Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Mugello, 2024

F1 returns to Mugello as Ferrari test Pirelli’s final current-spec tyres

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In the round-up: Charles Leclerc tested Pirelli’s 2025-specification tyres at Mugello yesterday.

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Pirelli begin Mugello tyre test

Pirelli began their fifth in-season tyre test of the year at Mugello yesterday with Leclerc at the wheel of a Ferrari SF-24. The team will spend two days running at the track which held the one-off Tuscan Grand Prix in 2020.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Mugello, 2024
Leclerc was back in action at Mugello
Leclerc completed 120 laps of the circuit, just over two race distances’ worth. He tested hard tyre compounds which are planned for next season, which will be the last with using current specification before narrower rubber arrives in 2026.

The track, which features many medium and high-speed corners, was chosen to assess whether Pirelli’s latest prototypes have successfully reduced overheating as intended. However rain in the afternoon turned their attention to testing intermediate tyres instead.

Carlos Sainz Jnr will take over the car today.

Sauber announce new CCO

The Sauber F1 team has announced Stefano Battiston has joined the team as its chief commercial officer ahead of their transition into the factory Audi team in 2026.

Battiston was previously head of marketing for Alfa Romeo in F1, before becoming the commercial director for Audi’s entry into Formula 1.

“Audi’s position on the global stage is solid and impressive, and I’m both delighted and determined in equal measure to drive this project forward,” he said. “We are forming a new team with a mission of becoming a pioneering platform for brands, opening the door to a culture that will transcend traditional partnerships and customer engagement. Audi’s entry into Formula One is the pinnacle of their highly successful history in motorsport, and I’m grateful for this opportunity and challenge.”

Ex-F1 CEO Carey subpoenaed in Fox probe

Former Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey is back in the headlines. He and three fellow directors of the Fox Corporation have been subpoenaed by voting technology company Smartmatic which has brought a defamation lawsuit against Fox News.

The company is seeking $2.7 billion (£2.12bn) in damages over Fox’s coverage of the 2020 US presidential election and promotion of debunked conspiracy theories regarding voting systems and the result. Last year Fox paid $787.5 million to another voting company, Dominion Voting Systems, which claimed to have proof the company’s executives were aware the election claims were false but did not correct their coverage.

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Comment of the day

With the FIA claiming it wanted narrower tyres for the next generation of F1’s rules in 2026, Asd argues that is what the sport needed…

What we need is just less aero grip, period.

Because the ‘balance’ that is talked about here, is not the balance between how much grip is being given by each of those two types of grip, but the balance between how strongly each type of grip affects the car.

Imagine we narrowed F1 tyres to just 2cm – the width of a road bike’s tyre – so that the cars had barely any mechanical grip at all and they were sliding as if driving on ice. Meaning we lowered the grip, yes, but we exponentially increased the impact of mechanical grip (in this case it being very low) on how the cars drove and behaved on the asphalt.

With grip being so low, the impact of aero (slipstream, turbulent air etc) would be lessened to almost being irrelevant. And this is exactly what happens in the rain – mechanical grip is very low, making it a much more significant factor impacting car’s behaviour than aero grip. And the cars are able to overtake each other. Why? Because having grip in turns and corners or not is mostly dependable on gaining or losing mechanical grip.

F1 needs narrower tyres for better overtaking.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sudhakar, Sankarjune14, Tifoso1989, Winterwarmer and Mashiat!

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  • 60 years ago today Jim Clark scored a remarkable win in the Belgian Grand Prix as Dan Gurney, Graham Hill and Bruce McLaren ahead of him all hit trouble in the last two laps.

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  1. The title can be slightly misleading if anyone knows what I mean.

    Deleting for causing red flags wouldn’t discourage something drivers aren’t couraged to do in the first place.

    Nice move by Ricciardo to award him with a hoodie for that double pass, which was greater than the Kemmel straight ones, even if the latter pass on Ocon was accidental & thus only worked because Ocon managed to see him quickly enough to give space at the last minute.

  2. It’s so easy that children can do it! It’s been going on for many many years

    Donald, is that you? Is the outlook really so bleak that you have to invade F1 blogs now?

  3. The headline got me excited, for 2 seconds

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      We probably need another pandemic to see Mugello ever again.

  4. Business F1 is claiming Newey just inked a three-year $105m deal with Ferrari.

    1. not a bad pay day

      1. An Sionnach
        14th June 2024, 12:50

        You can read the full article on their website. Pages 9 – 11 of the current issue.

  5. The acquisition of shares held by Warner Bros. Discovery will, on completion, bring Liberty Global’s total share of ownership in Formula E to 65% and mean that Liberty Global will take a controlling interest in the world’s fastest growing motorsport.’

    100% of F1, F2 and F3’s commercial dealings, and now also 65% of Formula E…. Liberty bringing themselves closer and closer to an antitrust case or two.
    Can’t come soon enough, unfortunately.

    1. Liberty Media which owns F1 (and is buying Moto GP) is not the same company as Liberty Global.

      1. Liberty Global being the result of a merger between Liberty Media (International) and UnitedGlobalCom….
        Yes, I neglected to mention MotoGP, as it is a different motosports market (bikes as opposed to open-wheel cars).

        And a correction – Liberty Media does not own F1. It only holds the Commercial Rights to F1 – those Commercial Rights can be bought and sold, but the series will forever remain the property of the FIA.

  6. John Malone previously interim CEO of Liberty Media prior to Maffei is I believe still the majority shareholder in both Liberty Media and Liberty Global.
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