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Verstappen should own up to ‘stupid, reckless’ driving after collision – Norris

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Lando Norris laid the blame for his race-ending collision with Max Verstappen entirely at his rival’s feet.

The two drivers made contact at turn three on the 64th lap of the race while Norris was trying to pass Verstappen. The Red Bull driver moved off-line approaching the corner to defend his position and the McLaren driver made his move on the outside.

Verstappen moved back across to the left and the pair made contact. Norris retired as a result of the damage while Verstappen was able to continue and finish the race in fifth place.

Norris accused his rival of repeatedly changing his line in the braking zones as they fought over the lead. He said that eventually led to the collision between them.

“There’s a rule – you’re not allowed to react to the other driver,” Norris told Sky. “And that’s what he did three times out of three.

“Two times I managed to avoid it and not run into him – not lock up and run into him – and the third time he just ran into me.

“So I don’t know. I was just trying to drive my race and he was clearly a lot slower at the end. He ruined his own race just as much as he ruined mine, but nothing more I can do. I did my best and that was good enough, but it got ruined through not my own fault.”

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The McLaren driver said the stewards failed to enforce the rules prior to the collision. “I [can only] do so much,” he said. “I mean, there’s rules and if the rules aren’t followed, nothing I can do about that.

“I just have to do my job, which is to go out and drive and drive fast and do what I was doing today, which was is easily good enough for the win.

“From my side, I’ll just carry on doing what I’m doing. I’m doing a good job. I’m happy with my efforts and my improvements from yesterday to today. So on to Silverstone.

“I can’t do anything more than I would have done. So I’m happy. I’m happy with the team and everything we’re doing, but got let down today.”

Although the pair have had a friendly rivalry in the past, Norris said his rival must own up to his errors in today’s race.

“If he says he did nothing wrong, then I’ll lose a lot of respect for that. If he admits to being a bit stupid and running into me and just being a bit reckless in a way, then probably [I’ll have] a small amount of respect for him.

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“But it’s still a tough one to take, when we’re fighting for the win and I’m trying to be fair for my side, and he just wasn’t. I don’t know. That’s not what I’m thinking about – I don’t care about that now. I’m just gutted for the team.”

The stewards ruled Verstappen was at fault for the collision and gave him a 10-second time penalty, which did not change his finishing position, and two penalty points on his licence.

Norris was given a five-second time penalty for exceeding track limits during the race. He served it when he came into the pits to retire at the end of the race.

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55 comments on “Verstappen should own up to ‘stupid, reckless’ driving after collision – Norris”

  1. I know they’re not teammates, but was this their LewisxNico moment?

  2. Owns it to a championship!!!!

  3. Max had to take avoiding action a couple of times because Lando sent it from far away. They raced hard, it went wrong.

    1. This. Verstappen should have owned up for that one move when Norris tried to overtake the fist time. Everything after was way more on Norris and the setup of his car.

    2. True, but before lando did his dive bomb, there was plenty of late moving from max. This forced Lando to do some late moves of his own. The divebomb from lando was desperate and I think these moves have been allowed by the stewards for too long so that they happen to often without any penalty.

      But the way Max just moved to the outside and drove Lando track was a disgrace for racing. Clearly an intentional move by all accounts as you can tell from the helicopter view and the steering wheel.

      1. BMW P85 V10
        30th June 2024, 17:47

        Please think a week back to the start of the Barcelona race. Norris pushed Verstappen into grass. Later declared he gave enough space (which he didn’t). Verstappen didn’t make a fuss, said it was hard racing and that he would probably have done the same.
        Norris should have taken the same approach, avoid collision, keep pushing and than pass Max eventually. Norris was not patient and was not in control on some of his passing attempt, where Max had to avoid collision. Stewards should rate this as a race incident and not penalise just one driver where both drivers where over the edge several occasions before.
        Stewards should also put out Norris’penalty for track limits way earlier than they did. And Norris has not been penalised for pushing Max of track, which should lead to a grid penalty for next race if they do things right for once.

        1. In Barcelona there was like 30-40 cm between the cars, Max just drove off track. But you are right, stewards should have penalized the moving under braking already twice prior to the crashing into the opponent.

      2. Completely agreed. It’s been a bit like the Perez Magnussen incident back in Monaco. Poor racing by two stubborn drivers who didn’t know when to yield. Norris because he wanted to prove his point and Verstappen because red mist has taken over. Both got what they deserved.
        Good, they were penalized too for dirty driving. You can’t just divebomb people all the time and moving under braking is a big nono anyway. Luckily for them the penalty doesn’t come as a grid drop for Silverstone.

