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Sergio Perez recently signed a new contract extension which will keep him alongside Max Verstappen at Red Bull beyond this season.

But what was he thinking when driving this Red Bull soapbox at a promotional event in Montreal ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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Caption Competition

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49 comments on “Caption Competition 244: Soapbox Sergio”

  1. notagrumpyfan
    15th June 2024, 8:38

    Perez unmoved when finding out that his contract extension doesn’t stipulate which car he would drive.

  2. And they said Red Bull doesn’t want to develop the car to match Perez skills

  3. The final remains of Perez’s car, after he scattered all his bodywork around the Montreal circuit.

  4. Red Bull gives you wings only if you didn’t break them last time out.

  5. “Only 15 cars ahead of me. Come on Checo, you can do this!”

    1. Derek Edwards
      15th June 2024, 11:56

      Yes, I’m over the hill.

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        15th June 2024, 12:43


      2. paul rodriguez
        15th June 2024, 20:23

        Absolutely brilliant! and take note: I am Mexican, and a big Checo fan…

  6. It suddenly dawns on Checo that he should have checked the small print in his contract extension before signing.

    1. Ahah, so true!

  7. Red Bull’s latest design raises question over whether Adrian Newey’s replacement lacks a similar understanding of aerodynamics…

  8. Fans misunderstand Red Bull press release which says that Perez is getting canned, only to discover he’s staying with the team and is now driving a can shaped car.

  9. All of these are already so good I am laughing hard and not even going to try to beat them

    1. Same here. All very good!

  10. BMW P85 V10
    15th June 2024, 10:30

    This car feels great with the updates, we’ve definitely made a big step forward.

  11. Checo accuses RedBull of Verstappen favouritism.

    1. JungleMartin
      15th June 2024, 13:29

      Love it! :)

  12. Scotty (@rockonscotty)
    15th June 2024, 12:36

    First testing day of the post Newey era has mixed results.

  13. I’m sure this thing had a rear wing when I set off.

  14. “Checo, whenever you doubt your skills just tell yourself ‘yes I can’”

  15. Helmut Marko let’s Checo take his first race car for a ride.

  16. “And once I joined Red Bull, whatever was left of my career went….”

  17. “Huh! Crashing THIS car will cost the team pennies!”

  18. This is me playing “career mode” in Motorsport Manager.
    Been a bit down hill lately…

  19. Ha! and they says that they give Max and me the same car!

  20. Sergio… ” Hay!!! Seriously guys is this all we can afford to build to due the budget cap?”

  21. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    15th June 2024, 20:05

    The cynics did say it would be all downhill for Red Bull after Adrian Newey left.

    1. I’m not sure the Red Bull organization realized the gravity of Newey’s departure.


  22. An Sionnach
    15th June 2024, 23:09

    Checked out

    1. An Sionnach
      15th June 2024, 23:14

      “Checo deal crucial for engineless Red Bull”

  23. ‘Despite no one person being bigger than the team, there were definitely subtle signs of Newey’s departure’

    1. The next quote read: This cardboard chassis and that missing trough of jelly beans at HQ remind us what losing Adrian and Rob Marshall did for this organization.

  24. ‘Sergio found satisfaction in the 2026 new regs, despite all the concern’

  25. Still out in Q1

  26. “So Checo retire the car…box box.”

    “Why everything’s feeling good. How’s my delta?”

    “Mate the race finished over an hour ago!”

  27. After finishing last, Sergio admitted that running the intermediates on a bone dry track was a foolish gamble.

  28. Soapbox, soapbox, soapbox, Checo. We’re going to swap in Helmut, glass eye be damned!

  29. “Sorry, Checo, that’s P18. Your lathering speed was just two tenths off reaching Q2 of Milton Keynes’ annual Holiday Soapbox Grand Prix.”

    Potential Future RBR Press Release:

    Red Bull Racing are proud to gift Max the RBR R20 in recognition of the historic fourth straight driver’s title and 14 wins he achieved in this now legendary chassis.

    Last, but also lease, RBR in association with Telmex and Mexico’s Minister of defense, are proud to gift their 1998 soapbox prototype, the washed up, in memoriam of all the bubbly he left sitting in our coolers.

  30. Hey now
    HAY now
    Don’t dream it’s over

  31. Its all downhill from here

    1. Coventry Climax
      16th June 2024, 18:54

      This is, in my opinion, the best!

  32. YESS! You can’t beat a good roll in the hay.

  33. Redbull immersing Perez in a can of their finest hoping it will give him wings!

  34. Suspicions grow following Sergio’s contract renewal claim that he and Max will be “given the same opportunities to win.”

  35. Coventry Climax
    16th June 2024, 18:53

    With the new BoP regulations for ’26, Checo is certain he stands a chance of making it into Q2.

  36. Chris Møller
    16th June 2024, 19:59

    Ha ha – now this soap is boxd!💪🏻

  37. Red Bull’s New Crash Test Dummy…

  38. I could not believe I got “ZONKED” by Wayne Brady. Should have taken the $1500 in cash.

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