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Perez calls qualifying a “total disaster” after second Q1 exit

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Sergio Perez said he couldn’t get his tyres to work in qualifying after failing to progress beyond the first round for the second race weekend in a row.

The Red Bull driver was eliminated in Q1, as he also was in Monaco two weeks earlier. His final effort in the session temporarily lifted him to 12th place, but as other drivers improved he slipped back, and Alexander Albon eventually eliminated him by three-hundredths of a session.

“It was a total disaster,” Perez told the official F1 channel. “I just couldn’t get the grip in.”

He was ninth quickest in the final practice session, four tenths of a second slower than team mate Max Verstappen. The other Red Bull driver went on to match the time of pole-winner George Russell in qualifying to within three decimal places.

For Perez, the handling of the RB20 worsened between the two sessions. “Mainly the issue was the rear end, the rear axle,” he said. “It felt a little bit worse.”

Qualifying was run in cooler conditions than final practice and Perez said he found it harder to make the tyres work. His best lap in Q1 was 0.966s slower than Verstappen’s.

“I think it was a very strange sensation for a lot of cars out there. For us, I just couldn’t get the tyre switched on. It was taking a while to really switch on the tyre.

“It was a total disaster. I think when we went at the end, I just couldn’t get a proper lap in.”

The Red Bull driver – who was announced to be staying with Red Bull for at least another two seasons earlier this week – faces a difficult climb through the order from 16th on the grid in tomorrow’s race.

His qualifying performances have taken a downward turn since the beginning of the season. He started all of the first six races inside the top six, but hasn’t seen Q3 for the last three rounds.

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35 comments on “Perez calls qualifying a “total disaster” after second Q1 exit”

  1. What matters is that Mexico is a great market for Red Bull.

    Where he starts and finishes is a mere detail.

    1. notagrumpyfan
      9th June 2024, 10:26

      Mexico (121M cans) is only 1% of global sales of 12B cans for Red Bull (source).
      Japan is a much bigger market though for energy drinks and Red Bull. Based on that one would expect Tsunoda in the RBR.

      I think that Red Bull is making a big mistake by keeping Perez in that car: they are probably throwing away the Constructors Title; Perez is not known for car development; no rear gunner and less strategy options in tight races; and I doubt Verstappen really cares who is in that other car.

      1. Perez probably has dirt on Marko or something. That or Max threw down the gauntlet he would leave if he had a competitive teammate.

      2. Dude, if you don’t know, Perez sells a lot of hats. He’s one of the best sellers.
        That’s why they kept him!

        Plus, Red Bull doesn’t care about constructors. If Max can be 1st, they’re happy.

  2. Red Bull getting what they deserve for keeping Horner around.

    Imagine signing this guy for 2 more years.

    1. It’s quite funny because after his renewal I said “when he’s gonna get out of q1 next race I’m gonna laugh” and here we are!

    2. lolz, verstappen is getting what he deserves for playing games (father). that kind of toxic stuff is what destroys teams and the dad is too greedy and not humble enough to realize their are other factors helping his son. RBR arent a deserate team, they keep their heads down and get done with business.

      1. *desperate

        1. Yes correct, desperate you are. Desperate to diminish anything Verstappen, you’re a true Hamiltoncultmember. Doing exactly what is expected of you, being toxic to other racers that are winning instead of your hero.

    3. Good to see him driving more relaxed now he has the trust of the team and the security of a 2 year deal…

      1. @eurobrun some have made the pointed remark that Perez’s slumps in performance seem to occur not long after he signs a contract extension. Whilst the details of his contract were announced ahead of the Canadian GP, there are claims that Perez signed his contract shortly after the Miami GP – and we saw that Perez had a poor weekend at the following race in Imola, let alone what has come since.

    4. notagrumpyfan
      9th June 2024, 10:28

      Red Bull getting what they deserve for keeping Horner around.

      Horner would’ve put Ricciardo in that seat.
      And even though Ricciardo is not shining yet, it would be a better option than Perez.

  3. Is max going to retire from F1 with the record of weakest teammate history of any multiple wdc? Lewis perhaps with the strongest

    1. The record of strongest teammates will always belong to Alain Prost. Lewis’s teammates do not come close to the qaulity Prost faced in Lauda, Rosberg, Senna and Mansell.

    2. Lewis? He only had Alonso and Rosberg.
      Prost had Lauda, Mansell, Hill and Senna.

      1. Luke S (@joeypropane)
        8th June 2024, 23:50

        And a very in-form Button. Add Charles to that list next year and he’s definitely had the biggest challenge of any “modern” F1 driver.

        1. An Sionnach
          8th June 2024, 23:57

          What about all of Max’s team mates? They’ve had a harder time than even Prost, perhaps!

