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RB “missing something massively” with new update – Tsunoda

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In the round-up: Yuki Tsunoda says RB have work to do after introducing their new upgrades package.

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RB “missing something massively” with new update – Tsunoda

Despite bringing one of the most comprehensive upgrades packages to the Spanish Grand Prix, RB are “way off the pace” so far according to Yuki Tsunoda.

“It was trickier than usual,” Tsunoda told the official F1 channel after the team ended Friday down in 15th and 16th. “It’s not the pace we wanted, but we have to investigate what we’re missing and hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

“The package seems to be working as expected, but we’re missing something massively because we were way off the pace that we usually have. it’s not easy to fix, so we’ll have to do something for sure.”

The team confirmed it stopped using its new rear wing after the first practice sessions due to problems with its Drag Reduction System.

Stroll reprimand for missing fan session

Lance Stroll was given a formal reprimand for failing to participate in a fan engagement session prior to first practice as required by the rules.

While the stewards accepted Stroll missed the session to attend a doctor’s appointment at short notice, they noted his team failed to inform the relevant medical representative at the FIA. “The team representative explained that they informed the media delegate as soon as possible but the timeline to do so was very tight,” they added.

Pulling takes pair of poles

Alpine junior driver and F1 Academy championship leader Abbi Pulling secured double pole for the second successive round in Barcelona after setting the two quickest times in qualifying.

Pulling’s overall best time of 1’41.369 secured her pole for today’s first race by just 0.059s from Haas affiliated driver Chloe Chambers. Her second-best time was also 0.076s faster than Chambers’ own second-quickest time of the session, which means Pulling also takes pole for tomorrow’s second race.

Nerea Marti will start today’s race third with Mercedes junior Doriane Pin taking fourth after recovering from a recent injury that took her out of the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Montoya loses best lap

Sebastian Montoya has dropped from tenth on the grid for Sunday’s F3 feature race down to 27th after having his best lap from qualifying deleted for exceeding track limits at the final corner.

The Campos driver will start down the field for both races, starting with today’s sprint race. As a result, Santiago Ramos has moved up into 12th position, meaning he will start today’s race from pole position with Trident team mate Sami Meguetounif alongside him.

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New F1 24 patch coming on Monday

EA have announced that the next patch for the F1 24 game will be available for all platforms on Monday, featuring a livery update for Ferrari to add the brandings of its newest sponsor.

The patch will also address AI cars running in long DRS trains without changing position, removing a bump on the approach to the penultimate corner at Barcelona among other fixes.

Social media

Notable posts from X (formerly Twitter), TikTok and more:

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Comment of the day

On the day Alpine announced it was bringing Flavio Briatore back into their team as a consultant, Red Andy points out it’s far from unprecedented for a figure involved in Crashgate to return to Formula 1…

I don’t think this appointment is a good thing, but it’s worth noting that other key players from F1’s most notorious cheating scandals have been rehabilitated much sooner than Briatore. As the article notes, Pat Symonds ended up working for FOM.

And Mike Coughlan – one of the two protagonists of Spygate, which in sporting terms was a far bigger scandal than Crashgate – was back working in F1 by 2011, less than four years after the story broke. So it is not exactly unprecedented for the worst of F1’s cheats to make their way back to the sport fairly quickly.
Red Andy

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Domprez and Rhys Lloyd!

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9 comments on “RB “missing something massively” with new update – Tsunoda”

  1. Stroll has no fans. So, I’m not sure anyone was disappointed.

    BTW, yet another reason Johnny Herbert should not be a steward:

    “Jacques Villeneuve is right, Daniel Ricciardo is a social media driver,” he told Lord Ping.

    “I saw what Jacques said and the way he said it [about Daniel Ricciardo being a social media driver]. It was the truth. Some people don’t like the truth sometimes. Jacques was spot on.

    “It isn’t happening for Daniel now. So, it is time for him to hang his helmet up. I genuinely do. Many people might not like that. But it is true. Performances have to be there and as soon as they go, then there is a question mark.

    “I think he still believes. When someone is negative like Jacques, Daniel almost says: ‘On yer bike. You don’t know what you are talking about.’

    “He still has what I can only think is a metal block that he can still do it.”

    …and he continued on and on. Maybe Herbert is right, but it brings up a potential conflict of interest if he is a steward and just doesn’t seem like something professional to say, especially since he strayed well away from just analyzing his driving into making personal comments. Interestingly, it was a comment Alonso should retire while he was at McLaren that started the bad blood between them and why many questioned if it was appropriate that he was the steward during the Australian GP and the controversial Alonso penalty after Russell crashed.

    1. I’m sorry. I follow F1 every day, but I have no idea what this post is saying. Can you explain?

      1. Johnny Herbert often serves as a steward. Is it smart for him to be serving as one when there is an obvious need to ensure your stewards are not biased as well as ensuring fans and teams feel confident stewards are neutral? I don’t think it’s prudent to have someone like Herbert to be a steward in the near future when you have him making very personal sounding attacks on DR and who also had a very public feud with another driver (FA). Many were already suspicious of Herbert’s impartiality and the controversial penalty on Alonso as well as the punishment when was stewarding this year’s Australian GP.

        1. Johnny Herbert often serves as a steward.


          1. Not once. Just once so far this season.

        2. I always liked Herbert as a driver, but if he no longer has the sense to keep his personal opinions to himself when the sport looks to him to be neutral and unbiased then it is him who should go.

  2. More or less, all sorts of things lead to reprimands in F1 these days, even trivial stuff.

    I haven’t noticed or felt any bump on the penultimate corner approach in the game.

    Ranting on the radio shouldn’t take that much focus away from the road ahead.

    Symonds also worked for Williams & somehow I never noticed Mike Coughlan working in F1 again.

  3. When Flavio Briatore was a part of F1 all those years ago it was almost a different sport.
    It was the Bernie Ecclestone show.
    That show decided that Briatore was such a liar and a cheat that they wanted to ban him from F1 for life.

    Now he is being welcomed back with a nice job and a whitewashing of his past.
    What does that tell us about the people running F1 today?

    1. It wasn’t up to F1. His lifetime ban was overturned within months of it being handed down and he could have returned in 2009 had he wanted to and had someone who wanted him.

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