    3. Max moaning about another driver dive bombing after he’s been using them all his early career is quite rich…

      1. They all do it, so nothing new there

      2. I agree 100% with you. I thought he had learnt from his mistakes in 2021, when he was driving very agressively against Hamilton. But as they say a ‘Leopard never changes his spots’. So, now he is no longer able to drive off into the distance, he reverst to type with his win at all costs mentality.

        1. What mistakes, he became champion..

    4. That dive bomb wasn’t anything that Max himself hasn’t done before. A lot of times. Or because he’s been dominating so much last couple of years, you all forgot what type of driver Max is?

    5. It seems most are unfamiliar with what moving under braking is according to the rulebook

      Appendix L, Chapter IV, Article 2b:
      “More than one change of direction to defend a
      position is not permitted.
      Any driver moving back towards the racing line,
      having earlier defended his position off-line, should
      leave at least one car width between his own car
      and the edge of the track on the approach to the
      However, manoeuvres liable to hinder other
      drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car
      beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal
      change of direction, are strictly prohibited. Any
      driver who appears guilty of any of the above
      offences will be reported to the Stewards.”

      Max made one defensive move going off the racing line towards the right (to cover the inside of the corner). Then he moved back to the racing line (his move to the left) and left a car’s width. Seems correct to me if you look at the rulebook.
      It is time the Stewarding becomes less biased. Having Herbert around doesn’t add to their already questionable credibility

  4. Maybe not so friendly any more then.

  5. Lando needs to talk with Lewis about how to race Max when he’s in “My corner or we crash mode”…

    1. Indeed, hamilton definitely would have advice for him there.

      1. Yeah, but not a winning advice. Norris needs a different approach.

        1. It would be “winning advice” ,because Lewis got the better of him in the last few races of 2021.

    2. Well silverstone is next. Time enough to learn the Hamilton signature attack.

      1. You mean when Lewis said ‘enough is enough’ if you want to play the ‘My corner or we crash’ bring it on…
        Then spent the final 4 races of the season trying not to be torpedoed by Max ;-)

      2. Verstappen signature divebombing and crashing into opponents u mean…

  6. Max is and has always been ham fisted racecraft personified. Under pressure he’s one dimensional and dirty. From his days with Ricciardo as a team mate, the dirt he piled on Hamilton in the 2021 season and today as the McLaren’s continue to improve, especially with Lando behind the wheel, Mas once again reverts to his single dimension race craft.

    1. Definitely it seems Max when he has superior car just drives away from the competition however as been said when he is in a close battle he seems to resort to Crashstappen!

    2. And this is how you win championships. Just extended his points haul against Norris while making a statement that he’ll never let you overtake him easily, even when he has to think about the championship. A win-win. Senna would be proud.

      1. Yes, and Lando needs to make a statement too, as often as he can, just as he did today: If you’re driving dirty, I’m not gonna back out, we’re gonna crash. This is something Ham wasn’t willing to do.

      2. By cheating… No real sportsman takes pride in winning by cheating. Max overtook off track with no penalty (Inexplicably) moved under braking multiple.times and then turned left straight into Norris. He refuses to ever give up a position at end cost as we have seen through the years. This needs to be punished with disqualification due to the dangerous nature of his attitude. But then what should we expect from the son of someone on a suspended sentence for assault….

      3. Affordable tactics only when you’ve got a rocketship of a car and a back marker for a teammate.

  7. I thought Norris was well know for being overly self-critical… Well today he sure isn’t. His driving was below standards at times and Max was indeed moving late but (unless he is braking) it is not illegal. I guess someone could pull up the telemetry and make a true fact based analisys but I suspect given the fact Max said he wasn’t, he probably wasn’t braking at that point. He knows if it gets investigated the truth will come out. And Max doesn’t usually lie anyway….

    1. You misunderstand the rules.

      Article 27.5 of the Sporting Regulations states that ‘…no car may be driven…in a manner which could be potentially dangerous to other drivers…’, furthermore, Article 27.8 prohibits any manoeuvre ‘…liable to hinder other drivers, such as…any abnormal change of direction’.

