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Red Bull fined £16,900 and Hadjar warned for “serious” near-miss with Norris

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In the round-up: Red Bull received a significant fine for almost causing a collision with Lando Norris in first practice

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Red Bull fined £16,900 and Hadjar warned after “serious” Norris near-miss

Red Bull junior driver Isack Hadjar received a formal warning from the British Grand Prix stewards after Norris narrowly avoided hitting him in yesterday’s first Formula 1 practice session.

The McLaren driver had to take avoiding action at Farm corner when he came across the Red Bull driver, who was running in Sergio Perez’s car for the session, driving slowly. Hadjar apologised over the radio to Norris and the team, admitting he had not seen the McLaren approaching.

After reviewing the incident, the stewards determined Hadjar “was not given timely and appropriate warning” of Norris and handed Red Bull a €20,000 (£16,900) fine for due to the incident being “more serious” than other examples of impeding. Hadjar was also handed a formal warning for his role.

In a separate incident, Lance Stroll was also given a formal warning with Aston Martin receiving a €15,000 fine after he got in the way of Charles Leclerc at Becketts in the same session.

Gasly to start at back

Pierre Gasly will start the British Grand Prix from the back of the grid after exceeding the maximum number of power unit components a driver may use.

Teams risk “destroying” drivers if promoted too young – Button

With 19-year-old Oliver Bearman being promoted into F1 with Haas next season and 17-year-old Andrea Kimi Antonelli in the frame for Mercedes’ vacant 2025 seat, 2009 world champion Jenson Button, who made his debut for Williams aged 20, says teams must be careful when signing very young drivers.

“I remember even Martin Brundle said ‘I think it’s too young for him’,” Button told media including RaceFans. “But it was right to say that. I was very young, I had hardly any testing because the engines kept blowing up, so I didn’t have enough mileage to get a superlicence, but they gave me it.

“I don’t think it was too early. I think you’ve got to take every opportunity when it comes to you. Especially for youngsters at 17, 18, 19 you can’t say ‘no’.

“They need to really think about what they’re doing to a driver in his career at that age. If he blossoms, great. But with the pressures that this sport brings, it can destroy a driver’s career as well. So there’s a real balance there and teams need to be careful with it.”

Conway returns to Toyota WEC seat

After missing the Le Mans 24 Hours due to sustaining a broken collar bone and ribs in a cycling accident, Mike Conway will rejoin his number seven Toyota team mates Kamui Kobayashi and Nyck de Vries for next weekend’s Six Hours of Sao Paulo.

Conway’s slot within the team had been filled by Jose Maria Lopez for Le Mans. The team finished second in the race, 14 seconds behind the race winning number 50 Ferrari.

“It’s great to be back and I can’t wait to be behind the wheel again,” said Conway. “Watching Le Mans from a distance was tough for me. I went through all the ups and downs with Kamui, Nyck and Jose but it was incredibly frustrating that I could not be part of it. I always knew we were in safe hands with Jose, and he did a great job. Now I am just looking forward to competing again, fighting at the front and hopefully helping Kamui, Nyck and the team win the world championship.”

Successful weekend for Bearman’s brother

Ferrari junior driver and future Haas racer Oliver Bearman’s brother is not at Silverstone to support him this weekend, as he is racing elsewhere. Bearman told media including RaceFans his younger brother Thomas was also enjoying a successful weekend.

“My brother, unfortunately, is karting himself this weekend, so he’s not there to support me,” said Bearman. “But he just took the pole position as well today and then won his first race, so it’s been going well for him as well.”

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  2. JB makes valid points & more or less what I’ve also been pointing out before.
    Concerning Antonelli especially, doing a second year in F2 wouldn’t hurt at all, not to mention he’d still have a lot of time to compete in F1 from 2026 onwards.
    On the other hand, if Mercedes truly thinks he’s ready after only a single campaign, they should have the courage to promote him to a full-time drive as Hamilton’s direct successor, which is still the most likely outcome in November at the very latest.

    Schumacher’s, Leclerc’s, & also Bearman’s, so yet another racing brother combination.

    1. They clearly have that courage, but per your advice (you’ve slammed Toto for putting pressure on Kimi anytime he’s even mentioned him when asked by reporters), they’re trying to lessen the pressure by not naming him this early so that the hype and pressure doesn’t go through the roof.

  3. notagrumpyfan
    6th July 2024, 9:30

    Why is the RBR penalty amount given in GBP, and the AMR not?
    The stewards only refer to EUR.

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