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“Very substantial” Williams upgrade expected after British Grand Prix

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In the round-up: Williams has a major update coming for its car but it won’t arrive until after its home race.

In brief

Williams explain upgrade plans

Williams has a significant upgrade coming for its FW46, said team principal James Vowles, with the largest part expected to arrive after the upcoming trio of rounds in Spain, Austria and Great Britain.

“There will be performance adds across the next few race weekends with a very substantial package probably post-triple header,” he said in a video released by the team. “That doesn’t mean we won’t be adding performance. There’s quite a bit to come over the next few races.”

Verstappen condemns social media trolls

Max Verstappen has attacked claims made about his relationship with Kelly Piquet on social media.

“This has to stop,” Verstappen wrote in response to a post by Piquet. “These false accusations by certain individuals on Instagram and TikTok are insane and ridiculous at the same time.

“Hate has no place in this world. We know what’s true within our family and we are very happy together.”

BMW first, Toyota last in Le Mans qualifying

BMW led qualifying practice for the Le Mans 24 Hours, though only the pace-setting M Hybrid V8 of Dries Vanthoor, Raffaele Marciello and Marco Wittmann will participate in today’s Hyperpole session to decide who will start the race at the front. Both works Cadillacs and Ferraris will join them, along with the number 35 Alpine and one Porsche 963 each from Penske and JOTA.

Neither of the Toyotas made the cut. The number seven car of Nyck de Vries, Jose Maria Lopez and Kamui Kobayashi did not register a time after the latter spun and caused a red flag, meaning their runs were invalidated. The car will start at the rear of the Hypercar field.

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Ferrari collect Le Mans penalty three days before race

James Calado / Alessandro Pier Guidi / Antonio Giovinazzi #51 AF Corse Ferrari 499P, Le Mans, 2024
Last year’s winner already has a penalty for this year’s race
Ferrari and their customer team AF Corse have been given penalties for two of their cars which will be applied during their first pit stops at the Le Mans 24 Hours. The stewards found the number 51 works Ferrari and number 83 AF Corse machine failed to respect the pit lane procedure as each was “not correctly stopped in its dedicated stopping area.” They have been given 10-second time penalties.

Hybrid power pleases Power

Will Power expects IndyCar’s new hybrid system will help drivers overtake when it is introduced following the next round of the championship.

“You do feel it’s probably going to assist in passing,” said Power, who was quickest in a test for the hybrids at Milwaukee this week. “If you’ve got a run on someone, I think it will work.”

GB3 reveals new car with DRS

GB3 has revealed a new chassis for its 2025 season which it says will offer more power, more grip and more downforce in addition to introducing the Drag Reduction System to the series for the first time. The Mountune engines will produced 280bhp, a 12% increase on this year, while front and rear tyres will be 50mm wider.

The chassis will confirm to FIA safety standards for Regional Formula 3. GB3 says the chassis has also been designed to better accommodate taller and shorter drivers.

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Social media

Notable posts from X (formerly Twitter), TikTok and more:

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Comment of the day

@Roger-Ayles is puzzled by Martin Brundle’s enthusiasm for DRS:

Why are the DRS defenders so reluctant to see a return to real racing and a scenario where drivers actually have to work at pulling off an real and exciting overtake rather than just pushing a button and getting a boringly easy highway pass?

I mean look at Montreal last weekend. Without DRS we had an exciting fight for the lead between George and Max with Lando catching them to make it a three-car fight. DRS gets turned on and Lando breezes past both of them easily which completely ruined the great battle we may have seen.

And then later on without DRS after the SC we had probably the best overtake of the season so far with Albon threading the needle past two cars using the slipstream, good judgement and braking later.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Trayambak Chakravarty, Scunnyman, Artanonim and Jackson!

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21 comments on ““Very substantial” Williams upgrade expected after British Grand Prix”

  1. $20,980 spent to see the Monaco GP? It’s obvious this person is completely out of touch with reality and has money to burn whilst the rest of us feel the pinch of inflation and find it hard to make ends meet.
    It must be a slow news day when puff pieces like this are making the round-up.

    1. I mostly agree. Although after reading the article, this was in essence their honeymoon. She claimed they could see 2/3 of the track, including the podium. It was also in business insider, which has a lot of well off readers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a stealth marketing campaign, which is all too common these days.

      Rich people flaunting their riches isn’t new but as you said, most normal people are feeling the pinch like never before. I’d never spend $21 thousand dollars on entertainment nor a honeymoon, even if I had the money to waste. I hope the atmosphere was worth it cos the podium celebrations were more entertaining than the race!

