Red Bull's 2024 British Grand Prix livery and 2015 'Camo Bull' testing livery

Red Bull reveals special British GP livery based on 2015 ‘Camo Bull’ design

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Red Bull have revealed a special livery design they will use for this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

The team is marking its 20th season of competition in Formula 1 at this weekend’s race, which takes place a short distance from its Milton Keynes base.

The team invited fans to create designs using a livery configurator featuring a selection of colours, patterns and pre-set designs. From their creations a winning design was selected, produced by Chalaj Suvanish, one of the team’s fans from Thailand.

Red Bull said the design “takes inspiration from the team’s 2015 one-off and iconic pre-season testing livery, The Camo Bull.” The team used that black-and-white livery on its RB11 during pre-season testing for the 2015 season. Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat appeared in the car at Jerez and the Circuit de Catalunya.

The British Grand Prix is the first of three rounds where Red Bull will use special liveries this year. Further designs for the RB20 will be seen at the Singapore Grand Prix in September and the United States Grand Prix in October.

“Following the success of our customised fan liveries last year, we are proud to be running fan designed liveries once again on our cars for 2024,” said team principal Christian Horner.

Suvanish will attend this weekend’s race at Silverstone to see his creation in action. “I have been so lucky to have won and now I get to see a race in real life and I can’t quite believe it, not only do I get to attend an F1 race I get to see the car I customised on track.

“I used red in the design of the car to represent the spirit and strength depicted in the Red Bull logo and took inspiration from the way flow-vis paints is used in aerodynamic testing.”

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Pictures: Red Bull’s 2024 British Grand Prix livery

Pictures: Red Bull’s 2015 ‘Camo Bull’ testing livery

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19 comments on “Red Bull reveals special British GP livery based on 2015 ‘Camo Bull’ design”

    1. That was my first thought too but Red Bull say it’s the 2015 ‘Camo’ one. They highlighted it in their social media recently, presumably in anticipation of this, and did a teaser a few days ago.

      1. Oh really. Didn’t know that. That’s kind of strange to be honest. This livery looks nothing like the black and white camo one.

        1. Yup, completely tenuous link theyre making.

          1. and stretching tenuousity too.

  1. The printer was misfiring and they decided to keep it… Another one to add to special not so special collection.

    A bit odd about the choice of reference too, picking 2015 instead of 2019, and by making reference to a better, more iconic one, this one seems even more dull.

  2. Nice

  3. The livery should be a cartoon of Max taking a 💩 on the rulebook!

  4. It won’t look like that after Lando has had a go at it! ;)

  5. Joe Pineapples
    3rd July 2024, 15:08

    Looks like the design for a non descript ice lolly brand in poundland.

  6. They’re not testing any new aero parts this weekend then – the flow-vis wouldn’t show up!

  7. Damn, what an ugly thing is that.

  8. Special liveries are just another thing that no one cares about except the PR departments. All fans want is cars you can recognise.

    1. It can be done well, like the McLaren Gulf a couple years back now. I care very much for that one and was glad to see it.

      This one? Nothing special about it in the slightest.

    2. It’s like the “Marketing Experts” who move everything around on the shelves at the supermarkets.
      Totally pointless people trying to justify their existence.
      Waste of oxygen, all of them …. and for a change, I am not joking….

      1. If there weren’t metrics to back up that their existence leads to increased sales, it wouldn’t exist.

        1. and who calculates those metrics? ….. unnecessary people ….

  9. The black & white one is awesome.

  10. The camo design is used to make it harder for the stewards to detect weaving on the straights and exceeding track limits.

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