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2024 Canadian Grand Prix grid

Formula 1

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George Russell has taken pole position for the Canadian Grand Prix for Mercedes ahead of Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Row 1 1. (63) George Russell 1’12.000
Mercedes W15
2. (1) Max Verstappen 1’12.000
Red Bull-Honda RBPT RB20
Row 2 3. (4) Lando Norris 1’12.021
McLaren-Mercedes MCL38
4. (81) Oscar Piastri 1’12.103
McLaren-Mercedes MCL38
Row 3 5. (3) Daniel Ricciardo 1’12.178
RB-Honda RBPT 01
6. (14) Fernando Alonso 1’12.228
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR24
Row 4 7. (44) Lewis Hamilton 1’12.280
Mercedes W15
8. (22) Yuki Tsunoda 1’12.414
RB-Honda RBPT 01
Row 5 9. (18) Lance Stroll 1’12.701
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR24
10. (23) Alexander Albon 1’12.796
Williams-Mercedes FW46
Row 6 11. (16) Charles Leclerc 1’12.691
Ferrari SF-24
12. (55) Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’12.728
Ferrari SF-24
Row 7 13. (2) Logan Sargeant 1’12.736
Williams-Mercedes FW46
14. (20) Kevin Magnussen 1’12.916
Haas-Ferrari VF-24
Row 8 15. (10) Pierre Gasly 1’12.940
Alpine-Renault A524
16. (11) Sergio Perez 1’13.326
Red Bull-Honda RBPT RB20
Row 9 17. (27) Nico Hulkenberg 1’13.978
Haas-Ferrari VF-24
18. (31) Esteban Ocon 1’13.435
Alpine-Renault A524
Row 10 19. (77) Valtteri Bottas 1’13.366
Sauber-Ferrari C44
20. (24) Zhou Guanyu 1’14.292
Sauber-Ferrari C44
P. Driver Team Q1 Q2 (v Q1) Q3 (v Q2)
1 George Russell Mercedes 1’13.013 1’11.742 (-1.271s) 1’12.000 (+0.258s)
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1’12.360 1’12.549 (+0.189s) 1’12.000 (-0.549s)
3 Lando Norris McLaren 1’12.959 1’12.201 (-0.758s) 1’12.021 (-0.180s)
4 Oscar Piastri McLaren 1’12.907 1’12.462 (-0.445s) 1’12.103 (-0.359s)
5 Daniel Ricciardo RB 1’13.240 1’12.572 (-0.668s) 1’12.178 (-0.394s)
6 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin 1’13.117 1’12.635 (-0.482s) 1’12.228 (-0.407s)
7 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1’12.851 1’11.979 (-0.872s) 1’12.280 (+0.301s)
8 Yuki Tsunoda RB 1’12.748 1’12.303 (-0.445s) 1’12.414 (+0.111s)
9 Lance Stroll Aston Martin 1’13.088 1’12.659 (-0.429s) 1’12.701 (+0.042s)
10 Alexander Albon Williams 1’12.896 1’12.485 (-0.411s) 1’12.796 (+0.311s)
11 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1’13.107 1’12.691 (-0.416s) Missed by 0.032s
12 Carlos Sainz Jnr Ferrari 1’13.038 1’12.728 (-0.310s) Missed by 0.069s
13 Logan Sargeant Williams 1’13.063 1’12.736 (-0.327s) Missed by 0.077s
14 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1’13.217 1’12.916 (-0.301s) Missed by 0.257s
15 Pierre Gasly Alpine 1’13.289 1’12.940 (-0.349s) Missed by 0.281s
16 Sergio Perez Red Bull 1’13.326 Missed by 0.037s
17 Valtteri Bottas Sauber 1’13.366 Missed by 0.077s
18 Esteban Ocon Alpine 1’13.435 Missed by 0.146s
19 Nico Hulkenberg Haas 1’13.978 Missed by 0.689s
20 Zhou Guanyu Sauber 1’14.292 Missed by 1.003s


Ocon: Five-place penalty for causing a collision with Gasly in the Monaco Grand Prix
Bottas: Start from pits due to rear wing change
Zhou: Start from pits due to rear wing change


Verstappen: Cleared of failing to respect the race director’s instructions when joining the fast lane in the pits

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12 comments on “2024 Canadian Grand Prix grid”

  1. 15 drivers within a second of pole. Wow.

    1. 13 within a second of the very fastest lap time – still stunningly close.

      Ferrari picked the wrong race to save a set of tires.

    2. The engineers will be doing their best to prevent any racing. “Now, let’s settle into management.”

      1. Cheese tes trike again. Sundays are usually less of a race more Tyre Care GP

      2. *cheese tyres strike again

    3. The Funny party is that a car 0.9sec per lap slower will almost certainly be lapped during a 70 lap race.
      Times need to be much closer to bode well for the race.

      1. 0.9 x 70 = 63 seconds
        But the pole time was 72 seconds
        So actually, cars with a 0.9s average gap won’t be lapped. Anyone within 1s on real race pace should be safe, barring mishaps.

        More to the point, in terms of front to back of the field, we are still looking historically low. For most of F1’s history, the gap from 1st to 5th was probably over 1s/lap in the average race… forget 1st to 15th. It’s a great time to be a fan.

  2. Why didn’t Perez go for one more timed lap?? He finished his lap before the red flag. Or did I see it wrongly?

    1. He wouldn’t have had any battery left. You can’t do two flying laps consecutively, you need a lap in between to recharge.

      Reply moderated
  3. I am sick of Perez already. Get this guy out of the sport.

    1. Surely in Red Bull they appreciate Checo is not taking any points away from Max, but the WCC lead is slipping away. I expected Ferrari to come out first after the weekend but did not expect such a poor quali from them.

    2. Yup. It’s depressing. It was amusing to see him banging his halo though.

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