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IndyCar confirms 2025 calendar with championship round at Thermal Club


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IndyCar has revealed the calendar for its 2025 season and confirmed coverage of the series will move to Fox in the USA.

The new calendar will feature 17 races, the same as this year. However Milwaukee, which returns to the championship this year with a double-header event, will only hold a single race next year.

A new points-scoring race has been added at The Thermal Club in California. The facility held a non-championship round in March this year billed as the “$1 Million Challenge”, which was won by Alex Palou.

IndyCar’s 2025 season will finish in August, over two weeks earlier than it does this year. As this year, the final race will be held at Nashville Superspeedway, which replaced the city’s street track on the series’ calendar this year.

The series also announced Fox Sports will replace NBC as its broadcaster in the USA from next year. IndyCar CEO Mark Miles said the new deal “represents unrivalled exposure and provides an unparalleled growth opportunity for the most competitive and entertaining motorsport on the planet.

“Fox Sports is a fully committed partner, ready to bring engaging and technically innovative coverage to millions of fans across the country while also promoting IndyCar thoroughly across all its platforms.”

2025 IndyCar calendar

Round Date Venue Type
1 March 2nd St Petersburg Street
2 March 23rd The Thermal Club Road
3 April 13th Long Beach Street
4 May 4th Barber Motorsports Park Road
5 May 10th Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course Road
6 May 25th Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval
7 June 1st Detroit Street
8 June 15th Gateway Oval
9 June 22nd Road America Road
10 July 6th Mid-Ohio Road
11 July 12th Iowa Speedway (race one) Oval
12 July 13th Iowa Speedway (race two) Oval
13 July 20th Toronto Street
14 July 27th Laguna Seca Road
15 August 10th Portland Road
16 August 24th Milwaukee Mile Oval
17 August 31st Nashville Oval

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15 comments on “IndyCar confirms 2025 calendar with championship round at Thermal Club”

  1. I’m surprised they are going back to Thermal Club and even more surprised they are making it a full championship round as the non-championship heat races they held there this year were awful & showed very clearly that it’s just not very suitable for these cars.

    1. There was a agreement before the non championship so removing is a contract failure which would cost Indycar a lot of money. It’s about money …

  2. NBC continues to take hits when it comes to open-wheel racing series coverage. Maybe Fox won’t subject us to B-roll fottage when returning back from a commercial break.

  3. I like a condensed calendar, though sill mois the series from September to March .

    1. *I’ll miss

      How hard an edit button is to put here ?

      1. Having all races on Fox (terrestrial over the air broadcast) stations should dramatically increase viewership in the US. They will heavily promote the series also. It will be interesting to see how the global television package works out, but I would assume that will improve also.

      2. How hard is it to proofread before posting?

        1. As English is not my language, my no so smartphone switches words.

          Thank for you comment on this InduCar topic dumbasse

          1. I mean you started ;)

  4. “2024 IndyCar calendar”
    Should this not be 2025 IndyCar calendar?

    1. Keith corrected it :)

  5. Looks like they won’t build the Nasville street circuit yet. Finale on oval is interesting though.

    Thermal Club sucks, Indy Road Course sucks, Portland sucks. Detroit sucks but at least cars go brm brm. Swap these circuits and we can actually have some amazing calendar

    1. I’d have to disagree with all your tracks that suck.

      1. That’s totally valid; it’s just an opinion after all

  6. I’m amazed they’re going back to the Thermal Club, really unpopular with the fans! Indycar really need to start listening to the fans for a change if they want to increase their fanbase!

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