      So two rule Max broke with that manoeuvre and was not punished for. However Norris was punished for track limits while giving a position back to max… Hamilton was likely going to be punished for the same issue at the same corner if he had not given the position back to Sainz. I am not sure how that is really consistent. It seems that unless it is so obvious it will cause a riot then Max just gets away with whatever he likes… from bad manoeuvrers to backing up drivers in the pitlane to unsafe releases…

      Max is only a safe driver where he is clearly in front and not at risk of being overtaken. His fans seem to think everyone other than max should yield. Be reasonable and fair. He is not going to change unless his team, the FIA and his fans call him out for bad behaviour. This is a driver who has been found guilty of attacking another driver in the pitlane!

  8. Usual crashkid driving antics. He just is unable to drive cleanly when being under pressure.

    1. Your to hard on lando. It was optimistic indeed, but at least he tried and lost

      1. oh, didnt know that there are newbies here, not knowing who the crashkid is. delusional orange sillyness

    2. Verstappen and RB living rent free in your head lol. You’ll need to visit a psychologist. You’ll definitely still traumatized from the 2021 season.

  9. How is it even allowed to take your 5s penalty for retiring the car?

    1. How is it allowed to purposefully destroy your rivals race and your penalty is so small? 10 seconds for putting your rival out of the race!

      1. There is this precedent from Silverstone from 2021…

        1. and about a dozen other precedents from the 2021 season, a race ban would have been in order but your selective memory is cloudy given the day’s events.

        2. Firstly, Hamilton did not turn into Max at silverstone in 2021. Secondly as far as I remember he was given a 25 second penalty…

  10. Definitely

  11. People forget that Max actually tried to run Norris off the track TWICE after the initial contact.

    Max is a child who still hasn’t grown up. It runs in the family.

    1. The same people who also forgot he tried run Hamilton off the track in Silverstone right before their collision

    2. Indeed, how did he not also get punished for both overtaking while off track and then trying to push Norris onto the grass after the collision?

    3. When his rear was destroyed you mean he tried to stay out of the way but i didn’t understand why Lando who saw Max’s tyre was gone went to overtake his on the right while the left was total open ….. And Lando when way to fast destroying his floor totaly.

      1. Because as he closed on Max, Max was on the left of the track. it was only as Lando went to go to the right of him that he moved the the right of the track. A few laps before he also went off track and came back on in front of Norris and refused to give the place back, but still no penalty.

  12. I imagine that Lando and Max have already discussed what happened and it is behind them now. They are professionals, after all. Probably laughing about it. But I must say that I was impressed by how Lando completely thrashed his car on the way to the pits. I didn’t know he had that in him :)

    1. Max is not a professional he is a thug, just like his dad.

    2. Lando should drive slowly back to the pit like Max and he would could score points more then Max as he was in front of him.

      1. The tyres punctured differently. Max’s came off the rim instantly, Norris’ tyre stayed on the rim and was not initially obvious but ripped open. Norris was clearly going slower than Max around the track as he came in some time after max had already pitted.

  13. What gets me is, if a driver is taken out of the race by fault of another driver then surely the guilty party should not score any points.

    1. Certainly if it is clearly an avoidable or purposeful incident. If it is a clear accident then I am in favour of a harsh 25 second penalty. This one was clearly either avoidable or on purpose (I suggest the latter given the place it happened and the veracity with which max was defending his position)

  14. Have to admit I felt a LOT of “Schadenfreude” when I saw Max’ puncture… He’s impressive as a driver (probably in the top 3 of all time) and I can’t even say I don’t like him personalitywise but his dirty “racing” and childish behavior when challenged has been frustrating to watch…

  15. I watched the incidents again and also a lot of interviews and analyses.

    My takeaway: Incident 1 – Lando lunges on the inside locking up, Max has to brake so he doesn’t get rammed. Lando doesn’t make the corner at all.

    Incident 2 – Lando overtakes on the inside but doesn’t leave any space on the outside, forcing Max off.

    Incident 3 – Lando tries to go round the outside and Max leaves some space but Lando doesn’t move onto the kerb. They touch very softly but with a big impact because of the punctures.

    After this Max brings home his car safely while Lando destroys it by going too fast.

    There was no penalty given for moving under braking so this suggests there wasn’t any (like Max said). If Lando still really feels he didn’t do anything wrong in their battle, imho he is incorrect. They both went hard on it but Max avoided 2 potential crashes where Lando didn’t avoid the last one.

    If you bring in the incident from Spain where Lando forced Max on the grass on the straight, I’d say they both showed a lot of aggression against eachther.

    I think Lando is looking a bit one sided to this battle

  16. Lando and to a certain degree George’s naivety defies belief.

    Do they think the likes of Max will play fair because they are friends? LOL!!

    Fernando and Lewis must be laughing their heads off, about how gullible the new breed are.

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