      1. Jay Neither would I spend such high amounts for such things even if I were extremely loaded.
        Too many more worthy things for money-spending in the world to bother spending a lot on literally anything.

    2. The % of people with money to do this like it’s no big deal is bigger than ever while the middle class is smaller and poorer than ever. Extreme wealth disparity has always been present as well as usually been the biggest driver when widespread revolution breaks out across multiple states and/or empires collapsed. It’s funny that many think ideologies drive revolutions. No, people will only risk everything when they see no hope of lifting their families out of miserable conditions. But those with the power to do something never seem to learn from history.

      1. Actually there’s no single fact in what you’re saying. If you consider a time frame of around 3-4 decades middle class is bigger and richer.

        1. The middle class has becoming poorer since the 1980s, unless you’re talking about China and India.

          1. has been*

  2. The main thing I’m wondering about DRS in GB3 is where they’re going to put a DRS zone at Oulton Park. And Brands Hatch for that matter.

    1. Looking at the Oulton Park configuration, it could maybe have activation zone(s) on the following sections:
      S/F straight, Old Hall Corner (T1) to Cascades, Britten’s T8 to T10 Knickerbrook to Druids Corner, unless the latter doesn’t require brake application even for GB3 cars, & or Druids to Lodge Corner.
      More straightforward options for Brands Hatch, i.e., Surtees to Hawthorns Bend, as well as S/F straight & Stirling’s Bend to Clark Curve to a lesser extent.

      1. I don’t think the start/finish straight or the run down to Cascades are long enough for DRS to work properly – you also have Deer Leap at the start of the S/F straight, which could conceivably be destabilising if the rear wing is open. The final part of the lap (after Knickerbrook) is more plausible but the track is quite narrow and the corners taken quite quickly, which does not really fit with the usual DRS formula of a long straight followed by a heavy braking zone.

        I don’t know Brands Hatch as well, having never been there in person, but similar to Deer Leap I wonder if the elevation change between Surtees and Hawthorns might make DRS use difficult.

        1. Good points & my references about Brands Hatch come mainly from games such as Gran Turismo in which I’ve driven the circuit, so already some familiarity with the layout before even looking at it to refresh memory.

  3. Disparity between same-team cars is normal & inevitable if a team mostly needs to rely on a single driver.

    Taking away polystyrene DRS boards, distance markers, or whatever, has happened a lot during post-race track invasions over the years on circuits all over the world, so nothing new, which makes Circuit Gilles Villeneuve security’s actions all the more unusual & weird.

    Lando still didn’t get past them easily, not to mention quickly per se, so DRS becoming available further into the race didn’t ruin battles, not to mention getting overtaken again still occurred in some battles.

    1. Luckily, it seems like Stroll will be the only pay driver on the entire grid next season.

  4. Kelly Piquet on social media.
    “Hate has no place in this world. We know what’s true within our family and we are very happy together.”

    Sad that people feel the need, and probably one of my biggest reasons for not going into such places.
    Kelly is, as far as I can see, “collateral damage” from the media ‘presence’ of a family member.

    Sigh. When will the world grow up?

    1. Never, especially when it comes to SM, which is driving instability and radicalization via the ease of spreading misinformation that it has enabled. Worst thing to ever happen to democracy and the rules based order system ever.

  5. Thank you for the birthday wish, this website has been a constant for me for more than 14 years now!

  6. In other breaking news: Lance Stroll just addressed his future plans. It’s definitely in his mind keep playing a part in the AM project.
    I kid you not.

    1. I mean it’s good that Lance seemingly avoids all media about himself, but maybe he should read just a bit more because it makes him look silly.

  7. With regards to GB3 implementing DRS I don’t think that DRS has any place in a spec chassis junior series.

    Firstly because the junior categories should be about drivers learning to race & figure out how to overtake without falling back of silly artificial gimmicks.

    Secondly with a spec chassis it should be easier to come up with a car that is able to race well without needing the silly artificial gimmick band-aids.

    It’s becoming more & more clear that many of these series no longer care about racing or teaching drivers to race and only care about quantity to pad the stat books because somewhere along the lines everyone became far too obsessed only with how many passes take place rather than what the actual quality of the racing.

    Sad times.

    1. Especially at those levels when generally, the aero disturbance is far smaller and the skill gap between drivers is much greater. I get doing it in F2 just to acclimate them with the system though. But solely for that reason.

  8. Seann Sheriland
    14th June 2024, 21:29

    Albon seems to get the best out of the Williams.
    A potential winner, with his skills, with an underdog car.

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