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Rate the race: 2024 Spanish Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

RaceFans has held polls on every F1 race since 2008 to find out which fans thought of each round of the season.

Join in the latest poll and give your verdict on the race: 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest. Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.

What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix out of 10

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21 comments on “Rate the race: 2024 Spanish Grand Prix”

  1. A decent race for Montmelo’s standards.

  2. A solid 7. Varied strategies, drama between teammates and a genuine fight for the lead. Also some great prolonged scraps beyond DRS. I thoroughly enjoyed that one!

  3. Gone with a mediocre 5.

    I would like to thank McLaren for at least trying to make it interesting.
    Other than that, another dull one overall.

  4. It was an interesting race, but the only real excitement was George and Lando.

    I know it’s a common complaint from me, but I hate DRS with such a passion.

  5. Lewis’s best race since Abu Dhabi 2021. Good to see.

    Better than a lot of races, but as soon as Max took the lead, there was only one winner.

    Russel, continues to show why his career is unlikely to yield a WC – unless he demonstrably has the best car.

    1. I think Hamilton has had a few decent performances since 2021 especially last season, but easily his best this year.

      Russell again showing the wrong strategy. He seems to go all out for a lead at the start which ultimately hurts him later as he has to adapt a different strategy.

  6. as soon as VER took the lead at turn 1, you know it was over between him and NOR. Yes NOR had fresher tyres, but that’s never enough to make up 8 secs to a similar paced car in the last 20 laps or so.

  7. 4
    Apart from Norris with McLaren’s interesting strategy, there was nothing entertaining to follow in the race.
    The race was extremely sterile with absolutely no drama at all – no crashes, no collisions, no technical failures, no disappointments of any kind. The DRS overtakes on the main straight were bitter to watch.
    The only worthwhile moments of the race were a couple of non DRS overtakes.

    1. no crashes, no collisions, no technical failures

      when everyone is cruising around well below the limit your never really going to get any drama because the risk of making a mistake or pushing something to failure becomes less.

      it’s when drivers have tyres that they are able to push harder that challenges them more & makes mistakes & failures more likely.

      1. when everyone is cruising around

        Prior to the race the Pirelli guy said something along the lines of a three stop strategy being ‘four seconds slower’ than a two stop strategy. That sounds pretty impressive to have that down to such a figure. But… if you can calculate the stint lengths and pace with such a precise figure, it just goes to show everyone is – as you say – cruising to the time that the tyre can handle for X number of laps.

        It’s unfortunate F1 goes to such lengths to make fast cars, and then puts them on these awful tyres.

        1. It’s the worst. If you watch late until the late 90s, they could and did push flat out the vast majority of the time, unless in fuel savings. And even after, it wasn’t until a few years into the Pirelli era where drivers started this cruising gently thing due to them starting thermal deg model garbage.

          It just shows being able to slap an F1 logo next to your products is still worth it even if most of the press you get within the sport is negative.

        2. It’s unfortunate F1 goes to such lengths to make fast cars, and then puts them on these awful tyres.

          What is far more unfortunate is the amount of control the teams exert over the on-track product at all times.
          The current tyres would produce far more interesting races if the teams weren’t telling the drivers how to manage them all the time.
          F1 teams quite literally engineer the fun out of F1.

          It’s gone well beyond time for F1 to introduce a proper radio ban – and certainly not the half-baked version they implemented last time.

    2. SOS, DD

  8. Boring.
    But seen worse at Barcellona.
    One or two decent battles.


    1. Agreed, but we’ve seen worse so many times because they had the chicane before the last turn. Eliminating that has helped greatly, but even during that era we’ve had many better races.

  9. 4/10.

    Was basically a race that was all about my least favourite things.

    DRS & high tyre management leading the boringly easy passes, no long battles & cruising around slowly to manage the tyres which just isn’t fun to watch & why i utterly despise the extreme artificially created high-deg tyre era of a decade ago.

    I want to see drivers able to push and not just cruise around not been challenged all that much.

  10. 7/10. Not bad I thought for the standards of Barcelona. There were some interesting strategy calls and there were a few really good passes. Not a great battle at the front but Max didn’t run away with it. Kept me interested all the way through.

  11. My vote seems to be slap bang in the middle (or the ‘mean’ I guess). But despite that the comments seem to be rather more negative that the ratings reflect.

    As usual, there seem to be those (5 or 6 voters at this point in time) whom I wonder if they should be watching F1. I know I certainly would not waste my time on something that I would rate so lowly knowing that it can – and will – be relatively ‘worse’ than that.

  12. 4/10

  13. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    24th June 2024, 9:30

    On the basis there are only 18 comments- this season and this track continue to be dull. Qualifying is great, the racing is awful.

  14. This track does not belong on the F1 calendar. One of the most boring tracks. Little to no racing at all here.

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