George Russell, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2024

Russell becomes F1’s 79th multiple winner after Verstappen’s rare loss from pole

2024 Austrian GP stats and facts

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While 114 different driver have won rounds of the world championship, 35 of those have but a single victory to their names.

They include current racers Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly and Lando Norris – though the latter came close to adding his second last weekend.

His collision with Max Verstappen meant another driver took the opportunity to claim their second win. George Russell duly became the 79th driver to win more than round of the championship.

Coincidentally, when he scored his first win at Interlagos two years ago, Verstappen was also penalised for a collision with a rival, this time Lewis Hamilton.

George Russell, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2022
Russell’s previous win came at Interlagos in 2022
Russell is the only living driver with exactly two wins to his name. The others are Bill Vukovich, Jose Froilan Gonzalez, Maurice Trintignant, Wolfgang von Trips, Pedro Rodriguez, Jo Siffert, Peter Revson, Patrick Depailler, Patrick Tambay, Elio de Angelis and Jean-Pierre Jabouille – the latter passed away in February last year.

Sunday’s result means five different drivers have won races this year, two more than last season and as many as in the whole of 2022.

Russell also ended Mercedes’ wait for there first win since his maiden triumph at Interlagos two years ago. Four different constructors have now won races this year, something which has only happened three times since the V6 hybrid turbo regulations were introduced in 2014, the other occasions being 2020 and 2021.

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For the second time in three years at the Red Bull Ring, Verstappen took two pole positions and won the sprint race but victory in the grand prix eluded him. Last year he took pole and victory in both.

Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, Red Bull Ring, 2024
Vertappen losing races from pole position is a rarity
He claimed the 40th pole position of his career last weekend but wasn’t able to convert it into victory. That’s unusual for Verstappen: Last year he converted all 12 of his pole positions into wins. However this is his third defeat from pole position this season, following his retirement in Australia and second place in Miami after a Safety Car period played into Norris’ hands. Prior to this year, he had only lost from pole four times in the previous three seasons

So while Verstappen still enjoys a dominant position at the top of the points table, he is having a patchier season. He has won seven grands prix so far, and no other driver has more than one, but Verstappen still hasn’t won three in a row. This is a big change when you consider that after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix he’d won 19 of the previous 20 grands prix.

Verstappen took pole position by an emphatic margin despite the early stages of qualifying being very close. He claimed the top spot by 0.404 seconds, yet in Q1 the entire 20-car field was covered by just 0.798s (and the top 19, Zhou Guanyu excluded, by 0.593s).

Oscar Piastri equalled the best result of his career again with second place. Afterwards he was still cursing the borderline track limits call which cost him third on the grid – the position Russell won from.

Third place for Carlos Sainz Jnr moves him within 15 points of his team mate. He can therefore claim bragging rights in the intra-team battle at Ferrari as Charles Leclerc scored 16 points in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which Sainz missed due to illness.

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Nico Hulkenberg finished sixth, scoring his best result since returning to F1 with Haas last season. With Kevin Magnussen eighth, Haas replicated their 2022 Austrian Grand Prix result (though a seventh place in the sprint race that weekend meant they scored more points two years ago).

Nico Hulkenberg, Renault, Monza, 2019
Fifth at Monza five years ago was Hulkenberg’s last best result
The Red Bull Ring has always been a strong track for this team. Their best result to date came in the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix when Romain Grosjean took fourth ahead of Magnussen.

Haas bagged 12 points and jumped past Alpine in the constructors’ championship. That was a galling development for Alpine, who worked their way up to seventh in the standings by collecting ninth and tenth place finishes, only for Haas to beat their entire season score to date in a single race.

Daniel Ricciardo marked his 250th grand prix start with his second points finish in one this year. However his biggest score of the year remains so far remains his fourth place in the sprint race in Miami.

Fernando Alonso failed to score for the fourth time in the last five races as Aston Martin’s slump continues. However he snatched the fastest lap away from Verstappen on the final tour by just 0.025 seconds, ensuring no one scored the bonus point. It is the 26th fastest lap of his career, putting him ninth on the all-time list, and second this year.