          1. That’s no excuse to give Perez 5 seasons. Albon and Gasly lasted two seasons combined for a similar performance.

      2. Yes, I’d say prost had it worse, lauda and senna are among the strongest, and mansell was still a damn fast driver, I don’t rate hill highly but he was decent, perhaps no worse than button (since we’re comparing to hamilton).

    3. Nelson Piquet 1981 had Hector Rebaqe.

    4. You mean Sainz, Ricciardo or the now highly rated Albon? Perez was also rated highly back in 2020.

      Verstappen just makes his teammates look worse than they are. He destroys them mentally. (not on purpose, just by being so much faster)

    5. HAHAHA Lewis lost to Alonso, he lost to Button, he lost to Rosberg and now he’s losing to Russell AGAIN, what a fake propped up champion he is.

      1. Ham finished level with Alonso on points in 2007, where Alonso was the 2006 World Champion and Ham was a rookie – and you want to use that as a mark against him…?

        Button was not the absolute best, but was a recent World Champion, so no slouch. Ham by his own admission had a very poor season in 2011 on and off track, and clearly was not giving the season the full focus he should have been.

        Ham beat Rosberg season after season, until the latter raised his game enough to win a title and immediately retired from the sport, citing the exertion was too much to repeat against a talent like Ham.

        Russell is doing a very good job against Ham and this is the first more sustained period the latter has not consistently matched a team-mate. How much of that is down to the car not being to his liking, age catching up with him or just lack of ultimate desire is hard to gauge. It’s not like he has anything left to prove.

        I think the takeaways from Ham’s career is that he is supremely talented, hit the ground running in a way almost no one else ever has, stayed at the top of his game for a long time (minimum 2007 – 2021), but isn’t a metronomic driver and can let things distract his focus slightly sometimes.

  4. Why didn’t Perez go for one more timed lap?? He finished his lap before the red flag. Or did I see it wrongly?

    1. Cause he had deployed all his energy.

  5. I think this session highlighted 2 things for me. Resigning Perez was the wrong call for Red Bull and resigning Perez was the right call for Max. Max seems extremely flustered in the cockpit now that pole isn’t guaranteed. Imagine if he had a teammate pushing him hard every weekend! Perez is the team harmony choice. Sainz never had a chance.

    1. The thing is it was clear it was the wrong call even before this session, perez tends to start seasons relatively well, then he loses it mid-season, like he did in 2023, except now verstappen is alone against everyone else, all of which have 2 drivers up front.

  6. perez is a pay driver, who gets minimal inputs because his drive isnt contingent on performance. thats why he is behind in q1/2. hes paying peiples sallaries while engrossing himself. perez could be more honest and selfless, but i guess the spat he had with max’s family is coming around to haunt the team in his selfish pay drive.

    this is why you dont let drama into the business. it destroys teams.

    1. Thing is they’re fine for as long as Max stays around, who knows how long that will last. They’re kind of ruining their own formula that got them to this point. They used to be all about developing and fostering talent to ensure they had the best of the best.

      Now it seems like 3 out of their 4 formula 1 drivers are there for completely tangential marketing reasons.

    2. I think he has nudes of Horner

  7. I don’t know why Perez even wanted to resign with Red Bull (or any F1 team for that matter) for another couple of years. He should’ve just bowed out at the end of last season (I’m sure there would’ve been discussions about that), and his legacy probably would’ve been a fairly good one, just with a particularly bad last season, but he could’ve come up with some sort of excuse for that. As it stands, he’s going to end up with a terrible legacy if he carries on performing like this for the next couple of seasons.

    1. Do you think he is dumb? He can still get the occasional podium. While Hulkenberg will never have a podium.

    2. I don’t know why Perez even wanted to resign with Red Bull (or any F1 team for that matter)

      Well, a regular income is a pretty neat thing to have.

      Anyway, that’s what I tell myself on the Monday morning commute. So, even though I am pretty sure that there significantly more digits on Perez’s paycheque than mine, why shouldn’t the same apply to F1 drivers?

    3. @t1redmonkey I get why Perez signed again (money and some potential podiums and racing for still the fastest overall car) and I get why Red Bull signed him again (keeps Max Verstappen happy). Now there’s competition for the races again, apparently, I’m not so bothered. It’s Red Bull’s gamble.

  8. Perez has been in free fall since Miami, qualifying in 11th in Imola, 16th in Monaco, 16th in Canada. As predicted. It was the same pattern last year. One near certainty now is that Red Bull will be facing direct competition from at least one team out of Ferrari, McLaren and now Mercedes, with the others close. The 3/4 tenth difference Verstappen has over Perez is now a vacuum waiting to be filled by a large number of drivers. Add to that Perez’s qualifying woes, poor one lap speed and tendency to race poorly or without due attention in the mid or bottom part of the field (e.g. Monaco) and the prospects of him contributing to Red Bull’s campaign are questionable at best. Last year it ultimately made no diffference. This year it’s difficult to see how it won’t harm them.

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