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New electric single-seater uses digital screens to display information to fans

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FG Series has revealed the new electric single-seater which will race in its two championships.

The FG Twin will be able to run in two different power configurations. Its unique, ‘dual-championship’ design is intended to allow multiple drivers to use the same car during one weekend in its FG1 and entry-level FG2 divisions.

The series’ founders, former Formula E team principal Dilbagh Gill and ex-Formula 1 and FE racer Nick Heidfeld, hope to bring down the cost of competition by allowing cars to be shared by drivers. They have devised FG Series as a “global single-seater support series [which] will be the new pathway for the next generation of motorsport talent to compete, perfect their skills and advance towards the premier tiers of professional racing.”

The car’s front and rear axles can each be powered, receiving a peak of up to 350kW. Other elements of its design are modular, allowing the FG1 to offer more downforce, greater performance and a wider range of set-up options.

The FG Twin also sports digital screens to display real-time information to fans such as its battery level and the driver’s race position. F1 experimented with a similar concept using an LCD screen 10 years ago, but never introduced it. IndyCar temporarily used a similar system.

The FG Twin was designed by Daniel Simon, who styled the livery of HRT’s 2011 Formula 1 car which included slogans such as “this is a cool spot”. He said his goal was to make the FG Twin look “poster-worthy from every angle.”

“The result is a machine with an iconic, rocket-inspired shape, automotive crease lines, balanced proportions, a dynamic stance, and sci-fi lighting details,” he said. “Such attention to aesthetics is rare for racing cars, and I hope this excites racers and spectators of all generations alike.”

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10 comments on “New electric single-seater uses digital screens to display information to fans”

  1. It certainly looks better than formula E

  2. That’s kinda how rental karting championship works usually… karts are shuffled aroud for every round and qualy.

    It has it’s advantages and disadvantages… you’d not want to get the “bad” car for a championship finale.

  3. The cars looks very futuristic, but still retaining open wheel characteristic!
    Certainly makes current FE cars looks out-dated!

    It could also be a support serie for Formula E, something that FE quite badly needs to fill their weekends with on-track action!

  4. That’s a nice looking car if I’ve seen one. Certainly makes the wide rear housing battery, power unit etc. design work aesthetically from all angles unlike the current Formula E car.

  5. It’s not like I’m going to read small numbers displayed on a car flying at 300 km/h, so I’m glad that F1 have at least resisted this gimmick.

    1. Dex, when you’re watching F1 on TV – as all of us do – the cars are seen in almost a static view. You can comfortably look at a car and what it has displayed.

      1. when watching on tv you don’t need that info, obviously.

    2. pretty much. The lights on the driver’s side door is good enough. And fans both at home and on the TV should be easily able to keep up with positions on the score board, which should be available for all to see, either through mobile or large displays/tv rasters.

      Now if those electric cars can go longer than a sprint it would be cool, but they can’t because battery technology won’t get there in the next few years. Refined fuels are far more energy dense/efficient than batteries which are obscenely heavy.

      The real irony, is that if the technology gods were serious about sustainability, they wouldnt be trying to tether everyone to an electric grid so they can ban and tax the s out of them. They would allow competition, and real innovation, but thats not what is going on. Its all about stealing money from poor teams and poor people.

  6. The Formula E design went through an evolution because there was too much contact between the drivers due to the track width and car size. First bulky body work to protect the mechanical parts then narrow and minimal body work to reduce the costs of broken parts. Sure put all the fancy expensive tech on the cars bodywork that will be a more junior racing series with more contact…

  7. Fascinating. Had no idea this series was coming.

    If its wec/indycar/f2 levels of speed it’ll be great to watch

    That’s one reason I couldn’t bother with fE beyond the first season. The tracks another reason.

    Interesting they have said global support series. Meaning it could run as a support series for Indycar, wec, F1, super formula. Of course if they allow it. Seems like it might be highly spec too, which will be great from a driver competition pov

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