Finally, the changes to the last two corners prompted a huge fall in the number of track limits infringements. Last year 83 infringements were recorded during the race (not 1,200, as stated elsewhere, which was the number of potential infringements investigated) but this year there were just 16. Most importantly, none of those occured at the remodelled turns nine and ten – instead, one, three and six were the trouble spots.

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15 comments on “Russell becomes F1’s 79th multiple winner after Verstappen’s rare loss from pole”

  1. José Lopes da Silva
    2nd July 2024, 16:46

    So Alonso extended the record of time between the first and the last fastest lap to over 21 years, which means roughly 28% of the whole history of the F1 world championship. Same as some other records around 20 years, but still.

  2. Better get off two wins as soon as possible George – it’s cursed!

  3. Jonathan Parkin
    2nd July 2024, 17:11

    With Haas finishing in the top six in Austria, only Sauber, Racing Bulls, Williams and Alpine haven’t registered a top six finish.

    Yes I know its an academic exercise since points are now down to 10th, but I do like looking at the championship from the 1991-2002 scoring system, because that’s what it was when I started watching F1

  4. Lando or Oscar to be number 80 then I’m betting.

    1. BLS (@brightlampshade)
      2nd July 2024, 17:37

      Seems most likely, unless they miss out this year and Ocon lucks himself into the improving Mercedes seat.

      1. Just like how Perez lucked into the Red Bull seat.

    2. @nullapax More likely Lando as Oscar first needs to achieve his maiden victory & Lando finishes higher more often.

      @brightlampshade He’d need to be very lucky, but realistically, he isn’t getting that drive, nor has he been a true contender at any point in the first place & the fact Mercedes will seemingly wait until November at the latest before making a decision clearly means they’re still trying to lure Max, & thus, the eventual announcement about Antonelli will happen in that month unless they succeed by that point.

  5. Logan Sargeant out-qualified Alexander Albon for the second time this season, albeit like in Miami, only in sprint qualifying.
    He again was the only driver to finish two laps down, albeit the early pit stop largely contributed this time around.

    Guanyu Zhou finished last in qualifying for the seventh time this season.

    Max Verstappen achieved his fifth consecutive pole position at Red Bull Ring, his first such achievement on any circuit.

    0.798 sec is the closest ever gap between the fastest & the slowest in Q1 since the current format debuted in 2006.

  6. 0.798s between first and last in Q1 – the closest ever.

    Verstappen led 62 laps – the most he’s led in any race this season – but did not win.

    Gasly has exactly 400 career points.

    Piastri has already scored more points in 2024 than in the whole of 2023.

    All 3 wins by British drivers since the start of 2022 have come in sprint weekends.

    Norris’ first non-scoring GP since Las Vegas 2023. Verstappen, Hamilton, and Russell all have the longest unbroken streak (all failed to score in Australia but have scored in every race since), although Piastri has scored in the last 13 weekends.

    First time the race-winner has led fewer than 10 laps of the race since Verstappen in Saudi Arabia 2022 (6 laps).

    Every team has had at least 1 DNF this season.

    Russell is one of 8 drivers who has scored more than 1 pole and more than 1 win but never done both in the same race. He is some way off Keke Rosberg’s achievement of 5 poles and 5 wins without a win-from-pole.

    Second time Verstappen has lost the lead after colliding with a driver who (as of today) has 1 win to his name, allowing a Mercedes driver to win.

    Hamilton’s team-mate scored a win helped by Verstappen colliding with Norris nearly 3 years after Norris’ (then) team-mate scored a win helped by Verstappen colliding with Hamilton.

    The 4 races so far this year that Verstappen has failed to win have all been for fundamentally different reasons (reliability, unlucky safety car timing, off pace all weekend, collision).

    Thanks to statsf1, the official F1 site and GP Rejects for some of these.

    1. Although he would’ve lost the Miami GP even without the SC error, given the tyre disadvantage & floor damage.

  7. Lando will become F1’s 80th multiple winning driver soon.

    1. Most likely

  8. Saw this elsewhere
    First race in Max’s career that he hasn’t finished on the Podium after starting from Pole.

    1. *F1 Career

  9. Knew I should of done some digging first, this stat doesnt include 3 DNF’s starting from Pole. The rest are 4 x 2nd and Sundays 5th position out of 40 Poles

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