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Lack of upgrades holding Williams back – Sargeant

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In the round-up: Logan Sargeant says Williams have fallen behind as their rivals have developed their cars more quickly.

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Williams struggling without upgrades – Sargeant

Logan Sargeant said Williams’ lack of updates are hurting them in the championship fight. They lie ninth in the standings with just two points, ahead of only Sauber who are yet to score.

“We’re always optimistic and I think we’re doing a good job putting the car in a good place, which is always important,” he said at a fan event yesterday.

“But we haven’t had an upgrade yet, so that always makes it difficult. It makes it tricky to keep being competitive against cars that have had one upgrade or multiple.

“So we’re still waiting for that in the future. But for now we’re going to keep trying to get everything out of it and I think if we do have a perfect weekend, there can be points available.”

Williams have said they intend to bring a major upgrade for their car following this weekend’s race.

Aston Martin’s Imola upgrade failed – Krack

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack doubts the team will be any more competitive at Silverstone than they were during their point-less outing last weekend.

“We knew Austria was going to be challenging and unlikely to suit the AMR24 and that’s exactly how it played out,” he said. “We were never in a position to score points, neither in the sprint [race] nor in the race.”

He admitted the team’s last upgrade failed to work as expected. “We have to be honest with ourselves and say we have not done a good enough job of developing the car,” said Krack. “The upgrades have not delivered the performance what they were supposed to, particularly after Imola.”

“Silverstone will be another challenge for the team,” he said. “With its long, high-speed corners, it is also unlikely to play to the strengths of the AMR24, but that doesn’t mean it’s one without opportunity for us.”

Wharton in for banned Stenshorne

McLaren junior Martinius Stenshorne, who was banned from taking part in this weekend’s Formula 3 race at Silverstone, will relinquish his seat to member James Wharton.

The 17-year-old Wharton, who was previously a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, will make his debut in the series this weekend. He won the Formula 4 UAE championship last year and currently lies sixth in the Formula Regional European Championship.

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IndyCar plan more powerful hybrid boost

IndyCar hybrid testing, 2024
IndyCar’s new hybrid motors will race for the first time this weekend
IndyCar intends to increase the output from the hybrid boost system it will introduce this weekend. Drivers will be able to use an extra 60 bhp as frequently as they are able to generate it.

“It’s around 60 horsepower now. It has the potential to get up more in the 150-ish range,” said IndyCar president Jay Frye. “So there will be a natural progression over the next couple years to get it more towards that, I guess would be the best way to look at it.

“There could even be a certain point where it completely replaces Push-to-Pass, where it gets to a certain point where it’s a big enough, robust enough system that we would just have the hybrid system and eliminate Push-to-Pass.”

Fans will be able to see when the system is in use using the IndyCar app and from graphics in the television broadcast.

Brewer loses IndyNxt drive

Lindsay Brewer, who started the first eight races of the IndyNxt championship for Juncos Hollinger, will not driver for them at Mid-Ohio this weekend. The team said in a statement she will not drive for them “for the time being” due to “contractual obligations being unfulfilled.”

RB promote film with new car graphics

RB will promote the upcoming film Twisters at the British Grand Prix this weekend with new graphics on their wheels and customised brake cooling guns.

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Comment of the day

Is Alexander Rossi’s departure from McLaren the beginning of the end for his IndyCar career?

After his first couple seasons I really thought Rossi would be championship material, but his career has sadly fizzled out. I think he’ll end up in a midfield or back marker team now.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Mclarenfanjamm, Adam Dennehey and Adam!

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Juan Manuel Fangio leads team mate Karl Kling at the start of the 1954 French Grand Prix
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15 comments on “Lack of upgrades holding Williams back – Sargeant”

  1. Poor Williams with no upgrades, almost like one of their drivers keeps requiring them to build new old parts, instead of concentrating on new upgrades!

    1. notagrumpyfan
      4th July 2024, 6:49

      There have been various upgrades, except for one part of their package. An upgrade there will bring two cars into contention.

  2. Maybe, but the lack of upgrades isn’t an excuse for Sargeant to end up being the only driver to get lapped twice by the leading drivers in the last two races, albeit the latter was due to an early pit stop, but still caused by him, unlike in Bahrain where a glitch out of his control stroke.
    He should be able to avoid getting lapped twice in Silverstone, given the track length & leading drivers’ race-trim lap time range being, on average, 1m32s, but also on the remaining short circuits, which are Hungaroring, Zandvoort, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, & Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace.

    I like the PSG-themed design.

    Unfortunately, circuits on isolated locations have more & more stopped being a thing over these years since LM became the commercial rights holder, & Watkins Glen specifically would require some upgrades for the FIA Grade 1 license.

