always seemed out of his element.

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