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Sainz will make decision on F1 future “very soon”

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In the round-up: Carlos Sainz Jnr says he is close to deciding which team he will drive for next year.

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Sainz says 2025 decision is imminent

Having lost his place at Ferrari to Lewis Hamilton for next year, Sainz is believed to be weighing offered from Sauber – which will become Audi in 2026 – and Williams. He says a decision is imminent.

“I have my options on the table ready to make a decision and I’m going to make it very soon because I want to get it out of the way to focus on the rest of the year with Ferrari,” said Sainz during an appearance on Spanish chat show El Hormiguero. “There will be time to think about the next team.

“This year I have a car that allows me to get on the podium and win some races and I want to focus on that.”

Sainz said he has offers from “all the teams that haven’t signed their drivers for next year” about could “sign with them tomorrow” but did not specify whether he believes some teams have signed their drivers but not announced them yet.

Leclerc to carry Olympic flame

Sainz’s team mate Charles Leclerc will carry the Olympic flame through Monaco today on its way to Paris for this year’s event.

Second practice run for Bearman

Oliver Bearman will make his third appearance in a grand prix weekend this year at the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend. The Haas reserve driver will take over Nico Hulkenberg’s car in the first practice session. He is due to make four further appearances in practice for Haas this year.

F1 24 ‘seasons’ to highlight Leclerc and Alonso

EA have revealed the first details of the ‘seasons’ of new material coming to the official Formula 1 racing game, F1 24. These are based not around entire championships, but different themes “celebrating the sport’s past, present, and future,” says the publisher.

Each will present players with a set of challenges, available for a limited amount of time, allowing them to win rewards such as special liveries, race suits and more. The first, the Charles Leclerc Challenge Career, will be available until June 28th. It will be followed by the Aston Martin Event Series in July, focused on Fernando Alonso’s career.

Zagazeta returns to F3

Jenzer Formula 3 driver Matias Zagazeta will return to the series this weekend after missing the Monaco round following an emergency operation for appendicitis.

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Red Bull’s latest design raises question over whether Adrian Newey’s replacement lacks a similar understanding of aerodynamics…

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12 comments on “Sainz will make decision on F1 future “very soon””

  1. So, a relatively long interval between pre-season testing & the opening round, given the test would have to occur before the Ramadan period begins.

  2. Keith, could you please ask AM when their new wind tunnel is coming online and why the delay? You may not got a straight answer, but I haven’t even seen a single journalist ask the question.

  3. I want both Sainz and Newey to go to Williams – but I’m expecting Sainz to Sauber and Newey to Ferrari.

    1. Gotta admit, I’d love to see this too, as unlikely as it may be.
      It would be fascinating to see how a lower resourced team like Williams could truly fare within the modern day cost cap environment, with the genius of Newey.

    2. I agree with that. This whole Sainz out of Ferrari/a top seat doesn’t sit well with me. I understand the financial & promotional gains for Ferrari in attracting Lewis but this is again something that doesn’t contribute sporting wise and F1 could really use a bit more of that. The focus is drifting more and more away from what F1 should be.

      1. I agree with you general sentiment on Sainz, but the only reason that professional sports (and e-sports) even exists is because of the commercial gains.

        Additionally, it is not only Ferrari that refused Sainz a seat. There is a bunch of other top teams that apparently did not offer him a seat either.
        Definitely sour for someone of Sainz calibre to not have a winning car for the next seasons. Another driver whose talents will not be relfected in his statistics.

        1. Perhaps sainz could’ve performed better in 2022, maybe if he hadn’t had a horrible season then they’d have been less tempted to go for hamilton, but indeed he’s driving really well now and unfair to see him without a top seat, just like it was unfair that perez was replaced by vettel at force india, but at least justice was done back then as he got the red bull seat.

        2. I think there’s too much emphasis put on the amount of championships drivers have, vettel has double than alonso but all head to head comparisons point at alonso being a far better driver, especially when the car isn’t as good, the car plays WAY too important a role in how many wins and championships a driver gets.

    3. I agree, but I think Sainz is going to Williams and for good reason. With some good seats, highly likely to open by 2027 or 2028 at latest, he’s not going to want to be locked in Audi and you know Williams will give him maximum contract flexibility to get him for just 2-3 seasons. Moreover, Williams is likely to be faster than Sauber / Audi for at least the next 2-3 seasons.

  4. I would have loved to see Leclerc run a full lap of the Monaco circuit with the Olympic torch!

    1. Could’ve done that during the race too, maybe on the last lap, given how little he had to worry about overtakes or anything in that race!

  5. What about Alpine telling Renault they don’t want to use their engine? While it sounds utterly insane, it could actually lead to something pretty great for all the potential parties involved. Mercedes and Ferrari don’t want another customer. I doubt Audi and Alpine would want to work together, but this could open up a pathway for either Andretti-GM or Honda and Yuki.

    While it sounds crazy, I doubt Renault is getting any marketing benefit from the team and no one outside of existing F1 fans know who Alpine is let alone that they’re owned by Renault. Developing an engine is incredibly expensive. So, they could both save tons of $ + make much more profit by having a competitive engine.

    Aston-Honda could get basically a customer team to get more data from as well as a place for Yuki to driver until Stroll f’s off.

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