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Spectator arrested for entering live track to take pictures at Laguna Seca

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In the round-up: IndyCar spectators who crossed a barrier and entered a live track were dealt with by local police.

In brief

Police catch IndyCar track invader

An IndyCar spokesperson confirmed to RaceFans police issued a ticket to a spectator who entered the Laguna Seca track during qualifying for this weekend’s race. Video showed at least one fan within the confines of the circuit as Christian Lundgaard’s car passed by.

The incident occured towards the end of qualifying. The spectator was found hiding near the circuit in Poison Oak.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s department confirmed it arrested a 31-year-old male who “entered Weathertec [sic] Raceway race track, while race [sic] was in session, to take photos.”

“He did not have permission and was cited for trespassing.”

Sargeant “managing from lap one”

Logan Sargeant called the Spanish Grand Prix “was one of the toughest races of the year” after qualifying and finishing last. He was promoted to 19th on the grid by his team mate’s penalty but fell back behind Alexander Albon by the finish.

“That was one of the toughest races of the year,” said Sargeant. “The degradation was accumulating so quickly that it felt like I was managing the tyre from lap one on every stint.

“It’s been a difficult weekend for the team. Like last year, we struggled in Barcelona but had strong performances in Austria and Silverstone, so we’ll look to move on and bounce back.”

Bortoleto penalised for tangle with team mate

Gabriel Bortoleto lost his seventh place finish in the Formula 2 feature race after the stewards handed him a five-second time penalty for colliding with his team mate. The pair collided when Bortleto, defending his position on the inside of turn one on hard tyres, tangled with Kush Maini as the second Invicta, on soft tyres, attempted to sweep around the outside of him.

“Bortoleto also reported that his visibility rearward had been affected by a broken mirror from debris on-track,” noted the stewards. “We considered that Bortoleto had attempted to leave room for Maini and the collision was minor, in addition to the possible mitigating circumstances of reduced visibility.”

The penalty promoted Zane Maloney to seventh behind Maini, followed by Amaury Cordeel, Pepe Marti and Bortoleto in the final points place.

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Briatore’s brief ‘to make Alpine competitive’

New Alpine executive advisor Flavio Briatore, who has made a controversial return to the team 15 years on from being banned for Formula 1 over the ‘Crashgate’ episode, made his first comments after his appointment was announced.

“I am nominated from the chairman of the company,” he told Sky on the grid before the Spanish Grand Prix. “I do everything necessary to make the team competitive.”

Alpine repeated their best result of the season in yesterday’s race, Pierre Gasly finishing ninth ahead of Esteban Ocon.

Half points for shortened Sugo race

Half points were awarded for yesterday’s Japanese Super Formula round at Sugo which was abandoned and results declared based on 12 laps of a planned 51. Rain and fog contributed to poor visibility throughout the race.

The race began after five laps behind the Safety Car but was immediately neutralised when Kazuya Oshima crashed. It resumed on lap 12 but was stopped again two laps later when Sena Sakaguchi crashed. Barrier damaged prevented the race being restarted.

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Social media

Notable posts from X (formerly Twitter), TikTok and more:

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Comment of the day

Did Carlos Sainz Jnr benefit from lenient calls by the stewards yesterday?

Following the rulebook as written, Carlos Sainz hit two cars during the race, which is a penalty for each in theory. Fortunately for him, there are two unwritten practises which saved his race:

– Team-mate collisions are generally handled in-house unless so serious that the stewards feel the wrath of a team manager would be insufficient penalty.

– When two drivers in an accident both do something wrong (in this case, Carlos Sainz should not have hit Lewis Hamilton and Lewis should have left Sainz room for post-collision physics to play out), the potential penalties cancel each other out.

Carlos has a point here, but it is less strong than he would he like or necessarily want it to be.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Andrew Smith, Daniel and Inc0Mmunicado!

On this day in motorsport

  • 40 years ago today Brabham’s Nelson Piquet withstood a late charge from Martin Brundle to win in Detroit. However Tyrrell were later thrown out of the championship, so Elio de Angelis was promoted to second.

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19 comments on “Spectator arrested for entering live track to take pictures at Laguna Seca”

  1. Managing from lap one at least partly explains getting lapped twice by the eventual winner.

    Regarding the top tweet, I certainly was critical of him during & after the Monaco GP, just like with Magnussen, but I still don’t understand booing during a Fan Zone forum.

    Regarding Sean Kelly’s tweet, the fireworks thing was apparently about an annual Sant Joan festival held on June 23-24, but at least next year, the Spanish GP will occur at the same time of June as last year.

    COTD makes good points, although Hamilton already left plenty of room by turning sharply on the apex, so not much more he could’ve done to avoid a close call.

    1. It was a wildly arrogant and tone deaf comment, unless he thought F1 was behind the fireworks and why should he. BTW, who is Sean Kelly?

  2. Threatening your life for a few photos or videos you could also make behind the fences (in similar quality)… Big brain move.

    1. Complete insanity!

    2. There are always people who do really dumb things in the quest to be a social media star. I think there has been at least one case of someone falling off a balcony while “planking”. Last week, National Rail warned about people trespassing on rail tracks to try to get the cool instragram photo of themselves standing in the middle of the lines, and earlier this year, after a cliff-fall on the south coast, people were spotted standing on the very dangerous crumbling edge to take selfies. And people think race drivers are crazy!

      1. We need to let these people get taken out of the gene pool and then make their fans (if they have any) and family pay the costs for any damage that resulted in the process of this service.

  3. Oh no, Ocon was booed. Those ‘fans’ should have been kicked out of the event! Banned for life even. I can’t wait til we have the tech to read brain waves so that we can pre-kick-out the people who would boo.

    No hooting and hollering either!

    1. Yup. Absolutely absurd. They should also cancel cheering because it could upset those who aren’t getting cheered. As long as people aren’t shouting racist or vulgar comments, F1 should keep quiet.

    2. Yup. Absolutely absurd. They should also cancel cheering because it could upset those who aren’t getting cheered. As long as people aren’t shouting discriminatory or vulgar comments, F1 should keep quiet.

  4. Ocon never realized I think but he’s getting abuse on every social media ever since his last season with Alonso. This isn’t about Monaco.

    1. That seemed to be one of a breaking points for a lot of fans. Even “Tommo,” a SM pundit and longtime fan of his, condemned him.

  5. “I do everything necessary to make the team competitive.”

    Everything = anything. Oh, oh. Here we go again with Briatore!

  6. An IndyCar spokesperson confirmed to RaceFans police

    Best behaviour everyone – Keith has his own police :)

    1. They’re not kidding. I’ve had officers show up to my home several times with warrants signed by Keith.

  7. Do we really need AI to prompt presenters with personalised and pertinent content? The algorithms on social media detect and reinforce the prejudices of the individual and an AI feeding trivia to broadcasters is likely to be just as flawed. Presenters are biased-enough alread. An AI system which feeds them a stream of “facts”, stats and trivia which learns to match someones biases and prejudices does not sound like a way to improve the quality of the broadcast.

    1. If the AI-augmented screen displays are anything to go by, there will be less pertinent content, not more.

    2. +1

      AI is generally a bad thing, except for a very narrow set of functions.

  8. Thank you for the COTD selection, Keith!

    1. ‘Twas a good comment.

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