  3. I mean it was slightly suspicious that the first weekend he got a decently even car he out qualified Albon and has had to drive Albon’s smashed up chassis ever since Australia. He really should be given an even car for at least 3-4 races before he’s booted.

    I think it’s safe to say Albon’s stock has fallen since the heady days of as recently as the off season when a third of the people on here were rating him a possible WDC. Personally, I laugh at both that since he hasn’t had a car he can show anything in as well as how hyped up some people got on him.

    1. notagrumpyfan
      4th July 2024, 8:06

      He really should be given an even car for at least 3-4 races before he’s booted.

      How many more times should he be given ‘an even car for at least 3-4 races’?

  4. BTW, RE: COTD, I’m surprised anyone ever ranked Alexander Rossi.

  5. Wait… they didn’t have a spare monocoque after the crashes earlier this year, because they made a choice for more uogrades this year.

    With the budget cap they had to prioritize uogrades over spare parts. But now they did neither??

    1. I think the sequence was:
      1. Problems updating infrastructure and progressing pre-season development led to no spare chassis overall
      2. Albon bent a chassis badly, so Sargeant missed a race
      3. Albon bent another chassis
      4. Due to his undoubted “driving” prowess, Albon gets the new parts if there is only one built by that point

      It’s June and the team are still playing catchup on upgrade work. Nick T. reckons Albon’s “stock” has fallen, I think, er, . zips mouth…

  6. For the british racing fans:

    ‘Ticket sales have been incredibly strong since George Russell won at the weekend in Austria (and) the tussle between Lando Norris and Max Verstappen. It’s really captured the British interest.’

    Total nonsense as Silverstone is always soldout to use the quote to justify the high prices is just wrong……

    Even Zandvoort isn’t rising so fast (they increase) did someone check the prices for pre Covid till 2024 for Silverstone.

    1. 2024
      a four-day pass was being advertised at £429 with a ticket for Grand Prix day retailing at £309. Total prices increase the last 5 years is 238% I think they should more racing and less on concerts or other expensive side events.

      2023 Silverstone F1 ticket prices:
      Friday: £169
      Saturday: £209
      Sunday: £299
      3-day weekend: £349

      2022 Silverstone F1 ticket prices:
      Friday: £129
      Saturday: £179
      Sunday: £279
      3-day weekend: £319

      2021 Silverstone F1 ticket prices:
      Friday: £99
      Saturday: £149
      Sunday: £185
      3-day weekend: £200

      2020 Silverstone F1 ticket prices:
      Friday: £79
      Saturday: £109
      Sunday: £175
      3-day weekend: £195

      2019 Silverstone F1 ticket prices:
      Friday: £50
      Saturday: £95
      Sunday: £140
      3-day weekend: £180

      1. I think your maths is off on the percentage increase. Two things:
        First, factor in the 3 day –> 4 day change, and it is cheaper per day (£321 3-day equiv)
        That’s 178% total (or 78% increase)

        Taking raw figures (no 3/4 factor) the total value is 238% of previous, but the increase is 138%
        You have to remember to subtract the original 100% to find the increase.

        That said, a rather highly paid work associate described the prices as “eye watering” in 2022
        For comparison, Glastonbury 2024 tickets £355 +booking fee £5 for 5 days

        Expensive going anywhere these days it seems

        1. Thx my math was on the fly as we speak So i could be wrong :)

      2. notagrumpyfan
        4th July 2024, 9:26

        Not an easy one to solve in a open market economy!
        – more tickets => not enough viewing spots nor tractors to remove stuck vehicles.
        – lower prices => sold-out early and pay an even higher price later due to ticket scalping.
        – higher prices => more complaints by fans.
        – more races (nearby) => full calendar and complaining fans.

    2. A lot of news sites were reporting that Silverstone was struggling with ticket sales around June 20th, Max dominance and the prices were cited as the reason. Now there selling like hot cakes, what a difference a day makes….

  7. It is always difficult when you are expected to do a job without the right tools. That is where skill, determination, practice, and homework come in. While I can sympathise with Logan about the problems with having a car which isn’t at the leading edge of technology, the reality is Williams need him to go out and earn World Championship points. That’s his job! A great artist has the best brushes, but even without the best brushes they are still a great artist. A great musician has the best instrument, but even without the best instrument they are still a great musician. Likewise having a car which isn’t the very best does make it very difficult to show you are the best, so you need to prepare yourself so you can show you are the best. Instead of saying “I can’t achieve because my car hasn’t had an upgrade” he needs to be asking questions like “How should I drive so I don’t need that upgrade?”, “How would Lewis, Sebastian, Fernando, George, or Max drive this car?”.

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