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Ocon’s car has been “a couple of kilos” heavier than Gasly’s for several races

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Esteban Ocon said his car is “a couple of kilos” heavier than his team mate’s after dropping out in Q1 at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The Alpine driver said the team is rotating the disadvantage between him and team mate Pierre Gasly. Ocon said the difference, which has been the case for several races, was one of the reasons why he dropped out in Q1. His best lap time was 0.146 seconds slower than that of his team mate, who claimed the last place in Q2.

“There was a bit too many things basically that didn’t go right for us this weekend and this session,” he told the official F1 channel.

“A bit of traffic at the start of the lap, not the right prep with the tyres, a little bit of traffic during the lap as well which made me lose a tenth. So, not ideal when it’s that close.

“We have a difference in terms of weight between cars as well, since a couple of events, something that we will rotate and that will be on Pierre’s car soon as well. But at the moment it basically adds up to the list of today and that’s the reason why we’re not able to go through.”

Ocon was the first of the team’s drivers to use the floor upgrade it introduced ahead of schedule at the Chinese Grand Prix earlier this year. He arrived in Canada with a five-place grid penalty for causing a collision with Gasly on the first lap of the Monaco Grand Prix. Since the last race Alpine have confirmed Ocon will not drive for them again next year.

Having qualified 18th, Ocon’s penalty means he will start Sunday’s race from last on the grid. He hopes the tyre degradation they have seen on other drivers’ cars will help him make progress.

“Obviously there is an opportunity with the strategy which, we’ve seen some degradation in practice three and hopefully some drivers will degrade more than us, fingers crossed. If that’s the case then we can hopefully do a good race and optimise everything.”

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17 comments on “Ocon’s car has been “a couple of kilos” heavier than Gasly’s for several races”

  1. Not an Ocon fan, but it wouldn’t surprise me even slightly. Seems he’s signed or is on the verge of signing for another team. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Alpine replace him before season’s end.

    1. notagrumpyfan
      9th June 2024, 13:48

      The Alpine driver said the team is rotating the disadvantage between him and team mate Pierre Gasly.

      Nothing to do with favouring one driver over the other it seems.

      1. Yeah, I made an assumption based on the title and then read the article after I posted that. But I still wouldn’t be surprised if Alpine did begin favoring Gasly with better equipment (as in, if there’s only one upgrade, he gets it).

  2. the fact thst alpine gave their car to a guy who was too scared to drive it in fp1, and he lost some shake and bake time is enough of an excuse. ocon can make it work in the rain tho.

    1. False information. It was not doohans fault he did not participated in fp1.
      The team had little to none spare parts. So decided it was to dangerous to put a car out with a driver with almost zero experience in that car. Furthermore scrubbing intermediates is not a good idea and the number of available tires is limited.
      All in all enough reason to clip his options.

      1. Given how some teams are short on spare parts, and the track is somewhat more “accident prone” than many others, putting in a driver unfamiliar with the car in the rain on this track was probably a good idea, yeah.

    2. Where’d you get that nonsense from that Doohan was “too scared”?

      1. We leave in an era where people don’t need information or data to affirm something…. You just invent your own reality and try to impose it to the others…. The one who shouts the louder wins.

      2. PXRUNDMC lives in his own world.

  3. Probably explains the shunt in Monaco too. No comment from his part on the upgrade he got before Gasly, though. How strange…

    1. Ahm, you must have failed to notice that it was just the last bit of things in his list of stuff that affected that lap. And he goes on to say that the Gasly will be in a similar situation with the weigh a few races onwards, showing that it’s very much not a thing of “the team are treating me unfairly” but more just a summing up of factors that play a role.

  4. I thought the upgrades in Shanghai & subsequently for Gasly in Miami eliminated the overweight aspect altogether.

    1. According to Ocon, you thought wrong

  5. Does his ego really weigh that much?

    1. He is french and one of the most nationalistic ones. He probably has eith him an large french flag. So when he wins he can wave it…
      Never used and un Hungary he forgot to take it with him…

  6. So the beginning of the Season when everyone was Praising Ocon over Gasly he was running lighter parts then Gasly. Lol

  7. Sounds like they’ve brought Balance of Performance from sportscars to F1, but there’s no rule (yet) banning them from moaning about it.

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